Nova Lettino Futuristic Sunbed

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The outdoor sunbeds you see at retail stores aren’t exactly sturdy. Woven plastic is loosely strung together on a metal frame that provides little more support and balance than a hammock, and you worry that each sit-down may be your last.




These tender-threaded sunbeds aren’t for you; if you’re looking for durability, get yourself a Nova Lettino Sunbed. Boring, stringy chairs with itchy materials are a thing of the past.

Nova Sunbed stackable


The Nova Lettino Sunbed brings together a rainbow of color choices and smooth, slim design that supports your body for a relaxing suntanning experience.

The chair’s back easily flips up or down, letting you lay the length of the chair fully flat (something most sunbeds don’t do) for a more comfortable session.




More info at Famozo.

Looking for a more affordable option? Check out this                                 JETIME Portable Adjustable Sunbed.



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