Zig Building Block Furniture

Zig modular furniture by Cesign
let flexibility and creativity flourish with Zig


Zig is a modular furniture line that literally exists of building blocks. With the rectangular-shaped cushions as well as the wood, plexiglass, and glass blocks you can let your imagination run wild.

The minimalistic components allow you to create your own tables, chairs, beds, sofa’s, shelves, or other forms you fancy. With straps and belts the cushioned blocks are bound together.

A refreshing approach to furniture and a highly practical multipurpos application for limited spaces.


Zig blocks lets you build your own furniture
variations in colors and compositions are plentyful


Zig modular furniture
simple, stylish and sophisticated


Zig is a creation of renowned photographer Costa Picadas and designer Cecilia Dupire as part of the New York based design association Cezign.


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