Sensory Furniture for Special Needs Children

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The classroom can be challenging for kids with special needs, such as those diagnosed with autism, ADHD and other sensory disorders. Using sensory furniture for special needs children can go a long way to help them find focus and reduce stress brought on in regular classrooms.

These furniture pieces are also very suitable for high-energy children at home. They enhance calmness, provide an outlet and prevent boredom.

Sensory Furniture for Children With Special Needs & fidgety kids


1. Peapod Sensory Chair

peapod junior

“Like peas in a pod!” This idiom evokes feelings of contentment, warmth, and friendship. It’s no wonder a lifesize piece of sensory furniture is named after it.

The Peapod Sensory Chair creates a soft, warm space where your child can get some time to themselves, unbothered by distractions that can cause anxiety. The pressure from the pod’s walls soothes both the troubled mind and the need to fidget – a must for those who have children with special needs!


2. Ecru4Kids Sand & Water Play Table

sand and water play table

What’s simpler and more calming than a day at the beach?                             The ECRU4Kids Sand and Water Play Table is a great way for your child to experience the joys of being oceanside without expensive trips to the coastline. Playtime is fun and calming, and clean-up afterwards is easy and efficient.

Children with autism and other sensory processing disorders will enjoy the sensory input the sand and water tables provide without becoming overstimulated or stressed.

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3. SUMGREEN Sensory Bubble Tube

sensory bubble tube

I get sleepy just thinking about this calming LED Bubble Tube. SUMGREEN has designed this sensory bubble tube to help children escape their worries and slip into a sense of tranquility.

Aside from watching the bubbles, children will delight in seeing the colorful balls inside the tube dance under the calming LED changing lights. The sensory stimulation helps children with special needs, but it also works like a lullaby on most children. Simular item: LED Jellyfish Aqua Mood Lamp.


4. Privacy Pop Bed

kids privacy pop up bed

A warm cocoon is treasured by more than just the butterfly. Special needs children can become anxious when faced with the dark, wide open space of their bedroom at night.

The Privacy Pop Up Bed gives them a smaller space to snuggle up in, one that they feel more protected in. It can be used as a standalone privacy tent or it can be fitted to the child’s bed frame. The tent also reduces the amount of ambient light shining through and promotes more restful sleep.

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5. Calming Covers Sensory Sack

kids calming sensory sack

Much like an anxiety blanket, the Calming Covers Sensory Sack helps give children with special needs a safe sensory integration therapy. Moderate to deep pressure from the sensory sack’s natural resistance has a soothing effect and can be used during both playtime and rest.

Children with autism will find the most benefit from this item, but it’s also great for those with ADHD or sensory processing disorders.              Alternative item: Sensory Tent / Calming Hideout.


6. Vidget 3-in-1 Seating

active seat, stool and desk

active seat, stool and desk

Active classroom seating is a great way for both fidgety children and those with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorders to expend extra energy.

Rather than becoming distracting and destructive, children can use the Vidget 3-in-1 Seat as a wobble chair to occupy their little bodies in more constructive ways. Vidget can also be used as a stool and desk, and it’s stackability lends itself well to classrooms for quick and easy clean-up.       See also: YIUHHAD Kids Swivel Chair.


7. LANGXUN Ball Pit

ball pit

Bring the joy of a Ball Pit into your home or school with this soft-sided sensory furniture from LANGXUN. Children can engage in safe play that both calms and helps expend extra energy.

The memory foam siding ensures that your child won’t injure themselves, while the BPA-free plastic balls (sold separately) help improve coordination, just like the ball pits found on kiddy playgrounds.


8. Active Wobble Chair

active wobble chair

Children with special needs often feel the need to move and fidget in the classroom, which can turn into a distraction for both them and other students. Wobble stools are a great way to calm students’ nerves while physically engaging them and strengthening their core muscles.

While the body is busy balancing, the left brain can focus and learn. The ergonomic Studico Active Wobble Chair is made with a padded seat that allows your child to wiggle back and forth. The stool comes in a variety of heights for different age groups.

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9. Large Sensory Massage Ball

large sensory massage ball

Sensory stimulation helps fidgety children to concentrate on physical sensations instead of environmental stressors, which is why this Large Sensory Ball is such a hit.

Small bumps cover the ball’s surface, but focus and balance aren’t the only things that active sensory ball improves; it eases emotions and stimulates brain development the longer your child uses it.


