Alternative Classroom Seating, Flexible Seating Options for Kids

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School seems to last forever, doesn’t it? It can be boring day after boring day for students, but you’d be amazed at what alternative classroom seating can do for kids.

Studies have shown improved focus in students who use alternative seating like bean bag chairs, couches and wobble stools. They harness the pent up energy of the student and turn it into a fun learning experience that supports both body and mind.

Alternative Classroom Seating:

    1. Flexible Modular Chair Sets
    2. Bean Bag Chairs
    3. Exercise Ball Chairs
    4. Wobble Stools
    5. Wobble Cushions
    6. Rocker Chairs
    7. Floor Seats and Carpets
    8. Couches

1. Flexible Modular chair Sets

The parts can be placed together in different ways to create various seating arrangements. They provide an alternative way to see and hear what’s being taught , providing more freedom to change positions to suit an individual student’s needs.

FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stools

FDP SoftScape Butterfly Stools are leightweight, colourful and flexible. The foam stools stack easily on top of one another, but they also make for comfortable sitting, making them ideal for classrooms as well.

Cleaning them is a simple matter; just wipe them down with mild soap and water, and they’ll be good as new! Multiple color variations are available. Ideal for classrooms and daycares!

FDP SoftScape Wave Preschool Chair Set

FDP’s Preschool Wave Chair Set is made to keep up with the wear and tear from rambunctious children. Made from polyurethane and foam, the SoftScape chair is a great option for preschool classrooms.

Each chair easily wipes clean with a damp cloth, and the textured base of the chair prevents slipping or tilting. SoftScape is also available in toddler and youth sizes, as well as six color/pattern choices.

Kinbor Children’s Sofa

Children need a place to relax and gather with their friends just like adults do, and this children’s sofa set from Kinbor meets that need. Playful and colorful, Kinbor Children’s Sofa Set is composed of eight units, four chairs and four quarter-circle ottomans.

All parts can be placed together in different ways to create various seating arrangements, allowing children to use their imagination to build their own space the way they want it.

Sprogs Modular Seating

Sprogs Modular Seating‘s four pieces fit together for group activities and projects and can likewise be pulled apart for individual study. Sprogs helps foster collaboration in the classroom, as well as encouraging independence when needed.

Its vinyl surface wipes clean and can also be used as a makeshift desk and work surface. Highly durable, with a 300 pound weight capacity, this modular seating option will last for years to come.

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2. Bean Bag Chairs

Comfortable, versatile, and easily moved around, bean bag chairs provide a cozy seat during both classroom activities and rest time. Nothing beats kicking back and relaxing in cushioned bliss after tackling a difficult math assignment.

ECRU4 Kids Classic Bean Bag

Teachers will love how quiet and focused their students become when sitting in the ECR4Kids Classic Bean Bag Chair.

Its non-toxic PU leather surface material cleans easily with soap and warm water, taking the chore out of classroom cleanups. It also ensures students can stay focused without the distraction of irritating materials on their skin.

SoftZone Bean Bag Chair

My days in college sitting on hard metal chairs made me appreciate the comfort of alternative classroom seating. The SoftZone Bean Bag Chair has a back support to help children feel comfortable and sit with proper posture.

Instead of fidgeting and constantly repositioning, students can focus on their studies, and teachers can more easily command their attention during lessons.


3. Exercise Ball Chairs

Exercise balls have a wealth of benefits for all ages, but they make excellent alternative classroom seating as well. Fidgety children with an overabundance of energy are given a place to focus it that also promotes learning and better fitness.

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Ball

Active seating encourages both proper posture and better focus in young students. The Gaiam Stay-N-Play Ball has stability legs that keep the chair from rolling out from under students while still promoting balance work.

Students will be able to concentrate better on their studies while also developing better coordination, increasing blood flow to the brain, and strengthening their back and legs.

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

The Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair takes active seating a step further by using a ball holder with wheels. Improved mobility of the chair makes rearranging the classroom effortless; students are encouraged to find new ways of learning while improving their focus and physical being.

The back support bar emphasizes proper posture and can be adjusted for students of different heights. Thanks to the anti-burst design, Gaiam’s durability isn’t lessened by more rambunctious children.

