Trinus Armchair, Chaise Lounge Or Bed



The Trinus armchair makes a great companion for rainy days where you just want to kick back and relax. The soft, comfortable cushions are astonishing enough as they cradle you in total bliss, but the most remarkable thing about the Trinus armchair is its ability to transform.




Maybe you’re using it for an armchair right now, but minutes later you could be chilling out on a chaise lounge or sofa bed. Trinus makes it easy to switch between furniture pieces without ever having to give up the one you’re on.




The Trinus armchair not only folds up and down, but it has two wheels placed at the front for moving the entire chair around. That means you can enjoy Trinus in any room you choose without having to buy multiple chairs or drag heavy furniture around with you.



Find out more at Bonluxat.




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