33 Best Space Saving Furniture Ideas For Small Homes

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Space saving furniture ideas to help you maximize your living quarters. This type of furniture is on the rise. Crowded city slickers, rural tiny home occupants and other humble abode dwellers know the importance of using square footage optimally.

Stair drawers and under-stair storage are huge space savers because they make use of otherwise neglected areas.

Nested designs such as a bookcase housing chairs and tables are incredibly ingenious as many other multi-functional furniture ideas for small apartments.

We selected 33 of the best pieces of space-efficient furniture designed to maximize the use of space in small living areas. These pieces allow you to live in comfort and style without compromising on quality.

Each item on this list represents a category of similar furniture pieces intended to offer you suggestions on how to make the most of your home’s interior.

Here we go,

33 Space Saving Furniture Ideas


1. Origami Folding Computer Desk

folding computer desk


It takes only seconds to set up this amazing folding desk. The computer desk stands at 30 inches tall and 48 inches wide, more than enough room for a complete office setup.

The Origami Computer Desk has a generous work surface, a bottom shelf for your computer tower or other accessories, and a strong steel frame. Origami comes in four different colors to let you style your work space how you want.


2. Iconic Home Loungie Bench

modular seating system


Another great space-saving furniture idea: the Iconic Home Loungie Bench. You can move pieces around to create an easy chair, a bed, or a desk.

The bold colors add a statement to your living room that your visitors are sure to be astounded by.


3. Wall Mounted Ironing Board

wall-mounted iron board

wall-mounted iron board


Eureka’s Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is the ultimate space-saving addition to your laundry room. Simply attach it to the wall, and you’ll save time and hassle when you need to iron.

Perfect for small spaces, this board sticks out only 1.5 inches from the wall when folded.


4. DHP Emily Split Back Futon

split back futon sofa bed


The DHP Emily Futon isn’t just a sofa bed. It’s split back design has multiple positions – regular couch, recliner, or flat bed. It can even be combined with a chair, a chaise-lounger or ottoman in the same range to make a queen-size sleeper.

The bed is comfortable enough to host guests for a long weekend without causing them aches and pains, and the sofa stays squishy after years of use. It has a futon-style design, so you simply push the back to change position. More sofa beds here!


5. Bestar Queen Murphy Bed

space saving wall bed

This folding bed is the ultimate space-saver for a small room. At night, a flick of the wrist brings down a full-sized double bed; during the day, the bed can be folded invisibly and safely.

The Bestar Queen Murphy Bed is an ideal choice for a guest room, as it’s far more comfortable than a sofa bed but disappears into the wall when not needed.


6. Greenco 5-Tier Corner Shelves

5-tier corner shelf


Are you searching for space to put a bookshelf in your home, but find you’re already full up?

Greenco 5-Tier Corner Shelves has a reversing geometrical design of corner shelving that easily mounts into corner spaces. No walls are needed! Discover more floating corner shelves.


7. 3 Pc. Stacking Tables

3-piece stacking stools

3-Piece Stacking Tables come apart easily to make three different coffee or accent tables.

Put them back together again, and you have a storage shelf for books or knick-knacks. Each table has its own distinct color.


8. Vonanda Sofa Bed

The Vonanda sofa bed simply folds out to transform it into a sleeping place for overnight visitors.


The Vonanda Sofa Bed not only looks chic and comfortable; it also folds out into a lounge-chair-style bed.

Simply unfold the chair to transform it into a spot to sleep for overnight visitors. Five color options make it a bright, stylish addition to your living room. Don’t miss these sleeper chairs for small spaces.


9. Double Hammock

double hammock with frame


How can a hammock belong to a selection of space saving furniture ideas  you might ask? Well, think about how much space you can save when you decide to spend your nights in a hammock.

Vivere’s Double Hammock not only has a compact 9 foot heavy-duty steel frame, but the hammock itself is 100% cotton and seats two.

Assembly is easy and requires no tools, and there’s no need for trees to attach to although if you wanted to, you can easily do so.


10. FJU Foldable Workspace

wall-mounted desk with storage space


The FJU Wall-Mounted Desk from Living Divani is, upon first glance, just a magazine holder on the wall.

