Furniture That Grows With Your Child

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Kids grow fast and before you know it they have outgrown the furniture you only just recently bought. By using convertible furniture you can keep costs down. And save time and energy researching, shopping, and transporting.

The following items that grow with your child are higly practical and help you keep your home organized. They are easy to transfort and cleverly designed which prevents too much bending and lifting.

Since transforming kids furniture is changeable and often multifunctional it’s ideal for when you are space-limited too. Adaptable children’s furniture keep parents sane, their wallets filled, and children happy.


1. Convertible Crib


For those with children, it’s well-known that they outgrow just about everything at a rapid pace in their first few years. If you don’t want to be buying furniture left and right, consider this 3-in-1 Crib from Delta Children.

The crib provides a comfortable place for your infant to sleep, but it transforms into a toddler bed easily when they’ve grown big enough. After that, it becomes a daybed with a safety rail for children still learning to sleep without crib walls.

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2. Graco Pak N’ Play On The Go Playard

That’s why we love the Pack N’ Play On the Go Playard. This foldable children’s furniture item is quite the fashionable playpen, but it also has a reversible napper that can be used as a changing station.

There’s no back and forth, running-around-and-going-crazy madness while you try to do everything at once – it’s all right at your fingertips thanks to Graco.


3. Stokke Care Changing Table

You may remember the uncomfortable changing tables of your childhood, but the Stokke Care Changing Table has turned the tide of baby product design. The Stokke table evolves as your child grows from a cozy changing station to an at-home student desk.

Eventually, your child can use it as a bookshelf or media center. It is, perhaps, one of the most versatile children’s products in these modern times.


4. BabyBay Bedside Sleeper

Amidst all the co-sleeping controversy, it’s important to know about products like these that meet each side in the middle. The Babybay Bedside Sleeper is the safe way to co-sleep with your infant. It acts as a sort of bedside crib with a half railing that’s open toward your own bed, allowing you to monitor from a safe distance while still keeping baby close.

The sleeper has been treated with non-toxic finish for extra safety and an eco-friendly sleeping environment. Also available is the Babybay Bassinet Conversion Kit.


5. Convertible Changing Table and Bed




Finally, you can make use of your baby’s changing table after they’ve outgrown it! Dream On Me’s Zoey 3-in-1 Changing Table has all the charm of hot couture baby furniture, but it doesn’t lose its usefulness once your child is out of diapers.

You can attach the sides of the changing table to a twin mattress to transform it into a cozy place to sleep that will save you space and headaches.


6. Bath and Changing Center



Usually, it’s the adults that get to go to the spa, but now your infant can become more pampered than ever with the Primo EuroSpa Bath & Changing Center.

This all-in-one station lets you bathe, change, and dress your baby, and the entire cart has wheels for simple transportation to other parts of your home. With plenty of storage space to keep you organized (and sane!), the Primo EuroSpa Bath & Changing Center will change your life!

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7. Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System



How do you fit a hooded carrier, infant stroller and toddler stroller in the backset of your car? You buy the Graco FastAction Jogger Travel System! This multifunctional carrier grows alongside your child by providing three modes of transport for them: a carrier and two different stroller types.

This 3-in-1 product fits comfortably in your backseat or trunk. It’s lightweight, durable and can hold children up to 35 pounds.


8. Stool and Step Stool

The Dual-Height Step Stool for Toddlers and Kids is ideal for use in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and for potty training.

The anti-slip material on the stool’s underside makes it safe for your child to use, even if they take it outdoors. The durable material will stand up to most mild weather, and it’s lightweight enough for your child to transport with ease. A perfect, sturdy, light, and reliable stool.


9. Trio Elite 3-in1 High Chair

Dinnertime is a special time for baby and you. You worry about how safe baby’s high chair is, and you want to know that they’re chowing down and growing strong in a chair that will grow with them.

Meet the Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite Chair from Ingenuity, the high chair that transforms as your child grows. Its two-seater options are perfect for those with twins, but it’s also great for a single child to have plenty of room to wiggle.


10. Britax Grow With You Booster Car Seat

Britax’s Car Seat boasts an impressive 4.9 out of 5 star rating, and for good reason! The booster seat protects your child from all angles with click-tight installation (keeping the seat firmly in place), side impact protection from two-layered padded sides, and a strong five-point harness.

