Recycled Eco-Friendly Furniture

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In a world where recycling and sustainability are becoming vital, it makes sense that you want to help the environment when buying products for your home. Recycled furniture is a great way to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and these pieces are not only eco-friendly, but they’re incredibly stylish as well!

1. WIKIWIKI Folding Adirondack Chair

eco folding adirondack chair

folding adirondack chair

If you thought that recycled furniture wouldn’t hold up as well as regular furniture, you’ll be happy to be wrong. WIKIWIKI Adirondack Chair with its ergonomically designed backrest and two cup holders is highly durable; it’s made from recycled resin wood that will hold up for years with minimal fading.
You won’t have to worry about the material cracking and splintering either, as the chair is weather-resistant. WIKIWIKI is available in aruba blue, black, grey and white.


2. LuXeo Recycled Plastic Side Tablerecycled plastic table

This attractive side table will have you wondering why you’ve never tried recycled furniture before. LuXeo’s Corona Side Table is also made from a poly-lumber and plastic blend that requires zero weather-proofing, so it’s ready to go when you are.

It can even be left out during the winter with no damage to the coloring or its structural integrity. Corona is available in a variety of neutral and bold colors.


3. Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Planter

recycled wood planter

Spring is here, so it’s time to get gardening! Make your garden that much more sustainable this year by using this Recycled Wood Planter from Amazon Basics. It’s quite roomy, but the really neat feature is that it’s made from recycled pine (no plastic waste involved!).

It also features a powder-coated steel frame and legs, giving it extra sturdiness. The planter comes with a liner to keep soil neatly packed inside with no leaks or messes.


4. MY SWANKY HOME Recycled Wood Bench

recycled wood bench

Recycled furniture has really stepped up its game with this piece from MY SWANKY HOME. Their Recycled Wood Bench is the perfect minimalist addition to your rustic farmhouse decor.

Every bench is handcrafted and measures around four feet long, and there’s plenty of space underneath the open frame for shoes. Since it measures at the standard 18″ height, you can also use this entryway bench as a dining bench at your farmhouse table.


5. WELLAND Side Table

recycled boat wood side table

recycled boat wood side table

Who knew that recycled boat wood could be so beautiful? This unique WELLAND Side Table has a hodge podge appearance with mixed wood colors that really catches the eye, making it a unique addition to your living room.

The process WELLAND uses to make these tables, which come in a variety of styles, is so careful in its crafting that it’s hard to believe the table is under $80.


6. Way Basics Eco Stackable Storage Cubes

eco stackable storage cube

eco stackable storage cubes

A quick glance might make you think this is just an ordinary storage cube, but Way Basics has designed something more than that. This eco-friendly stackable cube is made from recycled paperboard to promote a more sustainable storage solution.

Its non-toxic materials also ensure a healthier consumer. The stackable storage cube stands at 12 inches high and can be purchased in four different color options.


7. POLYWOOD Long Island Side Table

recycled plastic side table

Yet another excellent side table composed of poly-lumber and recycled plastic comes from POLYWOOD, using their own particular brand of HDPE recycled lumber.

Much like the Corona table from LuXeo, the Long Island Side Table‘s brushed gray wood look and sturdy build make it great as outdoor furniture. It’s even resistant to fungi, as well as being waterproof with non-fading color. Even the hardware is ultra-durable thanks to the stainless steel hardware.


8. Delta Children 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

recycled bottles convertible crib

Children’s furniture made from recycled materials? Yes, please! Around 300 recycled bottles are used in the making of this fiber core Convertible Crib from Delta Children.

Not only will this crib last your child through most of their younger years, but you’re also doing good for the environment instead of tossing out non-recyclable materials when the crib can no longer be used. The mattress even has a waterproof and stain-resistant cover.


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