However, when you fold it down, it’s becomes a modular work desk for getting those work projects done. Easily folds back into place. Also take a look at these stylish wall-mounted desks.


11. HUANUO Adjustable Lap-Top Desk

adjustable laptop table-desk-bookstand

The HUANUO Laptop Table/Desk Bookstand is at its lowest level, a vented cooling pad.

Raise it up another level, and it’s a sitting work desk. Raise it up one more level, and it’s a standing desk! Three different functions, one space-saving furniture piece. Find out more sit-to-stand desks.


12. Hannah Drop Leaf Table

drop leaf wooden table

This classic Winsome Wood Hannah Drop Leaf Table has sturdy solid-wood construction and a collapsible design. With both leaves out, the circular table seats four. Put down one leaf, and the table can stand against a wall, making it great for a breakfast bar.

With both leaves down, it’s only a few inches wide, and can slip into a cupboard for easy storage. Don’t miss these Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables.


13. Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Drying Rack

folding wooden drying rack

Folding drying racks can take up a lot of precious space in your laundry room, especially if you live in a smaller home. Space saving furniture like this wall-mounted drying rack makes tiny living a little bit easier.

When not in use, this Pennsylvania Woodworks Drying Rack folds back into its wooden frame; you can pull it out again in order to hang wet clothes while keeping your floor space free.


14. Goliath extending console dining table

extending console dining table


The Goliath Table from Resource Furniture may look small, but it stretches out from a 17 inch console table to a dinner table big enough to fit 10 people.

Five leaves are included for the larger size table, and a glass finish is a design option to give your space a touch of class. An excellent example of space saving furniture.


15. Dynamic Life Sofa

multifunctional sofa bed


Touchpad-operated, with a modern, modular look, the Dynamic Life Sofa seems almost like a living thing.

It unfolds into split chaise lounge or a bed. When you’re ready for a sofa again, simply use the touchpad command.


16. Stackable Masters Chair

stackable dining chairs


When it comes to space saving furniture ideas, the stackable chair is one of the simplest yet most effective. Just the thought of freeing up all the space that a set of 4 or 6 chairs take up by stacking them.

One particularly eye-pleasing piece, the stackable Kartell Masters Chair as it has one of the most wicked designs we’ve ever seen. Those with sinful taste will appreciate the sultry curves and pointed “horns” on the chair’s back, but this little devil does more than just look good.

It combines the function and features of three popular modern designs to create the ultimate chair for both social and work events.


17. Modern Lift-Top Coffee Table

lift-top table desk

Able to fold and rise at different levels, the Modern Lift-Top Coffee Table  also doubles as a desk and dining table.

It’s multiple furniture pieces in one, saving you space and hassle. A must-have for small homes. Also take a look at these Space Saving Coffee Tables: 3 Different Types.


18. Bookseat

wooden curved chair with storage space

For the avid book-reader, having a miniature library at your fingertips is not just an idea anymore.
Bookseat is both a curved bookcase and a comfortable reading spot. Your fellow bookworms will love it!



nesting side tables


With a design so simple that it’s futuristic, Monarch Specialties’ Nesting Tables make a welcome addition to modern homes. Each table is made from tempered glass with a sleek white gloss finish on the table’s surface.

Although this piece is intended for home use, just imagine how luxurious and fashionable it would look in the reception areas of public buildings – wow! Available in the colors cappuccino, dark taupe, glossy white and grey cement. Look here for more nesting side tables.


20. Whitmor Storage Cubes

stackable storage cubes

Lightweight, with a clean white color, Whitmore Storage Cubes are a stackable storage solution that requires little space.

These are especially ideal for storing toys or sports equipment in children’s rooms, or towel storage for the bathroom. Order at Amazon.


21. Folding Personal Table

 small folding table


Do you need a simple, easy-to-use side table that’s transportable and lightweight? The Lifetime Folding Personal Table is just that! Its clean design and rudimentary folding action allow you to set it up wherever you please.

Even better is that the legs adjust to different heights, and once you’re done using it for your party, office or other use, you can quickly fold it up again and store it for another day.


22. Shine daybed

transformable daybed

Not only a chic place to lounge, Softline’s Shine Daybed transforms itself into a full-sized bed for two.

With a huge variety of color and fabric options, this modular piece makes a bold modern statement while saving you space.


