31 Modern Convertible Sofa Beds & Sleeper Sofas

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Their dual function let these modern convertible sofa beds maximize your living space. Sleeper sofas have come a long way as the technology around them has markedly improved . The following selection of best convertible sofa beds offer you or your guests a good night’s sleep and a stylish sofa during the day.

Elegant lines, sophisticated and ergonomic design let you seamlessly adapt your home interior when needed. These multipurpose furniture pieces have evolved from pure necessity to eye-pleasing additions to the modern home. Urban apartments or tiny homes, these 31 pieces will maximize your living comfort in small spaces.


1. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

This futon definitely has a mid-century vibe to it. If you’re looking for a comfortable, easy-to-clean futon for a guest room, the Novogratz Sofa Futon is it. The linen upholstery requires nothing more than a wipedown for cleaning.

Solid oak legs hold strong, along with a frame that can hold up to 600 pounds. Get ready to receive lots of compliments from guests when you buy this wonderful futon. The Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon is available in multiple colors.


2. Splitback Sofa Bed

The perfect blend of casual and trendy, the Splitback Sofa Bed is an apartment-dweller’s dream come true. Futons are notorious for being uncomfortable, but for those who like the style, they can brighten up the décor.

This sofa combines comfort with a contemporary appearance that lets your guests make themselves right at home while getting a good night’s sleep.


3. Serta Rane Collection SofaBed

The Serta Rane Collection Sofabed, available in leatherette or in fabric, can be easily transformed into a chaise lounge, daybed or twin bed. It’s great for small apartments: use it as a sofa or lounger during the day or flatten it down when guests come to stay.

The faux leather or fabric cover matches any décor and spills can be cleaned when you follow the instructions.


4. Up-Lift



The Up-Lift Sofa Bed by Prostoria is the sofa bed of the future. This modern miracle acts more like a Transformer than a normal daybed, and it’s sure to wow your guests when they see it go from a chic, comfortable couch to a full-out snooze pad.

Instead of folding out from the front and tipping back like most sofa beds do, the Up-Lift has you flip the back of the couch over to the front, tilting the seat to level it out to a flat daybed. The best part is that it takes up minimal space, so you won’t have trouble with it fitting in!


5. ABC Sofa Bed



The ABC Sofa Bed is rather grandiose when compared to similar items, but its modern soul combines so beautifully with raw design that you can’t help but fall in love.

This large, spacious sofa bed provides ultimate comfort when lounging, resting or sleeping the night away. It can transform quickly and capably into a single, twin or double bed. The ABC Sofa Bed is as effortless as it gets.


6. HOMCOM Twin Size Sleeper Chair


Looking for the perfect addition to your college kid’s dorm room? The HOMCOM 2-Seater Sofa Chair is a space-saving sleeper/lounger that looks impeccable in dorm living rooms and teen bedrooms.

The mattress easily folds out to transform into a twin bed for a quick nap between classes, but it’s equally at home as a cozy place to sit during movie night. The suede fabric even comes off when it’s time to clean it.


7. Emily Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

Say goodbye to stuck-on stains on your Emily Futon Sofa Bed! This modern couch with chrome legs comes with a luxurious design for cheap. Unlike other sofas, it makes a cozy place to take an afternoon nap that won’t wreak havoc on your neck and back.


8. LUCID Floor Sofa

LUCID Floor Sofa is a comfortable floor sofa and guest bed with cover, that’s light and mobile and easy to move and fold up. This comfy sofa is completely ‘sans legs’, and it comes with an 8-inch foam mattress that’s just begging for you to sleep on it.

As mobile as it is, with a weight of only 40 pounds, it’s easy to get up and go to another room with it. Rearranging your family room is no longer a hassle as it would be with bulky couches, so enjoy the freedom of the LUCID Floor Sofa – you deserve to!                                                                                                      A similar sofa bed is the WOTU Folding Bed Couch.


9. Milton Greens Stars Storage Futon



A cozy futon can be just as refreshing and comfortable as a daybed, but this one has a secret tucked under its cushions. Milton Greens Stars Storage Futon is hiding a wealth of storage just below the surface.

It transforms from futon to sleeper sofa in a flash, and it blasts the competition into oblivion when it comes to cushion height. They’re so plush, you might just disappear when you sink into them!


10. Signature Design Zeb Sleeper Sofa

With the trendy modern Zeb Sleeper Sofa, you won’t have to sacrifice style or comfort. Extra plush cushions let you sit while supporting your spine, and the support continues even after you unfold the sofa into a queen size sleeper.

A steel frame and memory foam mattress make this stylish sofa one of the best places to sleep. You might just decide to nap here instead of your bedroom!


