Cube Versatile Kids Chair/Table

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Cube by Small Design is a line of children’s furniture that will upgrade any playroom into a more fun, functional and imaginative space. Cube features a simple yet innovative design that you have got to see for yourself.


kube kids furniture


You’ll wonder why no one came up with such a useful combination of shapes before. Cube comes in several shapes and sizes, and the most unique element is that each of their pieces transforms into a different piece of furniture when rotated ninety degrees.




Their table becomes a sofa, with the tabletop serving as the back support. Rotate one of their chairs forward to find that it can actually serve as a small table or desk.

Each piece has strategically placed circular cut outs, which make grasping and rotating the pieces to convert their use easy enough for a child to accomplish.




To add further to their whimsy, Cube comes in playful and imagination-provoking colors. See for yourself at Small Design.



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