10 Useful And Playful Storage Ideas For Your Kids Room

Every parent knows that kids are master mess makers. Smart parents save themselves bargaining with playful storage solutions as they motivate tidying up.

Think exciting wall shelves that turn wasted space into a useful and eye-pleasing storage area. Or make optimal use of space with folding baskets, collapsible bins or folding wall clothes hangers and thrilling corner shelves.

Here are 10 kids storage ideas to keep the clutter away, to help you keep mess off the surfaces as well as things close to hand for easy access.


1. Buddy Wall Hooks



These cute little characters are great to encourage kids to hang up their stuff after school. The Buddy Wall Hooks are shaped like people scrambling up the wall, with protruding heads, legs, and arms to hold clothes or bags.

They’re easy to install – just put a screw into the wall and hang your Buddy over the top – and designed to pop off if they’re knocked too hard, rather than dragging plaster out of the wall.


2. Floating Shelves



These Floating Shelves have invisible brackets which make them look like they’re growing out of the wall, and can be put either way up. They’re not only the perfect depth for paperbacks, they also have a built-in bookend if they’re attached with the vertical sides pointing upwards.

With a plain white finish, they blend into any room and are ideal for kids to show off their beloved trinkets while keeping mess off the surfaces.


3. Storage Hammock



Storage hammocks are a perennial favorite: they’re a cheap, light, easy-to-install way to keep toys out of the way.

This Toy Storage Hammock has fine-mesh netting designed to be child safe, so there’s no risk of little fingers getting caught or little monkeys trying to swing from the hammock. It also has an elasticized border to stop the contents from spilling out.


4. Hanging Wall Organizer




Storing items behind the door uses up space which would otherwise be wasted, while keeping things close to hand for easy access. Behind-the-door organisers are usually flimsy things designed to hold shoes; at four inches deep, this four-pocket holder is big enough to store larger items out of the way.

With its short hanging hooks, this children Pocket Hanging Organizer is especially suitable to put on the back of a wardrobe door.


5. Oak Shelves



Minimal and classic, these three horizontal Oak Shelves can display ornamental items or store hardback books laid on their side. They’re only 6 inches wide, making them ideal to turn wasted space into a useful storage area: you could mount a series of them next to a door or window.

Hidden fixings make them unobtrusive, and they’re easy to mount with the screws and wall plugs provided.


6. Collapsible Storage Bin



It’s always hard to make kids tidy up after themselves, but these cute wildlife-themed Storage Bins might make them a little more willing. The sturdy jute fabric is livened up with appliqued animals (racoon, fox, or bumblebee) – let kids pick their favorite, or get all three and use them to separate and organize items.

The baskets fold flat when not in use and have useful handles on the side to carry them by.


7. Fläpps Clothes Rail Hanger



The Fläpps range of furniture folds entirely flat when not in use. This clever piece folds up to make a rectangle which lies almost flush against the wall, and flips down to reveal a shelf with a slit which acts as a clothing rail.

The Fläpps Clothes Rail Hanger is mounted to the wall by two wooden slats; you can lift it off and slip another item from the Flapps range onto the same brackets.


8. Over The Door Organizer



This Over-Door Organizer is designed to hold schoolwork, folders, and notebooks. The open pockets mean all your items can be seen at a glance and grabbed quickly if needed, without having to tip everything out like you do when something gets lost in a desk drawer.

At 28 inch tall, it fits inside a large school locker or on the outside of a cupboard.


9. Modular Storage Boxes


These Modular Storage Boxes have a lip around the top so you can stack them securely, and the beveled front opening means you can get to the contents of the bottom box without having to take everything off the top.

They’re made from tough polypropylene in a variety of bright shades, making them ideal for kids’ rooms or bathrooms.


10. Corner Wall Mount Shelf



Are you looking for space to put a shelf in the nursery, but find it already full up?

This Corner Wall Mount Shelf has a reversing geometrical design of corner shelving that easily mounts into corner spaces. No walls are needed!


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