11. Bed & Breakfast Sofa Bed



Breakfast in bed? Yes, please! The aptly named Bed and Breakfast Sofa Bed by Saba Italia brings back all the wonderful memories of being pampered with an early morning breakfast while snuggling into your covers.

The sleek silver sheen of the sofa’s cover gives extra padding to the already comfortable cushions, and the over-sized pillow that accompanies it not only provides good back support, but it also folds out into a warm, luxurious quilt.

Your sick days will turn into a mini vacation when you rest yourself on this plush sofa bed. You may never go back to your regular bed again!


12. Unfurl Sofa Bed

The Unfurl Sofa Bed is a modern redesign of the old, trusty futon will make your guests wonder how much you paid for this sleek, polished piece before informing them of the comfort it will provide as a full-or-queen size bed.

Usable for guests, family, or yourself, this modernized piece of furniture is perfect for any size house and any size room. There is no reason why space has to equal sleek. Utilize the most of your space with this multi-functional piece of furniture.


13. Devon Sleeper Sofa

It’s tough to find a sleeper sofa that has an aesthetic appeal. A lot of sleeper sofas sport unattractive designs or are highly uncomfortable, but not the Devon Sleeper Sofa. This sofa by Signature Sleep folds out into a queen size mattress made from memory foam to cradle you in blissful slumber the whole night long.

When used as a regular sofa, the extra wide arms give additional comfort when watching TV or reading.  The queen size mattress gives couples a place to sleep together — or plenty of space for one person! A twin size of this sleeper sofa is also available, and both come in either blue or grey linen colors.



14. Faux Leather Futon

I have yet to see a classier-looking futon. Leather furniture seems to be most people’s idea of the epitome of luxury. It’s too bad that most leather furniture pieces are so expensive! Yet, it’s not so with this Leather Futon.

Faux leather that looks similar to the real thing covers a comfortable seat cushion and is perched on solid wooden legs. Just imagine adding this as an extra sofa bed or furniture for a dorm room!


15. DHP Futon

The DHP Futon isn’t just your average futon. Its steel frame provides extra stability and durability where other futons fall short. Although they are sold separately, mattresses for this futon come in five different colors for you to choose from, giving you control of how you match colors to the futon’s frame.

The added bonus of armrests means you can lean back comfortably while you lounge around and enjoy the comforts of home.


16. Merax Folding Floor Chaise Lounge

Merax Folding Flooverstior Chaise Lounge is both comfortable and multifunctional, and you can simply fold it up and tuck it away at a moment’s notice.
Five different positions allow you to adjust the chair to your comfort level.

There are also two pillows included for extra support when watching a movie, reading a book, playing a game, lounging or sleeping. This versatile Merax sofa bed adjusts to whatever activity you choose.


17. Bensen Sleeper Sofa

Bensen’s Sleeper Sofa Bed has a surprisingly smooth shape and tastefully modern design.

Bright and bold, with a shining metal frame, Sleeper is anything but an ordinary sofa bed. Your guests will feel privileged that they get to sleep on something as comfy as this.


18. Lazy Sofa BedLazy-Sofa-and-Bed


Contemporary chic has never looked so good. Lazy by Softline has a name that tells you it’s okay to take a load off and relax. Use it as a comfortable sofa for napping, or if you want the full spa treatment, fold the backrest forward to turn it into a daybed.

There’s no need to go to all that effort to turn down the covers of your bed when you can sleep away just as well on this pleasantly comfy sofa bed. You’ll love the minimalist design and the ease of transformation from lounge sofa to guest bed, and your guests will love it too.


19. Multifunctional Sleeper Sofa Bed

Duo SofaBed

Duo modern sofa bed

Honestly, you could fit your entire living room décor into this Multifunctional Sleeper Sofa Bed from Duobed. It’s both a storage item and comfortable lounge, but it’s the sofa’s ability to change before your very eyes that got our attention.

Bold colors and removable cushions let you transform this sofa into a chaise lounge, daybed or twin bed with less effort than it takes to drink your morning coffee. Guests will love sleeping on the plush cushions, but it’s all yours when everyone’s away.


20. Lowseat Chaise Lounge Chair

The Lowseat Chaise Lounge Chair by Patricia Urquiola is a timeless chair that embodies the very meaning of comfort. I can’t help but adore the very modern twist the designer put on this classic.

Even better is its ability to connect with complementary pieces from Moroso to form a longer, even more spacious lounger. Its low seat makes it easy to slide into for a quick nap or afternoon snooze.


21. Sliding Sofa Bed



There’s something to be said about the sleek, cool tone of gray. Its somber hue and easy-to-match shades make it a desirable and contemporary choice for decorating your home. The Pietro Arosio Sliding Sofa Bed takes this color scheme and showcases it with pride while adding all the class you could ever want in a piece of furniture.

