Tuck Double Compact Bed


Tuck Double Compact Bed


Sometimes, as a mother, you just want to fold up your kid’s rooms out of the way. On the other hand, physics tends to be a Debbie Downer, and its laws aren’t easily bent. Thank goodness for the Tuck Double Compact Bed!


Tuck Folding Bed


Two twin beds are ‘tucked’ away in a wooden frame that sits almost flat against the wall. With a simple pull, the two beds fold down to reveal spacious sleeping quarters for your kids.


Tuck folding double twin bed


Not only is this a great incentive for them to keep their covers tidy in order to fold it up again, but you can also use the beds for adults. The bed supports the average adult’s weight just fine, so when Auntie and Uncle show up unexpectedly, you have a place for them to sleep that’s way better than the couch.


Tuck bed folding


Find out more at CasaKids.



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