6 Best Wireless Charging Side Tables

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Browsing social media while watching Netflix has become pretty commonplace, but it’s such a pain to actually have to watch the movie when your phone battery runs out. I’m being facetious, of course, but wouldn’t life be easier with these wireless charging side tables? Keep browsing Instagram and enjoy your flick at the same time!


1. Owen Side Table with Lamp

wireless charging side table with lamp

wireless charging side table with lamp

With mid-century modern flair, this side table is compact enough for your couch or bedside, yet versatile enough for any room. The Owen Side Table has a USB port, phone charger outlet, wireless charging pad, and a built-in lamp that stays on the table despite any jarring.

It’s not only modern in appearance, though, because Owen is also compatible with smart outlets for enabling helpers such as Alexa and Google Home Assistant.


2. FurniQi Wireless Charging Side Table

wireless charging side table

FurniQi may not have a lamp to accompany its tech-friendly side table, but it does come with built-in wireless charging. All you have to do is place your phone on its surface (marked by an etched circle), and a blue light will appear to let you know that it’s charging.

FurniQi wireless charging table is compatible with a wide selection of smartphones and fits into most modern décor thanks to its minimalist design and neutral wood surface. More info and buying via The Gadget Flow.


3. Seventable Nightstand-Side Table

The Seventable Nightstand-Side Table is very practical with the usb ports & plug- ins at the top and the hole in the back for all the wires. This modern side table has an open compartment and three decent-sized drawers. A cool feature are the LED lights with remote control, which makes it stand out a bit more and provides nice mood lighting.

The table is made of environmentally friendly particle board material, which is waterproof, easy to clean and maintain. Seventable is suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms.


4. i-Box Smart Side Table with Bluetooth speaker

wireless charging side table with Bluetooth speakerwireless charging side table with Bluetooth speaker

The i-Box Smart Side Table is more high tech than my computer. Alphasonik jam packs a load of features into a 25-inch high end table that will rock your world with its plethora of gadgets.

First, the entire side of the table is a 360º Bluetooth speaker with a strong connection up to 33 feet. There are also an AUX input, and a sound that will knock your socks off thanks to the subwoofer in the rear of the table. Simular product: the uuffoo Smart End Side Table.


5. I-Star Wireless Charging Smart Table

wireless charging smart side table

If you want the features of the Alphasonik table, but in a design that blends more with traditional décor, i-Star’s Wireless Charging Smart Table is just for you.

Any phone capable of wireless charging will work on this table’s wireless charger; the table itself is highly portable and can be moved from room to room. Included on the table are two USB ports, a DC input, Aux input, and four buttons for playback. Simular item the Smart End Table from ManGotree.


6. Brightech Madison Side Table with Attached Lamp

wireless charging side table with attached lamp

Everything about the Brightech Madison Floor Lamp-Table is amazing. It’s hard to count exactly how many items are built into this floor lamp-table.

First, you have the actual Alexa-compatible floor lamp, but there’s also a nightstand / side table, a wireless charging station for your phone or tablet, and also a cubby with a shelf underneath that can be used for magazines or books. The lamp shades come in a white or in a brown or a black pattern shade.

For more interesting wireless charging side tables on Amazon, click here.


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