Kids Multi-Activity Play Tables

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Encouraging creativity during playtime is crucial to your child’s development, so why not get them a play table that helps them develop essential skills? These kids multi-activity play tables are good for hours upon hours of fun as your child problem solves, learns, and enjoys every minute of it.


1. Baby Care Foldable Floor Table

         [age 1.5- 4]

kids foldable floor table

You have enough trouble keeping a clean house with children; why clutter it up with a play table that’s permanently in the way?

Baby Care’s Foldable Floor Table for kids is a multipurpose play place that folds up and out of the way when not in use. Its non-toxic surface materials are easy to clean and make a great place for playtime, snacktime, or anything in-between.


2. AmazonBasics Wooden Play Table

         [age 2-5]

kids wooden play table

“Safety first!” is every parent’s motto. That’s why Amazon Basics has designed this multifunctional, kid-safe play table. Featuring rounded corners to prevent injury, as well as removable surface panels to make cleaning and sanitizing easy, this Wooden Play Table is a kid’s best friend.

The table’s edges are slightly raised to prevent toys from falling off, and the storage drawer in the table’s base allows for easy clean-up when playtime is over. Read more about this Amazon Basics Wooden Multi-Activity Table.


3. Melissa & Doug Art and Activity Table

         [age 3+]

kids art and activity table

Kids activity tables typically feature bright, sometimes garish colors, but for the discerning modern parent who wants to blend their children’s furniture in seamlessly with their current decor, this table is the perfect fit.

Melissa & Doug’s Art Activity Table is bright, white, and modern; children will enjoy the double storage drawers and generous table surface where they can spread out their toys and activities. The table is suitable for kids ages 3-8.


4. Play Platoon Kids 5 in 1 Activity Table

         [age 3+]

kids 5-in-1 activity table

This multifunctional, Play Platoon 5 in 1 Activity Table has it all. The flip-top table surface has a side that accommodates building blocks and Legos to allow your child a place to build their empire.
By turning the tabletop, the table can be used as a drawing, craft table, sensory table or even dining table for your kids.

Underneath the table’s surface is a storage area for toys and building block materials that helps keep all those little pieces where they should be — off the floor. But: the interior space not only functions as storage table but can also be a water or sand table!


5. GobiDex 7-in-1 Multi Activity Table Set

         [age 3+]

kids multi activity table set

I can’t begin to tell you how much I would have loved this table as a child. Have you ever painstakingly separated Legos into color piles? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have storage trays for all of them? Well, this table does.

GobiDex 7-in-1 Multi Activity Table comes with four storage trays, a dual surface (one flat, one a building block base), and two chairs, so your child will have everything they need for both study time and playtime.


6. P’kolino Table & Chairs

     [age 3-6]

P'kolino kids activity table set

Spark your child’s creativity and drive to learn with the P’kolino Table and Chairs. P’kolino is like a puzzle box with features that stir the imagination. On the surface, the spacious top makes reading their favorite stories enjoyable and provides the perfect workspace for drawings.

The underside hides a chalkboard for even more artwork; if your child is old enough to read, you can leave them notes! P’kolino is equal parts learning and fun, and it’s a great headstart to help your child grow.


7. YouHi Kids Activity Table

         [age 3+]

kids activity play table

It’s understandable for parents to desire a little more fashion from the furniture industry when it comes to kids furniture. YouHi understands this better than anyone, which is why they’ve designed this exquisite activity table that looks just like a high-end coffee table.

The removable surface of the YouHi Activity Table reveals a place to use building blocks, and the shelf underneath can be used for storage or decorations.


8. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Construction Play Table

         [age 3+]

kids construction play table

It can be frustrating when you buy a new play table, only to find that its building block base doesn’t work with the vast collection of Legos your kid has. UTEX’s 2-in-1 Construction Play Table, on the other hand, is compatible with most major building block brands.

While your kid is building castles and fortresses, you can enjoy a clutter-free room thanks to the large double storage drawers underneath the table.


9. Delta Children Table and Chair Set

         [age 3+]

kids table and chair set

The Delta Children Table and Chair Set is also great for the home. Older children who are preparing for their time in school will enjoy having their own space for crafts, toys, and pre-school activities.

Delta Childrens’ vibrant design is made from solid pine wood and cleans easily with mild soap and water. The table comes with two or four chairs and they are available in the colors natural/primary, white/pink or grey/blue.


10. A&H Zier 4 in 1 Multi Activity Table

              [kids 3-10]

kids multi activity play table

Is there anything this kids activity table doesn’t have? A&H Zier has designed this table to last your child through most of their younger years.

Kids 4 in 1 Multi Activity Table comes with an adjustable height for children 3-10 years old), a stable chair, building block base, flip-top table surface, two storage boxes, and space under the table’s surface for a miniature sandbox. When the table and its components are not in use, they can be easily stored in the format of a small trolley case with handle and wheels.


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