10. Indoor Therapy Swing

kids therapy swing

Children with sensory processing disorders often have trouble with coordination because they are less aware of their body’s movements. SENSORY4U ‘s Indoor Therapy Swing is a must-have for parents of children with autism, Aspberger’s, and other special needs.

By using the swing, the brain and body are encouraged to work together to help your child increase awareness of their movements and strengthen both balance and concentration. Made from soft materials, it’s also a great place for children to seclude themselves when they need a quiet space.


11. Full-Body Sensory Sock

full-body sensory sock

Swaddling has long been used to calm babies, but older children can benefit from this same practice with this sensory body sock. The calming effect comes from having increased sensory input on all points of the body.

As your child becomes more aware of their body, they feel less out of balance with the world around them. Much like a resistance band is used to exercise, the Special Supplies Full-Body Sensory Sock also improves muscle strength and coordination when worn at playtime.


12. Safco Height Adjustable Desk

kids height adjustable desk

Fidgety children crave an outlet for their energy, and active sitting chairs help tremendously, but take a look at what Safco’s AlphaBetter Desk can do! The desk’s swinging footrest allows students to rid themselves of pent-up energy without disrupting class.

Complete with storage underneath the desk’s surface and more above the footrest, this classroom essential will bring peace and focus to lessons.

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13. CanDo Donut Ball

kids donut ball

Endorphins, which are released during exercise, create a feeling of happiness. It makes sense that a daily exercise routine can help both adults and children who suffer from anxiety and other mental illnesses, as well as those with special needs.

The CanDo Donut Ball is a safe tool to use during exercise or play that acts like an exercise ball. Whether you’re doing a full-on routine or just some calming yoga, this prop can assist you by providing stability and cushion when it counts. Alernative item: Kids Peanut Ball.


14. Gaiam Kids Balance Ball

kids balance ball chair

As an exercise tool, a balance ball can help you strengthen core muscles and support your neck and spine. As active classroom seating, it can help fidgety children use up energy and maintain focus on the task at hand.

Gaiam’s Kids Balance Ball is equally at home with either option. This child-sized exercise ball fits neatly into a chair frame and transforms into an excellent active sitting chair for classrooms, as well as at-home use.

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15. Skil-Care Crash Pad

kids crash pad

If left with a choice between this and a helmet, I’ll take the crash pad every time. Skil-Care’s Crash Pad gives extra cushion to your child’s play room that keeps them safe while still letting them have fun.

It’s made from soft, yet sturdy foam and wipes clean with a simple sanitizing solution. Your child can jump, walk, sit and stand on it without worrying about wear and tear.


16. Delta Children Cozee Fluffy Chair

sensory-friendly kids chair

Don’t you feel cozy just looking at this chair? This sensory-friendly kids chair is made from plush, non-abrasive materials that help your special needs child to feel comfortable and safe.

Delta Children’s Fluffy Chair is filled with shredded foam that supports your child’s body and provides a relaxing spot to read a book or watch their favorite cartoon. The chair is available in four pastel colors and is suitable for ages 2-6.


17. Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector

calming autism LED light projector

Transform your child’s bedroom ceiling into a sea of lights – literally!
This Calming Autism Sensory LED Light Projector from Noa Store lets your child feel like they’re sleeping, cradled by calming gentle waves and rocked to sleep by  relaxing music.

Children with special needs will find that their anxiety diminishes as soon as this projector is turned on.
The night light comes with a built-in speaker and let your child sleep uninterrupted.

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18. SensaSoft Squeezie Seat

sensory-friendly squeezie seat

Special needs children will feel safe and secure when firmly cradled in the SensaSoft Squeezie Seat. Calming pressure soothes anxiety, while the firm, yet pliable seat offers support for your child’s body.

It also promotes concentration by satisfying a child’s need for sensory input that is often distracting during classroom lessons.


19. Dash Sensations Bean Bag

sensory-friendly bean bag chair

Objects that you would normally find around your home are some of the best sensory furniture products, such as bean bag chairs.

Dash Sensations’ Bean Bag Chair is specially designed for children with anxiety and special needs. Microbeads inside the bean bag provide sensory therapy, as well as a comfy, cozy place to sit. It can be used either at home for relaxation or in a classroom as alternative seating.                             Alternative item: SONEVZZ Sensory Peapod Pad.


20. Sensory Bubble Wall

sensory bubble wall

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s amazing that something so simple could have such a crucial affect on a child with autism.

For children with autism, or any other condition where extra sensory input is needed, this magical Sensory LED Bubble Wall provides stimulation that calms the anxious storm inside. It can also be used as home or office décor, or as white noise to promote better sleep.


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