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Floating wall mount TV units are a great way to save precious space in your home. Unlike bulky TV stands, which require moving for cleaning and are less secure, wall mounts require no extra maintenance. We’ve gathered 19 of the best floating wall mount TV units that will change how you think of living room décor.


1. Asymmetrical TV Console


If you’re going to have a wall-mounted TV, you need a floating TV console to go with it. Martin Furniture’s Asymmetrical TV Unit is the perfect match!

Two flat surfaces and a single cubby provide all the space you need for your Roku, DVD player, or gaming console. There’s even a bit of room left over for decorations.


2. Vigo Floating TV Stand


TV stands become infinitely more cool when they have LED lights, especially if they’re a floating TV stand. Vigo’s Floating Media Console offers a modern glossy look that combines well with the 16 LED lights found inside its storage cubbies, which have just enough room for essential electronics and remotes.

There’s even color control for the LED lights, as well as a spacious top surface of around 71 inches for decor or more TV accessories.


3. Utopia 70-inch LED Floating Theater Entertainment Center


Whether you’re building your own home theater, or you just want a complete setup for movie night, Utopia’s Floating Entertainment Center has it all. Once mounted to your wall, Utopia provides an anchor point for you to wall-mount your TV as well.

Several open shelves lend themselves to electronics, entertainment items, remotes, and more. A top shelf provides even more storage, while the LED lights on either side of your TV create ambiance for movie night.


4. Meble Wall-Mounted TV Stand


Wow! This futuristic wall-mounted TV console is out of this world! An eye-grabbing entertainment system is essential for your household, so why not get one that leaves all other consoles in the dust?

With a clean modern design, 16 LED light settings (complete with remote control), and sleek glass shelving, Meble’s Wall-Mounted TV Stand is both highly functional and visually stunning. It installs easily onto walls with a simple pin system.


5. South Shore Media Console


I see so few rustic media consoles that it’s a surprise whenever I do. The South Shore Floating TV Unit has such beautifully weathered oak that I’m tempted to get one for myself!

Six large cubbies allow for multiple electronic devices to be hooked up to your TV. To truly maximize the console’s space, South Shore has also included two storage cubbies on both ends for DVDs, CDs or décor.


6. Ikon Floating TV Unit


You’ve seen floating desks, floating wall shelves and more, but have you ever seen a floating TV console? The Ikon Floating TV Unit is an amazing piece of living room furniture that is also a space-saving wonder.

It comes in two different lengths depending on what your space requires, and you get two finishes to choose from. Ikon features both flip-down and traditional drawer storage for holding movies, DVD players and other electronics.


7. Lampo Modular Wall Units 


Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to those who create floating furniture because I hate moving things in order to vacuum. The Lampo Modular Wall Units take the concept of floating furniture one step further by making it customizable.

Different components with varying heights and sizes give you total freedom to decorate your bedroom, office or other space the way you want while keeping your floor clutter and mess-free.


8. Carson Carrington Rydstorp Wall-Mounted Media Console


The Rydstorp Floating Media Console carries with it an air of simplicity that is greatly appreciated by today’s consumers. Rather than hulking entertainment centers that take up nearly half the living room, Rydstorp requires a mere bit of wall space to do the job.

It has one small drawer and an open shelf for electronic devices and, although the console isn’t intended to hold a TV itself, it pairs well with most wall-mounted TVs.


9. Martin Furniture TV Console


If all you need is a simple, wall-mounted TV console, Martin Furniture has just the piece for you. Classic wood meets modern design in this three cubbie Martin Furniture TV Platform that can hold anything from DVD players to gaming consoles with ease.

Floating TV consoles like this create a clean, seamless look by hiding cords and keeping the floor free for additional living room accessories. Choose from a 48” or 60” console.


10. Prepac Altus Plus


The Prepac Altus Plus floating TV stand will look familiar to those who have read our post on wall-mounted desks. That’s because they’re both from the same company, and I’m glad to see that Prepac is continuing its ingenious design when it comes to living room décor.

With three spacious cubbies and a DVD shelf, you can fit both your DVD player and gaming systems on the TV stand with no problems.


11. Vigo Floating TV Stand


Get ready for a close encounter with the fourth kind when you buy this ‘alien’ wall-mounted TV console. Ultra-modern, with a 16-color LED light display system, this amazing floating TV stand is out of this world in all the right ways.

The Vigo Floating TV Stand can fit up to an 80” TV on its behemoth body, but don’t be intimidated by its size – installation is easy thanks to the solid wall bracket that comes with it.


12. Woodwaves TV Stand


The elegance of natural wood furniture is a timeless tradition that leads many décor enthusiasts to incorporate it in their home. The Woodwaves floating wall mount TV stand is an exceptional entertainment system that, aside from saving you space and cleaning hassle, will last you for decades. That’s because it’s made from solid oak.

Woodwaves TV Stand features plenty of storage and a beautiful gray finish. As an added bonus, it fits in with just about any décor scheme.


13. Montana TV & Sound Bench


The Montana Sound floating wall mount TV stand has partnered with PointSource Acoustics to bring you the perfect TV and Sound Bench. You’ll feel like you’re in an actual movie theater when you use this high-tech entertainment system, but that’s not the only bit of magic this beauty can conjure up.

Montana Sound has optimized this TV stand for wireless streaming – that means no more worrying about ugly cords!


14. South Shore Media Console


Floating TV units instantly add the cool factor to your living room. As they appear to hover in place, you stand back and revel in the look of awe on your friends’ faces. The South Shore Media Console provides an enormous amount of space, both on its surface and in the storage cabinets.

What’s special about this media console are the sliding doors on the storage cabinets. You don’t need to struggle with stuck cabinet doors, and the smooth sliding motion is much less noisy.


15. Concept Muebles TV Stand


The Concept Muebles floating TV Stand is a thing of beauty. Sleek and efficient, it seems to hover in place, soft LED lights glowing as it illuminates your electronics.

This wall mount TV stand is perfect for modern homes that want to take their living room to the next level. It also features a high gloss finish, two push-click drawers, and it can fit televisions as big as 80 inches wide on its broad surface.


16. Silenia Floating Bookcase


Floating furniture is amazing, isn’t it? It would take me years to figure out how to engineer something like the Silenia Floating Bookcase, much less suspend it from the walls.

here are so many uses for this wonderful wall-mounted bookcase unit that I can’t even begin to list them, but it’s quite ideal as an office setup or an entertainment center. There’s plenty of space for all your tools, novels, electronics and more!


17. Cubista TV Stand


No, those drawers aren’t actually floating, but you don’t have to tell anyone else that. The Cubista Floating TV Console seems to be suspended in midair, hovering just low enough to set your television at eye level.

Four drawers give you plenty of space for your DVD collection, as well as a variety of electronics such as gaming consoles. It’s all contained in a splendid wood finish that would make anyone proud to have it in their living room.


18. Manhattan Comfort Cabrini Theater Panel


Cabrini’s Theater Panel creates a dramatic backdrop that is the best of both form and function.

Standing at 7 feet tall and over 5 feet wide, Cabrini allows you to mount your TV at the perfect level, as well as store all your electronics in its spacious storage options, which include two large flat shelves, three media shelves, three telescopic drawers, and a cable management system.


19. Landscape by Pastoe


Much like the Cubista TV Stand, Pastoe uses the illusion of floating to create a modern urban monument right in your own home. Pastoe uses with the Landscape Sideboard a muted metallic finish, an act of subtlety that mirrors its predecessor through the medium of industrial design.

There’s a special fold-down cabinet just for your DVD player or DVR recorder. The other four cabinets can be used according to your imagination.


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