Where To Buy Convertible, Multipurpose Furniture

Here at vurni we specialize in convertible design furniture. Multipurpose furniture does not necessary have to ‘look functional’ if you catch my drift.

The days of unsightly sleep-couch combos are far behind us. Nowadays, versatile furniture you can adapt to different needs, has quite the looks. We make it our goal to present you convertible design furniture that makes jaws drop and mouths drool.

Because such pieces can still be hard to find we created a roundup of stores offering this type of furniture.


Iggy console table


This Italian start-up merges a commercial outlook with ethical goals. Small Italian manufacturers are brought together with ideas of (upcoming) designers. The results are eco-friendly, eye-pleasing, space-efficient pieces that will make any space shine.

Emblematic examples of modern multifunctional interior items are their Iggy console table, or their modular, stackable Sofista sofa.

Unfortunately, Formabilio ship to certain European countries only.




Concentré de vie


Contemporary Italian furniture designers blend practicality with sophistication and glamor. Web store Campeggi is known for its playful appearance and creative solutions to common interior design problems. Their pieces are designed to overcome the stillness of static situations.

Campeggi is an acronym for: Comfort, Agility, Movement, Practicalness, Economy, Gracefulness, Game and always Inexhaustible.

Their Sofa concentré de Vie couch en Home-Work are just two examples of the unique and fresh furniture pieces this company offers to maximize small apartments.

Prepared to be awed, head over to Campeggi.


Reinier de Jong

REK bookcase Reinier de Jong
REK bookcase


This Dutch architect and industrial designer churns out multifunctional design furniture like a printing press.

His KEER modular chair functions as a stool, a side chair and a lounge chair. De Jong’s flexible REK Bookcase adds a whole new dimension to the concept flexible furniture.

Hip short names such as DEX, STIP, SPLIT, HILT, indicate there’s much more to experience in the world of Dutch multipurpose design furniture.

Don’t hesitate to tread on the low-lying Dutch grounds, Reinier de Jong ships worldwide.


Resource Furniture

Hexa transforming table




One of the most well-known multifunctional furniture stores on the web. Resource Furniture have lifted the creation of furniture that adapts to your needs to an art.

Some of their iconic pieces are the Poppi desk, the Nuit system, an extremely versatile workhorse functioning as a shelf, table, desk or storage space and more and the Kali Board wall bed system,

Resource Furniture


 J1 Studio




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