23. Duo Table

Duo table: small table and desk

The dual-purpose DuoTable by Michael Hilgers is both dining table and work desk.

Simply flip half of the table up, and you have a desk with storage for office and writing tools, and then fold it back down for a dining table that seats four.


24. Ludovico office

space saving-nesting furniture

expandable furniture

The Ludovico Office includes everything you need for a productive workday.

This file cabinet has a desk that unfolds from the side, and a foldable chair is tucked between the two drawers of the file cabinet. It’s an entire office in one furniture piece. Read more at Expand furniture.


25. Hank Light Hanger

adjustable light hanger


The Hank Light Hanger by Ola Samuelsson can be put anywhere in your home, whether in your closet, entryway or bathroom.

Energy-saving adjustable LED lighting makes it easy to sort through your wardrobe while saving you space.


26. 5-Piece Dining Set with Storage Ottomans

dining set with storage ottomans

The simple, space-saving 5-Piece Baxter Dining Set is perfect for a house needing to conserve space or a family simply looking to add a little bit of modern to their home.

The chairs store easily into the the table design, saving more space than you ever thought possibly with a dining room table, as well as being a conversation piece for anyone who walks into your home.


27. Offi Tiki Stool

storage stool and side table

The Offi Tiki stool is simplicity at its finest. Use it as a stool, side table, or fill the base with sand or water to anchor it down when using it for dock seating.

The stool’s midsection is hollowed out to provide storage. Grab one here.


28. Haotian Floating desk

floating desk with cubbies


One of our personal favorite space saving furniture ideas; floating desks. Take for instance the Haotian Floating Desk.  It makes a beautiful and space-saving addition to any room of your home or business.

This desk has everything you need for your creative flow, including six cubby shelves for gadgets and knick-knacks, a top shelf for decorations to make the space your own, and a generous work space capable of holding up to 100 lbs.

The Haotian desk can be mounted at any height, and the desk’s easy assembly and sturdy frame are held up by a solid metal hanging rail that makes sure the desk stays put. Choose from either a white or black finish.


29. Scala Zero Chair Stepladder

folding stepladder chair


Instead of hauling out a heavy ladder or using the dining room chair to reach high shelves, why not use the Scala Zero?

This chair folds out into a ladder, simultaneously fulfilling your need for seating and saving you the space needed for a ladder.  How about that for a space-optimizing furniture idea?

Want more suggestions? Check out these folding stepladder chairs.


30. Pal by Vondom

reversible stool side table


Pal by Vondom is the space-saving furniture friend you’ve always wanted: modern, simple, and multifunctional.

Leave Pal upright for seating, or flip it over to make a desk or side table. Store items underneath to save even more space.


31. Hockenheimer storage stool

old magazines storage stool

Finally, a use for all those magazines piled around the house!

The environmentally-friendly, sustainable Hockenheimer Storage Stool straps your old magazines and newspapers together to create unique, impromptu seating.


32. Monarch Side Table

sofa side table


The Monarch Side Table is a handy and stylish side table made of chrome metal. Very convenient and a space-saving idea we think you will love because the table can slide easily under your sofa. Want more ideas? Look at these sofa side tables.


33. Swing Shelf Table

transformable bookshelf table

transformable bookshelf table

industrial transformable bookshelf table

Dot & Bo have created a bookshelf that transforms itself seamlessly from shelf to table.

With room enough for 4 guests, the Swing Shelf Table is sure to delight your diners, and the sturdy metal frame can easily hold your entire book collection.



What are space saving furniture ideas exactly?

All suggestions regarding furniture that makes the most out of limited space. Often this is accomplished by adding storage space to furniture pieces that traditionally don’t have storage compartments

How do you maximize space in furniture?

Another way to save space with cleverly designed furniture is to combine two or more functions in furniture. Examples of multi-purpose furniture are for instance a storage stool such as the aforementioned Bookseat or a chair that doubles as a stepladder.

How do you save space in a small room?

By making use of furniture that folds away or can be easily stored when not needed.

What is transformable furniture?

A dinner table that can be converted to a desk is an example of transformable furniture.

Do you have more space saving furniture ideas?

You bet’ cha! Make sure to check out the posts linked just below.


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