Ubabub Convertible Pod Crib



In 2013, it cost $245,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18 in the United States, and this figure is always climbing. Part of this cost is the constant need to update household items as a child grows up.

Take furniture, for example. When a baby becomes a toddler, the crib is traded in for a toddler’s bed, and even that will be disposed of when the child grows too big.



Specialist multifunctional baby furniture designer Ubabub has created an elegant crib designed to stay with the child right up until they are sleeping in a full king single.

The Ubabub Pod Crib is a cocoon-shaped bed with rounded edges to protect kids from sharp corners while maintaining a stylish look.




The crib features ‘bar-free’ sides, with clear acrylic sides instead of the traditional bars and slats of conventional cots.

To optimize airflow, a number of star-shaped holes have been made in the acrylic screen using a laser-cutting device.




Ubabub have also kept the safety of parents in mind when designing their Pod Crib. The cot is low in height, making it easy for parents to lift their babies out – good for sore backs!



The most distinguishing feature of the Ubabub Pod Crib is the free Toddler Bed Conversion Kit included in every model.

The crib can easily be converted to a toddler bed when required, making furniture one less drain on a parent’s wallet as their child grows up.



Ubabub, an Australian company, has recently entered the US market via a partnership with a local firm. The Ubabub Pod Crib is available now through online retailers.




Ubabub’s Pod Cot is quickly transformed into a junior bed. The eco-friendly produced piece will provide both parents and offspring years of pleasure and convenience.

For more info and purchasing, head to Amazon.



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