10 Smart Cardboard Furniture Pieces

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Recycled materials have made their way into modern furniture. This new trend has given way to some of the most unique furniture pieces and home décor items available, and smart cardboard furniture is just what you need to step up your interior design game. Check out these awesome picks!


1. Vitra Wiggle Chair

The ‘wiggle’ in this chair isn’t found in a rocking motion or mechanisms that give your core a workout while you sit. No, the Vitra Wiggle Chair gets its name from the unique folded-over curves that make up its base.

Vitra not only stands out and adds a little pizazz to your décor, but it’s also made of recycled cardboard that’s firm and sturdy.


2. Folding Paper Stool

As if being sustainable and fashionable wasn’t enough, this stool made of premium craft paper is also foldable. Its accordion-like structure allows it to be folded up and stored when not in use.

Setup is easy; once unfolded, the Folding Paper Stool with a felt pad seat is held in place by two magnets that won’t buckle under pressure. Don’t think of it as just a stool – you’ll love its versatility as a coffee table, footrest and more.


3. Ruche Shelving Unit

Geometry has never looked so beautiful. The Ruche Shelving Unit is a work of mathematical art. Carefully-structured and delightfully slim, this smart cardboard furniture piece can hold everything your regular nightstand can, including your favorite bedtime novel.

Since it is made from recycled materials, it is also recyclable when it comes time to get a new one (whenever that may be – this shelving unit is built to last!).


4. Cat Scratcher Couch

Smart cardboard furniture isn’t just for humans. Is your cat a couch potato? Maybe you both love curling up on the sofa for movie night. Whatever the reason, your cat needs his own Cardboard Scratcher Couch.

Imagine how cute your cat will look as he takes one of his dozen daily naps on this adorable scratcher. How can you resist? The Feline Be Mine Cat Scratcher Couch comes in a cute pattern for discerning and fashion-conscious kitties.      See also the Cat Scratcher Lounge, about which we wrote about earlier.


5. Refold Desk

As I’ve said before, standing desks are miracle-workers for bad backs. A large portion of spinal issues come from sitting in an unsupportive office chair for hours on end. That’s why this amazing cardboard standing desk is on the list.

The Refold Desk is a great option for the eco-conscious office worker or work-from-home entrepreneur. Three different height options are available that suit anyone from 5’1” to 6’3”.


6. ItBed

Even mattress companies are getting in on smart cardboard furniture. The ItBed may look like just an accordion of cardboard, but it’s actually a functional bed that folds up for easy transport. Its design lends itself to either a guest bed or a year-round sleeper.

Those who find themselves changing homes more often will benefit from the simplicity of the ItBed. Instead of trudging up stairs with a large heavy frame, you can move lightly and set up your bed in a matter of minutes.


7. Paper Maker Lamp Shade

Even lamp shades can be eco-friendly. Meet Paper Maker, the smart cardboard furniture piece that truly goes the extra mile to make your home environmentally-friendly.

Made from corrugated cardboard, Paper Maker Lamp is a do-it-yourself project that lets you get involved in making your own furniture accessories. It’s made for hanging lamps and is both waterproof and fire-retardant.


8. Furhaven Cardboard Cat House

I know what you’re thinking. “Does my cat really need another cardboard house?” Yes, of course! Treat your fur baby to their own five level castle with Furhaven’s cardboard cat house.

The Furhaven Tower Playground House is made from sustainable corrugated cardboard that can be recycled when you’re done with it. Each level doubles as a scratcher, and Furhaven even includes a bag of catnip with your purchase to entice your kitties to play.


9. Kasaa Shelving Unit

My sister recently moved back in with us, and I dearly wish that the Kasaa Shelving Unit was around for it. We struggled for a couple of hours to set up a complicated (and cheap) shelving unit in her bedroom.

Little did I know that there was something much simpler available in the realm of smart cardboard furniture. Kasaa by Järvi & Ruoho fits together without glue, screws or nails and can be set up in minutes.


10. Ergodriven Spark

Are you shopping for a sit-to-stand desk with a small budget? ErgoDriven Spark is a very basic standing desk riser that is both economical and highly functional.

It’s made from cardboard, so you never have to worry about rusting metal parts, broken glass or jammed mechanics. ErgoDriven Spark is perfect for college students and those living in small apartments. While it’s not height adjustable, it does come in three different sizes.


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