Wireless Outdoor Lighted Coffee Tables

A hot cup of coffee brightens the mood. Even more so if you drink it outside, seated at one of theses stylish LED coffee tables. The dimmable, sometimes color adjustable, waterproof tables will definitely make the centerpiece of the garden, patio, or deck.

1. Bass Wireless Lighted Coffee Table



This glowing coffee table features a removable top that doubles as a tray to hold glasses. The table offers a range of colors – clear white, romantic candlelight effect, or any shade in the rainbow – and you can change the shade without getting up by using the remote control (sold separately.)

Best of all, the Bass Coffee Table is safe to use in wet locations, so you can leave it out on a dewy lawn overnight without worrying about damage.


2. Outdoor LED Light Cube



This LED Light Cube is a well-priced addition to a patio or garden. It can be used as a stool or a table, and can support up to 300lbs in weight without sagging.

Simply place it onto the induction base to charge, then lift it off when it’s fully powered and bring it outside for a glow that lasts all night. The remote control allows you to change the color of the cube.


3. Lounge 75 Outdoor LED



The Lounge 75 Outdoor LED comes in four heights: two coffee-table heights, a dining table, and high table to use with bar stools. The anodized aluminum base gives a futuristic look to the table, and the dimmable LED-lit top is controlled by remote.

The outdoors version comes with a waterproof cable, so rain splashes or spilled drinks won’t short the electronics.


4. Plastic Color Changing LED Coffee Table



This Plastic LED Coffee Table has matching armchairs available, for a truly striking centerpiece to your room. The curved color changing table is similar in height to a dining table, and the hourglass shape means you can pull up a chair without knocking your legs, making it perfect for an intimate party.

The hardwearing lithium ion battery charges fully in three hours, and provides 8 to 10 hours of glow from a single charge.


5. Outdoor Cube Lit Table



The Outdoor Cube Lit Table was designed as a portable light to use on a dance floor. It works as a stool or as a side table, and since it was made for night-club use it’s made to resist spilled drinks and dropped cigarettes.

The standard Cube comes with a three-pronged UK plug, but you can order one which runs from a rechargeable battery pack or get a Cube made with fittings that are outdoor-safe.


6. Emu Ivy Pouf with Solar panels



The Emu Ivy Pouf is a marvelous piece is a solar-powered work of art that turns your outdoor events into memories your guests will be talking about for weeks.

It’s an ultra-light table with five solar panels on its top. Each of them stores up energy during the day to illuminate your garden or backyard come nightfall. Three vivacious colors are available to brighten up your outdoor space and brings some refreshing change to otherwise dull décor.


7. Color Changing LED Cube Light



These Color Changing Cube Light are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – balls, cubes, blocks, even a mushroom or Christmas tree. All are rechargeable and waterproof, and the larger ones are sturdy enough to sit on.

There are 16 color options and 4 color-changing modes, which can be controlled by remote or by the buttons on the base of the light. Simply plug them in to charge with the cable, and enjoy up to 8 hours’ light from a single charge.


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