Ted Bed A Comfortable Seating/Bedding Combo

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Forget futons and convertible bed sofas – the Ted Bed is everything you’ll ever need in a seating/bedding combo.




No bulky frames are necessary, and you can place it just about anywhere in your home, keeping your feng shui fully intact.



The Ted Bed is a cozy mattress-style convertible chair that can easily unfold and flatten into a bed.




It’s plush, it’s comfy, and it’s perfect for college dorm rooms or small apartments where larger furniture isn’t an option.




Think of all the money you’ll save by using this as a bed instead of a full-sized queen with a frame.

Folding it back up is just as easy as unfolding it, which is perfect for those too lazy to make up their bed!




Ted Bed, created by Volen Valentinov from the Bulgarian studio All Involved.


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