The Pietro’s backrest easily folds down to form a full-sized bed for one or a cozy space for two. It also features goose feather cushions for an added level of comfort.


22. Homelegance Tulney Daybed

This beautiful daybed looks like it would look more at home in a 17th century French chateau than my living room. Tufted cushions, soft grey fabric and nailhead accents all give the Homelegance Tulney Daybed a look of sophistication and grace.

A trundle slides out to reveal a spare guest bed, and you’ll love cozying up on its comfy cushions for a mid-afternoon nap.


23. Frankfort Convertible Sofa Bed


The Frankfort is a sectional corner sofa which converts into either one or two sofa beds. You can turn the main sofa into a double and the chaise lounge into a single, or you can push the two together to make a queen-size bed.

It’s easy to switch from sitting to lying, with a ‘click-clack’ mechanism to flip from one to another in a few short moves.


24. Shine Sofa bed



The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, so you want a design that’s going to make a statement and show off your unique personality. Shine by Softline is a bright, eye-popping addition to any living room with a variety of color options to complement any space. Speaking of space, this sofa hardly takes up any of it!

Shine is a double bed cleverly disguised as a daybed or love seat that unfolds to reveal a full-sized bed for two. Shine’s slim design makes it light and easily movable; you won’t have to tangle with bulky cushions or toe-smashing couch legs.


25. Convertible Sleeper Loveseat

The Convertible Sleeper Loveseat has more functions than just keeping you comfortable while you sit: it keeps you comfortable while you turn it into and sleep on its queen-size bed and it keeps you comfortable when you utilize it as your work station.

This three-in-one piece of furniture is not only innovative and convenient, it is space-saving and very easy to put together.


26. Signature Sleep Casey Sofa Sleeper

If you loved the velvet look of the 70s, you’re in luck — it’s back!

Signature Sleep’s Casey Sofa Sleeper is made from luxurious blue velvet that’s as soft as it looks, and it’s quite comfortable. Even more comfortable is the queen size memory foam mattress hiding underneath its cushions. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of velvet; the sofa also comes in sleek black faux leather.


27. Cozzi Twin Folding Mattress



If you want to avoid the hassle of finding room for a sofa bed altogether, Cozzi Twin Folding Mattress makes an incredibly compact solution that you can easily store in your closet or keep in your camper. It’s lightweight, durable and comes in bed sizes up to Queen.

The 4-inch mattress provides sleep-ready cushioning your guests will love, and when it’s not in use as a makeshift bed, you can fold it up as a small sofa or lounge chair. Cozzi Folding Mattress also makes a great mattress topper, or you can throw it in the back of your pickup for those long tailgating sessions at the stadium. Read more here: space-saving floor sofa beds.


28. Dorme Sofa


For a totally versatile and customizable experience, designer Silje Nesdal has gone above and beyond the scope of what we consider space-saving furniture. The Dorme Sofa’s eye-catching modern design will not only get your friends talking, but they’ll all be dying to stay over at your place once they find out the frame pulls out for a fold-down bed.

Dormes slim cushions, which are arranged in varying heights for a more aesthetically pleasing quality, easily fold over to flatten into one of the most well-designed sleeping arrangements you’ll ever find.


29. Morfeo Sofa Sleeper

Morfeo is a sofa sleeper with somewhat cartoonesque looks. Having a bit of a resemblance of a frog or Shrek this couch bed combo certainly has a distinct face.

The multipurpose couch features two adjustable lights placed on antennas. Great for reading or as night lights. Morfeo Sofa Bed is designed by Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres for Domodinamica.


30. STONE & BEAM Kristin SLEEPER Sofa


I can see many an afternoon spent wrapped up in a blanket, curled into the plush cushions and sturdy arms of this sleeper chair. This double wide chair unfolds to reveal a twin bed for guests; the Stone & Beam Sleeper Sofa is a great option for those who don’t have room for a full sleeper sofa.

Modern and stylish, Stone & Beam gave this piece a solid wood frame for years of comfortable use.


31. Revolve Sofa Bed


The Revolve Sofa Bed has a truly revolutionary style that will set any designer’s heart aflutter. This solid piece’s plump cushions and backrest, which sits at the perfect height, combine with a compact design that helps you save space when decorating.

Revolve is by far the simplest sofa bed to transform; all you have to do is pull the tab that sticks up from the backrest and flip it all the way forward. There you have it: an instant daybed or sleeping space for guests.



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  • Hi James, twin mattress measures 39″ x 75″ x 4″ with folded dimensions of 26.75″ x 39″ x 12″. Hit the link in the article for more info.

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