Safco Runtz Ball Chair

Bring a little color to the classroom with the Safco Runtz Ball Chair! This brightly colored alternative classroom seating has six different color choices and features four powder coated steel legs.

Despite the decreased mobility when compared with other kids’ exercise balls, the glides on the bottom of its legs still let you rearrange at the drop of a hat. The glides also protect floors from scratches and other damages.


4. Wobble Stools

Whether your student is simply restless or is struggling with ADHD, wobble stools are a great tool for improving focus and releasing pent up energy. The constant movement and balancing act busy the student’s body while the brain is allowed to focus on lessons.

Learniture Active Learning Stool

Thanks to its backless design, promoting proper posture has never been easier with the Learniture Active Learning Stool. Twitchy toes and restless legs will be occupied by the required balancing act, keeping tireless children still and their attention on the teacher.

Learniture’s easy-to-clean surface also has a reduced number of chemicals, making it more environmentally-friendly with less pollutants than standard classroom chairs.

ErgErgo Stool

The ErgoErgo Stool is equally suited for children and adults. Classrooms can benefit from this alternative seating because of its mobility, comfort, and ability to harness a restless student’s energy.

The ‘micromovements’ that are required to maintain balance on this chair are constantly working the child’s core, improving balance and strength, along with promoting proper posture. Students will see relief from the back pain that metal chairs cause, allowing them to focus on learning without the distraction of being uncomfortable.

Kore Wobble Chair

Illness spreads quickly in a classroom, but thanks to the Active Wobble Chair’s antimicrobial material, the spread from shared chairs is slowed to a crawl. Aside from the usual wobble stool benefits, Kore is tip-resistent thanks to the safety ring on its bottom.

Kore Wobble Chair can be used with standard desks as alternative classroom seating and will achieve phenomenal results in accelerating a child’s learning and helping them focus.

Studico Active Kids Chair

Having ADD or ADHD can make it very difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, so Studico designed this active seating chair with a rubberized anti-slip bottom and wobble feature.

The design encourages children and teenagers to harness fidgety energy into balancing and strengthening core muscles, aleviating symptoms of these disorders in order to help kids concentrate. Studico Active Kids Chair also helps improve posture and spinal health.


5. Wobble Cushions

Wobble cushions let you transform your classroom without having to buy brand new seating. Rather, the wobble cushion fits on top of your current chairs and turns them into active seating that helps students focus.

Gaiam Balance Disc

Can a simple disc placed on a classroom chair help fidgety, overactive, easily distracted kids? You bet it can! The Gaiam Balance Disc can be placed on classroom seats, office chairs, and more.

Wobble cushions like this one force you to constantly balance using micromovements, working your core and expending surplus energy that could otherwise be destructive in a learning environment. The Gaiam Balance Disc also provides extra cushion and comfort.

bintiva Wobble Cushion

Sore shoulders and an aching back aren’t exactly healthy when you’re trying to learn. The stress of muscle aches is enough to distract any student.

The Bintiva Wobble Cushion aims to promote better posture while relieving the pressure on the spine. Its textured seat functions as a massager to keep students comfortable during lessons, reducing irritability and fidgeting, as well as making students happier.

Gymnic Movin’ Sit Jr.

My father carried a sitting wedge with him everywhere. Having experienced back pain from uncomfortable classroom seating, I now see why!

The Gymnic Movin’ Sit Jr. relieves pressure on the lower back, which can travel up the spine to the neck and shoulders. Users can inflate or deflate the wedge to change the ‘difficulty’ of the active seating feature; the higher the cushion, the more the body’s core is engaged.


6. Rocker Chairs

Rocker chairs are great alternative classroom seating for preschoolers and elementary school students. Rather than a balancing act, they have a soothing rocking motion that calms rambunctious children so they are more likely to pay attention during their lessons and activities.

Vidget 3-in 1 Active Learning Chair

Vidget 3-in 1 Active Learning Chair acts as a chair, stool and desk for both kids and young adults. When used as an active seat (the chair position), it allows children to physically work out extra pent-up energy.

This, in turn, allows them to focus on their studies, improving their learning abilities and also helping to reduce stress, which can affect negative behaviors.

Scoop Rocker

Made for ages 3 and up, the Scoop Rocker is a comfortable plastic seat for younger students. The Scoop Rocker is easy to clean and highly mobile, allowing for a wide variety of activities and alternative classroom setups.

