31 Design Stacking Chairs

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Stackable chairs are practical but generally don’t look pretty.  Being eyesores they are often relegated to the shed or basement. Not these design stacking chairs. These works of art look great when in use and make pleasant to the eye, structures when piled too.

1. Dao Metal Chair

This Japanese-designed chair has a seamless frame with an oak seat and backrest. The narrow backrest and outward-tilted arms allow the chairs to be stacked.

DAO offers ergonomic comfort with its gently-curved seat edge and all-in-one construction. The frame is available in black or white, and the seat comes in black or a variety of natural wood finishes.


2. Aula Stackable Chair

Don’t go with cheap, boring old chairs for your next event. Brighten up the venue with the Aula Stackable Chair. Not all stackable chairs are created equal, and Aula shows this off to great effect.

Aula comes in six different colors; you can use these to coordinate seating arrangements by assigning different colors to different groups, or you can just enjoy a little extra pop of color at your event. Aula chair frames are made entirely of plastic, yet remain comfortable and supportive.


3. LancasTer Home Sled BaSe Stack Chair

With its breathable slotted back and protective floor glides, the Stack Chair from Lancaster Home makes a wonderful option as a stacking chair. It prevents scratches on floors, is lightweight and easily portable, and stacks up to five chairs high for maximum storage optimization.

Hercules isn’t just a name; each chair can support up to 661 pounds, making it one of the most durable stacking chairs available. And this chair comes in a variety of colors.


4. Myto Chair



Meet the Myto Chair, an expensive-looking stackable chair that astounds and lures you in with its colorful design and chic modern flair. However, you needn’t fear the price tag.

The Myto Chair is made entirely out of durable plastic that cuts your expenses in half, saving you money while giving your venue the sophisticated look it needs. Savings on designer furniture never looked so good.


5. ModWay Stencil Stackable Dining Chairs

If you want to make a statement in your dining room, you need these Modway Stencil Stackable Chairs. Striking white pairs splendidly with luminous chrome in a design that takes you straight into the heart of a birch tree forest.

Each chair fits neatly on top of the other for storage, but you might not ever want to put them out of sight with an aesthetic like this one.


6. Toy Stackable Armchair


Designed by Phillipe Starck for Driade, the Toy Armchair has been a best-seller since it was first produced in 1999.

It has the classic shape of a 1950s straight-backed armchair, but made in sturdy polypropylene and available in four colours. This means it’s light, stackable, and suitable for outdoor or indoor use.


7. Casper Dining Armchair


Casper the friendly ghost must have also been an interior designer. After all, his namesake is on this splendid armchair with invisible lines.

Rather than depend on a solid form for aesthetic appeal, the Casper Armchair is completely see-through and melts into its environment, taking on the colors of the area surrounding it.


8. Miura Stool



For durability that hosts a lightweight portable design, look no further than the Plank High Stool. The Plank is cleverly designed with strong support for most weights, even heavier ones, while supporting your back and legs with its footrest bar.

Say goodbye to dangling legs and a sore lumbar region – the Miura Stool will cradle you in comfort and save space at the same time.


9. Hercules Curved Back Stacking Chair

Rather than use boring metal stacking chairs that look like they’re from the 1950s, wouldn’t you rather have an attractive seating arrangement for your venue?

One at an affordable price is even better, and this Hercules Stacking Chair from Flash Furniture delivers. This sleek black stacking chair has an open back and ergonomic design that gives you guests a comfortable seat without sacrificing an excellent price point.


10. Safco Entourage Stack Chair


Are you tired of paying for expensive chairs that suck up all of your space? The Entourage Stack Chair is the best of both quality and function, and it stacks out of the way when you don’t need it!

The curved backrest is supportive and comfortable, while the lack of arms encourages better posture when sitting. The Entourage is suited for either indoor or outdoor activities, so don’t worry about rain damage!


11. LUC Chair


It’s true – geometry can be sexy. Never was this more evident than in the Luc Chair’s pliable and magnificent form. Your next meeting can be spent in comfort when you use this economical and comfortable chair.

Upholstered felt on the backrest and seat blends seamlessly with the color of the aluminum and steel design so that it’s borderline invisible. Learn more about Luc Chair.


12. Vegetal  Chair


The Vegetal stackable chair brings to mind the images of lush, tropical getaways, sandy beaches, and dense rainforests. It’s practically springing alive with greenery!

Using organic forms to create a stackable, space-saving chair, the Bouroullec brothers have simultaneously changed the face of ergonomic furniture with lifelike creations designed to impress.


13. Fab Chair


Not all chairs are confined to a block form, nor should they be. The Fab Chair by Fabiaan van Severen defies standards and provides a fashionable addition to your décor that will make you do a double take.

Even though it’s lined with plush fabric that gives your tired backside support, it still stacks like a charm, saving you both space and an egregious fashion faux pas.


14. St Mark Stacking Chair


The beauty of simplicity is that it can be shown in so many ways. Take the St. Mark Chair, for example. A single tone of color graces the glossy exterior of simple curves and straight lines. It’s almost whimsical, and the wood and aluminum materials are suited for either indoor or outdoor use.

Rather than limiting the imagination, the St. Mark Chair opens up new possibilities for interior and exterior design.


15. Hercules Sled Base Stack Chair

Like the sleek and simple little black dress, the HERCULES Sled Base Stack Chair from Flash Furniture is timeless. This classic beauty is as durable as it gets; it can hold up to an astonishing 881 lbs of static weight!

The supportive crossbar at the front of the chair is perfect for perching your feet on, and the built-in handle makes transporting the chair a breeze. The chairs are available in black, blue, orange, white and yellow.


