Active Sitting Chairs & Stools For Kids

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The benefits of active sitting chairs and stools for children exceed beating obesity at young age. Just like for grown-ups, active sitting offers a myriad of health benefits for kids.

Since, a few years ago, the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting and poor posture have come to light, we can do our offspring no bigger favor than to familiarize them with ergonomic stools and chairs that transform stationary sitting into an activity.

If only because kids love being active and the movement brought by these seats is a fun alternative to the boring sitting still that is such an ordeal for many kids. Of course increased focus and doing better in school are a huge bonus too.

Teaching children from a young age to make smart choices is an essential part of their upbringing. So here’s a selection of the best ‘unsupported’ seats for kids you can buy today.


1. Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

For the kid who is always moving and cannot sit still comes a seat just for them.

Whether they want to bounce up and down or swivel their hips while they work, this Active Learning Stool provides the over-active and energy-filled child with something to tame their cravings of movement while allowing them to sit and do their work. Perfect for a child that does not enjoy sitting still.


2. Vivora Niko Felt Seating Ball

Trust me when I say that working at a desk with a bad back is no fun. When it comes to spinal pain, most people don’t realize that it can affect children just as much. That’s why it’s important to promote spinal health early on in their lives.

The Vivora Niko Seating Ball is a great solution for both the classroom and your child’s bedroom. It encourages healthy posture, and the balancing act will keep your little wiggle-worm occupied so they can concentrate on their homework.


3. Regency Grow Height Adjustable Stool

This sitting stool for children is adjustable in height, growing with them from the time they can first sit all the way up until they are five.

The colorful Regency Adjustable Stool is a wonderful addition to any children’s room, and is made for parents who need to save money by purchasing functional furniture that grows with their children.


4. Safco Runtz Ball Chair


What looks like a strange alien ship with landing legs extended is actually the Safco Runtz Ball Chair for kids. There’s no worrying about bursting your kid’s bubble (or in this case, their chair) with this product; it has an anti-burst inflatable ball in the seat that’s as comfy as it gets!


5. ErgoErgo


Let your child spring into action at his or her work desk with the playful posturepedic KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool. Homework time is made fun again with this space-saving furniture piece. It also makes it easy for your child to focus while accomplishing daily homework tasks.


6. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Therapeutic chairs for children are highly beneficial, not only to your child’s spine and neck, but their overall health as well.

With the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, kids can have secure seating for their room and also a great solution for the classroom. This ball chair offers children a good posture seating and makes it easy for a child to focus and concentrate on school or at home while accomplishing daily homework tasks.


7. Sport Shiny’s Balance Ball Chair – Junior

The rubbery material of a balance ball can cause some discomfort to a child. But what if there was one that felt like sitting on a light, fluffy cloud? There is!

Sport Shiny’s Balance Ball Chair Junior comes with a durable balance ball, a cotton slipcover, and a stability ring to keep your child comfortable while active sitting. Sport Shiny’s washable slipcovers come in three different colors.


8. Baby Chair Pouf


The Baby Ball Chair is perfectly sculpted to support your child’s neck, back and abdomin with these delightfully colorful chairs.

The eye-popping colors not only make them your child’s favorite piece of furniture, but they add a lovable dash of style to your décor.


9. Gaiam Stay-N-Play Balance Ball


As parents, it’s hard to get your kids to sit up straight. Gaiam’s Stay-N-Play Balance Ball will make proper posture while sitting on this ball fun and easy.

It also helps exercise legs and other muscles to keep your child healthy and active, even while sitting.


10. Kore Wobble Chair/Stool


If your child has a lot of pent up energy that’s dying to get out in a healthy way, the Kore Wobble Chair/Stool is the perfect solution. Children can exercise and spend some of that energy without leaving their seat.

This chair is ideal for normally sedentary activities such as video games and doing homework.


11. Safco Products Twister Active Stool

Get a workout while you work! The Safco Twister Stool is an active seating stool that helps promote balance and relieve pent-up stress while you hustle away at your workstation.

Its durable build and curved base let you fidget and rock to release energy that is otherwise wasted. Safco also promotes proper posture and can be easily transported due to its lightweight build.


12. Hokki Stool


Who knew that sitting on an ergonomic chair could improve your brain power? The Hokki Stool is a chair that will move with your child and is also big enough for some adults.

The intellectual and physical stimulation the chair provides makes staying active a breeze.


13. Studico Active Kids Chair

Having ADD or ADHD can make it very difficult to concentrate on schoolwork, so Studico designed this active seating chair with a rubberized anti-slip bottom and wobble feature.

The design encourages children and teenagers to harness fidgety energy into balancing and strengthening core muscles, aleviating symptoms of these disorders in order to help kids concentrate. Studico Active Kids Chair also helps improve posture and spinal health.


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