Clever Furniture Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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Got a tiny bathroom? Need some truly brilliant space saving ideas? These bathroom storage items are not only ideal for small bathrooms. Because they offer great flexibility they provide an optimal bathroom experience in more spacious bathrooms as well. On top of that, each one of these pieces adds style too.


1. Arena Revolve Shelving Unit

This revolving shelving unit is not only modern and gives the effect of a floating unit, it allows you to store any size bottle in any capacity on one side before turning the unit and having a full-length mirror with which to have in the room.

The Arena Revolve Shelving Unit is storage and a mirror all in one, and you can hide those cluttered bottles while boasting of a sleek transition from room to mirror.


2. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer Kit

It’s a genius idea. On top a large storage tray with an automatic toothpaste dispenser, a toothbrush holder and place for soap, shampoo, hairbrush, cosmetics or shaver.There is also a storage drawer for other cosmetics.
A strong magnetic system keeps the cups attached to the holder.

The TuCao Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer Kit can be mounted with adhesive stickers on walls with a smooth surface.


3. Adjustable Hub Ladder

This adjustable storage ladder has two halves, one white and one natural wood color. The wooden half slides into the natural half, so you can have it as a narrow ladder or pull it out to double the width.

It’s great to use as a valet stand or towel rack. The Hub Ladder is designed to lean against the wall, but since it’s light you can also mount it up high or attach it to the wall if you buy the brackets separately.

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4. Hans & Alice Backlit Mirror

Even mirrors are getting a technology makeover these days! Hans & Alice has come up with this technological marvel that will have you questioning why no one thought of it sooner.

The mirror features a dimmable LED light behind the mirror, as well as an anti-fogging function that eliminates the need for constant cleaning of the mirror’s surface. Hans & Alice Blacklit Mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally depending on your bathroom space.


5. AOJEZOR Storage Corner Cabinet

Imagine you’ve moved into a home or apartment with no toilet paper holder in the bathroom. You don’t have a lot of space, but you don’t want to drill holes in your wall.

Why not use something like the AOJEZOR Storage Cabinet? It fits snugly in the corner and stands at only 6 inches wide. It comes with a toilet paper holder and storage for additional rolls or other toiletries.


6. Adjustable Shower Caddy

The OXO Good Grips Shower Caddy is the first shower caddy I’ve seen that can be used just about anywhere else than your shower. True, it’s best suited to holding soaps and shampoo bottles, but you can also use it for a unique storage option (even to hold your sunglasses and a couple of coats on its knobs!).

Even better, the caddy uses suction cups that leave no marks on your walls.


7. Bamboo Towel Bar Hanger

Ideal for small bathrooms, this holder can carry up to five towels at once but needs only a few square inches of wall space. The Towel Bar Hanger is made from bamboo, which is eco-friendly and won’t warp in damp air, and is easily put up with four screws.

The narrow back means it’s great to use for storage in any small space, such as putting a coat rack in an awkwardly-shaped alcove or adding a bit of extra space-saving storage inside a wardrobe door.


8. Aluminum Cabinet

This industrial-inspired Aluminum Cabinet is a stylish addition to a modern bathroom. With mirrors inside and out, and adjustable glass shelves, it catches every facet of light. The doors have two-way adjustable hinges for ease of use and open up to 108o.

And since there’s a mirror on the reverse of the door as well as the back of the cabinet, you can adjust the angle in order to see the back of your head or check yourself out from a different viewpoint.


9. Umbra Picket 5 Hooks

This coat hanger and towel rack takes up zero floor space, saving you precious square footage. Umbra’s Picket has five fold-down hooks that can be used in entryways, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

Use it to hang wet towels to dry, or organize your outfit for the next day. Picket is made from beveled pine, with each hook supporting up to five pounds. Available in aged walnut and natural.


10. Corner Glass Shelf

Glass furniture speaks of timeless sophistication, and with the popularity of tempered glass in modern furniture products, the risk of breakage is greatly diminished, allowing shelves like this one to be used everyday in homes.

With four tiers and stainless steel supports, Convenience Concepts’ Glass Shelf makes an excellent bathroom companion or display shelf for family rooms. Assembly takes mere minutes, and you’ll be using your beautiful glass shelf in no time.

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11. Hook Box

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? It’s like we were all waiting for the ceramic Hook Box, and now that it’s here, it’s blowing minds with its ingenuity.

Instead of placing your accessories on your washbasin, you can tuck them into the wall pockets and keep them together so you’ll never lose them again! It’s so easy, it’s a wonder it took this long for someone to design it.


