14 Modern Long Swing Arm Wall Lamps

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The immobility of a wall lamp keeps many buyers from trading in their bulky floor lamps. Fortunately, these modern long swing arm wall lamps aren’t limited like most models. Their long arms and flexibility combine the best of both types of lamps so that you’ll never need a traditional lamp again.


1. Crane Wall Light

long swing arm wall lamp

long swing arm wall lamp

long swing arm wall lamp


This long swing arm wall lamp uses one of the most dependable designs known to man – that of the construction crane. Its perfectly suspended head hovers over you, lighting the type print of your favorite novel or simply illuminating the room.

Similar to the Hallo Light, the Crane Wall Light is height adjustable and comes with a 180º range of motion. Fasten it to any secure point on your wall and watch it work!


2. SUSUO Swing Wall Sconce


This modern vintage-style wall lamp has not one, but two lamp heads! The SUSUO Two Arm Wall Sconce is twice the delight; both swing arms can rotate 150 degrees horizontally and can also be folded fully against the wall. The adjustable lamp heads can rotate 360 degrees depending on your needs.

This wall sconce is perfect, not only for a living room or dining room, but also for the coridor, bedroom, coffee shop and so on. Whether you want to light your entire room or have a little extra wattage for reading, the SUSUO wall sconce is the perfect wall lamp for you.


3. Hallo Wall


The Hallo Wall by 45KILO Designs takes its inspiration from a similar design by Jean Prouvé, but it has some new and improved features. Not only does it swing from side to side for different angles, but the long arm is height adjustable as well.

This is accomplished with a simple leather strap; all you have to do is use the strap like a pulley to raise or lower the arm. It’s a primitive, yet effective approach that leads to an ingenious design.


4. Mantis Wall Sconce


Swing Arm Lamps cast light anywhere and everywhere you need it. Much like its namesake, the Mantis Wall Sconce uses its long swinging arm to expertly position itself through a full range of 360º motion.

With a pleasantly mid-century design, the Mantis Wall Lamp is both chic and spacesaving. It perches wherever you may need it with a grace reminiscent of the praying mantis, as beautiful as it is versatile.


5. NIIUYAO Wall Light Fixture


Retro, vintage… whatever you want to call it, the old school method of design is hot on the market. The NIIUYAO Wall Light Fixture is one of those recycled designs that needs little improvement. The large lamp head casts light anywhere and everywhere you need it.

Edison bulbs, a fan favorite of those with a love for vintage décor, go perfectly with this classic, which happens to be available in a range of beautiful finishes.


6. Bellmann Wall Lamp


The Bellman Wall Lamp made of powder-coated steel with brass accents, is an amazing eye catcher in your home. The long arm, adjustable in length, reaches into the room and can be turned in either direction above the sofa, table or bed. The lamp head can easily be turned up or down.

Available in black or white. In short: Bellman by Pholc is a very stylish and practical lamp.


7. Ahaloye Swiveling Wall Sconces

swing arm wall sconce


The problem with wall sconces is that they’re always stuck in one place. There’s no angling them or adjusting them up or down… they’re just stuck.

The Ahaloye Swivel Wall Sconces, however, have a 360º range of motion and feature one or two lamp heads that can be pointed in different directions for a wider spread of lighting. Ahaloye is available in various versions for living room or bedroom. Simular item: chiyghnt Modern 2-Lights Swing Arm Wall Sconce.


8. LNC Black Swing Arm Wall Lamp


There’s definitely a bit of a modern steampunk vibe coming from this adjustable LNC Swing Arm Wall Lamp. Brushed black metal contrasts beautifully with the brass hardware; an Edison light bulb looks especially good when paired with this lamp.

Angle the lamp anywhere you need extra light with its 260 degree range of motion. It’s versatile enough for your living room, bedroom, a kid’s room, or even a dorm room.


9. Ginger Lamp


Ginger sounds like such a sweet name! Rather than belong to some feisty redhead, however, Ginger is the name of this particular swing arm wall lamp. It looks very much like a modern pendant light, but attached to it is a swinging arm with a wide range of motion for different lighting angles.

What is truly unique about the Ginger Lamp is that it’s made of pressure-treated wood and paper, which you wouldn’t be able to guess from its sleek appearance.


10. Prouve Potence Wall Lamp


With a healthy 180º of motion, the Prouf Potence Wall Lamp can illuminate every corner of any room with its 7-foot long neck. The wooden knob on the lamp’s base rotates it from one side to the other as easily as turning a light switch on and off.

The reach of the Potence Wall Lamp makes it ideal for larger rooms, but its flexibility allows it to be used in a room of smaller size as well.


11. NIUYAO Industrial Wall Sconce

Industrial style wall sconce


In true industrial style, NIUYAO Wall Sconce has used the all too familiar design of municipal street lamps to create this chic swing arm lamp. The exposed bulb and large flat shade make sure no cozy little corner goes unlit.

Many features on NIUYAO are fully adjustable, including the 180 degree range from left to right, the adjustable cord length, and how low the light itself hangs.


12. HomeFocus USB LED Reading Wall Lamp

USB reading wall lamp


If you thought all swing arm lamps were bulky, think again. HomeFocus uses its wall-mounted design to sit flush against the wall when not in use, saving you space both on the floor and on your nightstand.

The swing arm pulls out when it’s time for a read-through of your favorite bedtime novel and shines up to 400 lumens, turning on/off with a simple switch on the front of the sconce frame.                                                              Read more about the HomeFocus USB LED Reading Wall Lamp.


13. 265 Wall Lamp

Flos fully rotatable wall lamp

Flos fully rotatable wall lamp


Modelled on a fishing rod, the 265 Wall Lamp by Flos can be either a centerpiece or a subtle accent. Push it flat against a wall, and it can blend in with any room.

Pull it out into the middle of the space, and it becomes a striking modernist statement. The lamp head rotates 360º, so it can be focused on any area of the space. Find out more about the 265 Wall Light.


14. Counterbalance Light

Long swing arm lamp uses counterbalance system

Long swing arm lamp uses counterbalance system


If you’re looking for the longest swing arm wall lamp available, you need the Counterbalance Light from designer Daniel Rybakken. It uses a (you guessed it) counterbalance system to hold the lamp’s head at a determined height, which you can adjust if need be.

You can put this incredible wall lamp in virtually any position, and it will stay fixed thanks to its excellent engineering.


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