Britax’s booster function allows for children up to 120 pounds to use it, protecting your child for longer as the seat grows with them.


11. Tripp Trapp High Chair



The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair is everything modern children’s furniture should be: chic, sophisticated and multifunctional. This chair seats your child from when they’re six months old to when they’re well into the double digits.

With a maximum weight of 300 pounds, even the adults can have a seat on the durable beechwood material. A five-point safety harness protects younger children from falling or wiggling out of their seat.

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12. High Chair or Dining Chair



High chairs tend to be useful only for a little while. Once your child outgrows the dining tray, it’s either a matter of not being able to remove the tray or the seat being too small for them.

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair provides a graceful solution to this problem. Its removable tray and sturdy built make it suitable for any age, so your child can use it well into their teenage years!


13. Foldable Booster Seat



This is great for toddlers who are too big for highchairs but too small to reach the table on their own. This booster seat provides a little 3-inch lift to help kids reach the table.

As a useful touch, the Foldable Booster Seat has an integral back, so kids can sit at the front edge of the chair without risk that they’ll fall into a gap if they wriggle backwards. The cushion is removable for cleaning and the whole thing can be folded up and carried.


14. Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Parents are constantly battling with their child’s growth spurt by repeatedly buying bigger sizes of clothes, toys and furniture. The Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter takes care of many of your child’s younger years by transforming when they reach their next growth stage.

For toddlers, it’s a three-wheel trike; older children can enjoy it as a stand-up scooter. The simplicity of play keeps kids entertained and active while relieving the strain on parents’ wallets. Available in various colors.


15. KURA Reversible Bed

Well, I thought I’d seen it all, but there’s a reversible bed from Ikea. Sure, you’ve got your reversible covers, pillow cases and sheets, but a bed? It sounds crazy, but Ikea has managed it with the KURA Reversible Bed.

Younger children can sleep with the bed close to the ground, but once they get older you can flip the bed upside down so that it’s a loft bed. Talk about multifunctional!


16. Regency Adjustable Stool

This sitting stool for children is adjustable in height, growing with them from the time they can first sit all the way up until they are five.

The colorful Regency Adjustable Stool is a wonderful addition to any children’s room, and is made for parents who need to save money by purchasing functional furniture that grows with their children.

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17. Milky Desk

Milky Desk is designed with easy-to-use “coin-screw” system, so parents can easily change the height in just a few seconds. Three different height options are available, designed to suit kids from 2 to 9, and it’s even possible to make the desk tilt like an architect’s drafting table.

There are matching accessories that can be screwed on to the Milky, such as a paper roll holder and a lip to keep pens.


18. Leg&Go Bike

The Leg&Go Bike may just be a godsend to frustrated parents who are tired of purchasing expensive new toys for every season. The bike can transform into three different styles and can be modified to become a sled or rocking horse.

Different configurations allow for your child’s growth by raising the seat or adding pedals when they’re ready. In the meantime, it acts as a balance bike that scoots along much like a toy car would. Talk about versatile!



For the kid who is always moving and cannot sit still comes a seat just for them.

Whether they want to bounce up and down or swivel their hips while they work, this Active Learning Stool provides the over-active and energy-filled child with something to tame their cravings of movement while allowing them to sit and do their work. Perfect for a child that does not enjoy sitting still.


20. Liitle Soleil Desk+Chair

The ApexDesk Little Soleil Desk+Chair Bundle is adjustable in multiple ways to fit your growing child. The split top desk for drawing or reading is height adjustable via a hand crank.

The seat and backrest are height adjustable can be changed with twist’n’lock knobs. This Desk+Chair Set is available in the colors blue, green and pink.


21. Rectangle  Activity Table

This Rectangle Activity Table from Sprogs has adjustable legs to grow with your child. The legs can be moved upwards in 1-inch increments, from 15 to 23 inches, and they lock securely into place so there’s no danger of little fingers getting trapped.

The tabletop is laminated on both sides for easy cleaning, and the edges are rounded for safety. The tops are available in plain laminate or wood effect, and there is a choice of bright shades for the metal legs.


22. Della Bunk bed and Single Beds

Having bunk beds for your two children can be a joyful experience, but they’ll eventually want their own private space. You can easily convert the Walker Edison Della Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed into two separate beds when your kids are ready for their own rooms.

In the meantime, this sturdy set of bunk beds lets the siblings have some bonding time while sleeping in style.

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