Tavolato Coffee Table And Pet Seat


Far too often, furniture designers only think of two-legged home occupants when dreaming up new pieces. From coffee tables to high-up chairs, modern furniture often ignores the needs of a home’s four-legged members.

The Tavolato coffee table, with accompanying pet seat, by dog- and cat-friendly furniture manufacturers Petsmood is an elegant minimalist piece that combines sleek style with refreshing utility.




The piece features a top surface, designed to be used as a coffee table or otherwise by humans, and an underneath “comfort area” for use by pets.

The comfort area is a small cushion seat large enough to hold a cat or medium-sized dog.




Aside from bringing a touch of unique elegance to any living room, the Tavolato also had the added benefit of helping dog owners to train their canine friends to be patient and calm during eating periods.

By becoming part of the gathering and eating ritual, the dog will become accustomed to perching on their cushion seat during meals.

If you work at home and your cat wants to be near you then there’s the CATable.




This piece, featuring sturdy plywood, fibreboard and particleboard, as well as glazed steel, will make your pet feel even closer to the family, making it perfect for the living room of any pet lover.

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Tavolato coffee table at High-Class Pets.


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