Children will love the soft rocking motion, and teachers will appreciate the added benefit of focusing the child’s energy into something more constructive to their learning environment.

Zuma Rocker Chair

Although Zuma is only intended for carpeted surfaces, felt strips can be added for surfaces such as laminate and tile floors.

The Zuma Rocker Chair looks much like a standard classroom chair, but its slight rocking motion is beneficial for children of all ages. Zuma can be purchased in several different heights (each corresponds to a certain age group) and colors and offers superior back and lumbar support.


7. Floor Seats and Carpets

Not everyone learns the same way. Some students learn better when sitting, standing, reclining, or laying down. Floor seats and cushions provide an alternative way to see and hear what’s being taught, providing more freedom to stretch and change positions to suit an individual student’s needs.


Suitable for both children and adults! It might be small, but don’t let that fool you – this tiny chair is super comfy. Along with being a great chair for classes and game in the kindergarten or school, the chair can also be used for home.

NNEWVANTE Floor Chair is easily washable and extremely portable, making it great for stadium seating and trips to the park where comfortable seating is hard to come by.

SoftScape Floor Cushions

The SoftScape Floor Cushions make storytime even more fun. Different colors let children pick their favorite cushion with handle during reading and lessons; cleaning up is as simple as stacking them on top of each other in the corner, leaving floor space for other activities without the hassle of moving chairs.

Cleaning the cushions themselves requires only warm water and mild soap. KinderCushion also doubles as a pillow for naptime.

Crazy Carpet Circle Seats

Twelve beautiful colored Carpet Circles give even more choices for students. These lightweight floor cushions are easy for even the youngest students to move, stack and sit on, and they are proven to reduce fidgeting and destructive behaviors in classrooms.

Teachers will love how easy cleanup time is, and students can sit comfortably on a warm cushion rather than a cold linoleum floor. Larger sizes are available for students above the age of 12.

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Flagship Carpets Square Rug Floor Seating

Even the littlest among us need some encouragement in times like these. Social distance learning may keep kids apart, but it doesn’t have to break their spirits. Send them some encouragement with this creative alternative classroom seating.

Flagship Carpets’ Square Rug comes with a “You Are A Star!” text to remind kids that they’re the real MVPs. The rug is easily portable, anti-microbial, and it comes with anti-slip backing as an added safety feature.

Flagship Carpet Dot Spots

Like a tie-dye version of Twister, the Flagship Carpet Dot Spots floor seating for students is all about fun. Bright colors spark the imagination, and the plush, cozy carpet surface is easy on young children’s spines.

Not only is the carpet stain-resistant, but it also has antimicrobial properties (essential for classrooms to prevent the spread of germs). The carpet’s double-stitched edges are resistant to damage and heavy traffic, ensuring it lasts several school years.


8. Couches

We can all agree that school would have been way more awesome if we had couches for seating. Couches have a firm, yet pliable form thanks to solid frames and plush cushions, and they are the best option for students who need extra back support.

Ecru4Kids Twin Sofa Lounger

It’s like a bean bag chair, but better! The ECR4Kids Twin Sofa Lounger is a two-seat wonder that comes in dozens of different colors. Expanding foam beads and a polyurethane cover hold its shape, yet the sofa is pliable enough to conform to a child’s body for comfortable support. Simply wipe it clean when the school day is done!

This sofa is also phthalate-free, making it highly suitable for young children with more sensitive skin.

Jaxx Zipline Sofa & Ottoman

Jaxx Zipline Sofa can do just about anything. During the day, it can be used as a comfy sofa or alternative classroom seating, a desk, a playmat, and a lounger.

At nighttime, it’s useful as a guest bed or can be used during the day as a napping spot. Should the sofa need washing, the microsuede cover is easily removed and can be thrown in the wash.

Brand New World Preschool Upholstery Sofa

This has to be the fanciest kids sofa I’ve ever seen! Not only does it make kindergarten and preschool classrooms look neat and tidy, but it also lets children feel like they’re right at home while learning.

Daycares can take advantage of this sofa’s benefits as well; spot cleaning is all that’s required to sanitize the durable upholstery.                                         Brand New World’s Kids Sofa is also free of PVC.


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