Woodieful Chair Or Magazin Table




With the Woodieful Chair by Klavdija Jarc, I feel it is important to appreciate the adorable play on words with the naming of the product being “Woodieful”. Taking the two words that most represent this outstanding piece of furniture (“Wood” and “Wonderful”) and combining them, makes the name almost as “Wonderful” as the piece itself.




Here we have a sleekly and functionally designed chair that combines sitting and storage. Upon seeing it myself I immediately thought of a dorm room.Knowing how most students are extremely limited with space, I believe that this would be a great addition to any freshman (or even senior’s) room.

It could serve as additional book shelving, magazine storage, a foot rest, an end table, or an easily stored chair to be brought out when friends stop by.




Another use that my imagination went to was “Play room piece”. Completely brilliant and fits in with the theme of a play room perfectly. My personal theme being: “Durable and kid-friendly”.




Because this piece is so low to the ground, it makes the perfect table for a child’s play time. My son could easily put his plastic dinosaurs on this table for their daily roar contest, and never even have to pull up a chair.

Having a few of these in a play room is also not a bad idea. It presents a great option for sitting and relaxing, while being able to watch your children play at a close level.




This piece is also very durable, with its ability to support up to 160 pounds, the odds of you placing too many books on it (or too many dinosaurs) is very unlikely.

Modern, practical, and simply warm this chair is ideal for almost anybody and will especially appeal to those who enjoy organization, minimization, and décor with a purpose.




More info about this versatile item, see Woodieful.




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