16. Basket Chair


This delightful chair will have you reminiscing about spring gardening with its basket design. The Basket Chair is certainly a charmer, and it’s easy to see why when you look at its playful colors and cradled design.

Slim armrests allow you to sit reclined or upright without getting in the way, and you can stack multiple Baskets on top of one another to free up space.


17. Flash Furniture Rattan Stack Chairs & Table

When receiving guests, it’s important to furnish every space with attractive furniture. Your outdoor space will really shine when it has these stacking rattan chairs and table!

The Flash Furniture’s Table & Chair Set can be used both indoors and outdoors; they make great poolside furniture! When not in use, the chairs stack neatly out of the way.


18. Copenhague Chair


Lacquered wood looks incredibly classy no matter what décor it’s surrounded by. The sleek shine and glossy feel will make anyone feel sophisticated, but the Bouroullec brothers have taken raw design a step further with the Copenhague Chair.

Felt can be added to the seat for extra comfort, but the chair does well enough on its own.


19. Monza Chair By Plank


The Monza Chair by Konstantin Grcic was originally designed for restaurant use, which means it’s not only elegant but tough.

The chairs are stackable for easy storage, and the back rest is designed to hook from a table so you can easily clean the floor underneath without having to lift your chairs onto the table. This design is such a classic that it’s represented in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA.


20. NPS Ultra-Compact Chairs

The NPS Ultra-Compact Chairs simply look professional. They are the perfect addition to hotels, cafetarias, schools and conference centers, but they look equally sleek in your home.

The mobility and stackability of this cool plastic chair make everything easier, whether you’re setting up for a boardroom meeting or putting extra chairs out for friends at a barbeque. Its lightweight design lets you rearrange at a moment’s notice.


21. Papyrus Chair Kartell


The Papyrus Stacking Chair and its companions look more like stained glass windows than a chair as they glisten in the afternoon sunlight. They’re almost too beautiful to sit in, but once you do, you’ll understand what makes it the ideal seat for anywhere you choose to rest yourself.

You can use it virtually anywhere. Personally, we favor using them at the poolside in full sunshine.


22. Kartell Masters Chair


Kartell Masters Chair has one of the most wicked designs we’ve ever seen. Those with sinful taste will appreciate the sultry curves and pointed “horns” on the chair’s back, but this little devil does more than just look good.

It combines the function and features of three popular modern designs to create the ultimate chair for both social and work events.


23. Caper Stacking Chair


The Caper Stacking Chair is as flexible as you need it to be. This casual observer sits quietly in the corner until you have use of it, stacking easily along with its brothers and sisters.

Although unassuming, the Caper is an invaluable addition to informal spaces. Color choices range from low neutrals to bright and vivacious hues.


24. Y Chair by Tom Dixon


If you want a chair that stands out from the rest and makes a striking impression, you should seriously consider the Tom Dixon Y Chair. As its name implies, the chair’s backrest forms the shape of a Y.

Executive boardrooms, hotel suites and other professional venues that want a high class aesthetic can benefit from this chair’s royal appearance.


25. Driade Soft Egg Arm Chair


As the digital revolution dwindles the border between office and living room, furniture becomes less categorized in office or home furniture.

A great example of the merger between different furniture categories is the Driade Soft Egg Armchair. If your home office requires different setups you can simply stack these chairs when you need the space.


26. Arper Catifa 46


Clean and clever, the Catifa 46 stackable chair adds a touch of class to any room. Catifa’s two-colored seat has a sense of mystique, supplying a different look from every angle.

Although slim, the Catifa 46 provides ample comfort with a curved backrest and lumbar support on its base. Multiple chairs can be easily stacked and moved because of the lightweight design.                                                             You may also like the Overstock UpOn Lollipop Mite Chairs, set of 2.


27. Handle Chair


Dragging stackable chairs around your space takes a toll and can be a very annoying hassle. The Handle Chair by Peter Johansen was made to overcome this problem.

With a pleasantly simple and raw design, a handle has been built into the back of the chair for easy lifting and transport, as well as a simplified shipping and assembly process. Each chair can also be stacked to save room when not in use.


28. LessThanFive Chair


What’s in a name? When it comes to the LessThanFive stacking chair, its name speaks volumes… or rather, pounds. LessThanFive is a lightweight carbon fiber chair that weighs just under five pounds, making it one of the lightest chairs around.

Although it’s no heavyweight, the LessThanFive Chair is sturdy and durable, with a backrest that conforms to your spine and sloped armrests. You’ll stay comfortable and supported, and the chair will remain easily transportable.


29. Solo


Who says raw design has to be boring? The Solo chair is anything but, and its collection of color choices let you show off your personality and good taste.

Originally designed for cafes, the Solo Chair also makes a fine addition to kitchens and outdoor seating areas. Solo’s character speaks for itself, and you’ll enjoy long hours talking with friends and family on this comfortable, practical chair.


30. S-Shape Stackable Chair

This space-age chair is made from a single piece of molded plastic which forms the backrest, seat, and legs.

Gentle curves in the seat and back make it comfortable to sit in, and the tough polyurethane construction makes the S-Shape Chair durable and weatherproof – simply wipe down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. It’s available in plain black or white, or four other bright colors.


31. Emu Pattern Chair


Relax poolside with this highly breathable chair from Coalesse. The Emu Chair has a unique pattern that allows air to pass through on hot, sultry days when other chairs make you sweat.

The EMU Pattern Chair is stackable and lightweight, making it ideal for outdoor activities where seating must be rearranged at times. The chairs are also eco-friendly, made from 100% recyclable materials.



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