12. Organize It All Over The Toilet Space saver

The key to living comfortably in a small area is using every inch of available space. This over-the-toilet shelving unit turns dead wall space into useful storage, and can also be used elsewhere in the house – like above a radiator.

Crucially, the Organize It All Bathroom Space Saver doesn’t need to be screwed to the wall, making it an ideal space-saver for people who rent and can’t do DIY. The shelves are made of wire mesh, ideal for holding light items like towels.

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13. Folding Bamboo Laundry Hamper

This Folding Hamper is large enough to hold a double load of laundry, and collapses flat when not in use. Inside is a cotton sack with handles: when the hamper is full, you can just lift the bag out rather than carrying the whole box to your washing machine.

It’s made of strong, light bamboo, and the surface is left unsealed so you can stain or paint it to match your décor.


14. DecoBros Extending Mirror

The DecoBros Swivel Mirror is perfect for any vanity or male-recollecting center. Priding itself in its long extension, it can be easily mounted to any wall to add to any bathroom, or added to any corner of a room as you sit and apply makeup, detail your beard, or simply want to put on your jewelry.

Its sleek design does not detract from any room, and even adds a bit of sophistication in the process.


15. Comb Coat Rack

This cleverly-designed coat rack is made from a single piece of steel which has been laser-cut, folded to shape, and powder-coated for color.

There are two sizes of hook: one set of broad hooks at the top, which are made to avoid creasing clothes, and another set of narrow hooks at the bottom to hold clothes with hanging tabs. The Comb Coat Rack lies almost flat against the wall and is available in three colors.

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16. Moda Home Rolling Laundry Basket

For those with mobility issues, lugging a heavy laundry basket around the house is a no-go. That’s why Moda Home’s Rolling Laundry Basket comes with wheels for easy transport that requires no lifting.

The basket also collapses when not in use, allowing for storage in tight spaces. The next time you have a ton of laundry to do, you won’t have to concern yourself with heavy lifting thanks to this ingenious product.


17. Over-Cabinet Holder

Leaving electrical goods out in the bathroom is a bad idea, and if you throw them in a drawer the cords get tangled.

This Over-Cabinet Holder is designed to hang a hairdryer, straightener, and curling iron securely on the back of a door, and it has convenient wrapping hooks to keep the cords tidy. The hanging hooks are padded to avoid damaging the door.


18. MDesign Shower Caddy

Finally, a shower caddy designed with slippery bottles in mind! Nobody likes dropping their shampoo or conditioner on their feet.

The mDesign Shower Caddy holds bottles firmly in place while still saving space for bars of soap and the occasional loofah. With eight total shelves and two hooks, you shouldn’t have reason to complain. I mean, really – how many body washes do you need?


19. Big Ledge Shelf

The Big Ledge Shelf is minimalist and modern in style, but brings a bit of stylistic improvement to any room.

It doesn’t take up unnecessary space, and you can store whatever you wish on it, whether it’s bathroom items, makeup, or just some knick knacks and small potted plants. This shelf is designed for space-saving decor in mind.


20. HOMde BAMBOO Clothes RACK

Amazon offers a more budget-friendly storage option, the Homde Bamboo Clothes Rack, at a price your wallet will love.  Made of bamboo and easy to move by the 4 caster wheels.

Suitable for entryway or bedroom for hanging coats, clothes, hats, scarves or suitcases. The Standing Rack of natural bamboo is sturdy and wear resistant and easy to clean.

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21. EAGO Corner Whirpool Bath Tub

It’s a genius idea. The EAGO Corner Whirpool Bath Tub features a lighting system that creates a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

Owners of oddly-shaped bathrooms can finally breathe a sigh of relief – the invention of the corner tub is their saving grace. This single person corner bath tub has a unique design that maximizes your bathroom’s space while still providing the leg room you need for a good relaxing soak.


22. Fresca Oxford Gray Bathroom Linen Cabinet

If you’re tired of bulky cabinets taking up precious bathroom space, a slim storage cabinet is the perfect solution. Fresca Oxford’s Gray Linen Cabinet adds elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

At just over a foot wide, the cabinet will slide into even the tiniest of spaces to give you a wealth of storage for towels, rags and other bathroom toiletries.

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23. Fonte Laundry Container

This Fonte Laundry Basket is much too elegant to hide in your utility room. It incorporates a tree-shaped coat rack, so you can dump dirty laundry in the basket and hang once-worn clothes up to air above.

Its clean lines draw inspiration from minimalist Japanese design, combining a practical white laminate basket with an untreated elm coat rack.



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