15 Night Lights & Sound Machines For Babies & Toddlers

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You’ve rocked your child to sleep, and you quietly move toward the nursery. You know that the slightest noise will bring wailing and crying from your sweet baby, so you turn on their favorite sound machine. Lo and behold, they sleep well all night long! Try out these 15 night lights and sound machines for babies & toddlers so everyone in your household gets the rest they deserve.

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1. Night Lights


Mokoqi Cute Cat Lamp

children's cute cat night light

Could this night light possibly be any cuter? Mokoqi is a children’s night light designed to look like an adorable cat. You’ve most likely seen it before, as the design has become very popular.

Mokoqi comes with a remote control and several lighting features which include: a timer (for 15, 30, or 60 minutes), 11 brightness settings, 3 lighting modes, 9 different light colors, and a remote control.


Ourry Night light

silicone night light

Nevermind the debate over whether this is a dolphin or a whale — just look at how adorable it is! Ourry’s Night Light fits in well with underwater-themed bedrooms for children.

Ourry night light is made from a washable silicone material that’s safe for kids; it also has six color modes and can be charged via a USB cable. Ourry’s battery lasts up to 8 hours, and the light is bright enough for it to double as a bedside lamp.


Pooqla Dinosaur Night light

dinosaur night light

dinosaur night light

I remember being utterly fascinated with dinosaurs when I was a child. For those little ones who still have a childish wonder when faced with a triceratops or stegosaurus, consider this Dinosaur Night Light from Pooqla.

Designed to look like a vintage marquee, the night light is completely wireless and turns on/off via a switch on the back. Holes for wall mounting can be found on the back as well to turn the night light into a wall decoration as your child gets older.


SomeShine Kids Night light

kids night light and teddy bear

Equal parts night light and cuddle animal, the SomeShine Night Light is a kid’s best friend. It’s a welcome companion on late night trips to the bathroom, ensuring your child stays safe as this friendly fox lights their way. They are available in different designs: cat, fox, panda, polar bear, cloud, moon and star.

These rechargeable night lights have an auto shutoff and come with their own USB cable so you can easily plug them in for a quick charge. The soft warm light guarantees restful sleep free from harmful blue light.


Lumipets Nursery Light

nursery night light

Similar to the Mokoqi night light, this animal-themed nursery light is impossibly cute. Lumipets Nursery Light is available in both a bunny and a cat design to offer a fun and calming bedside companion for your child.

The night light is soft, squishy, and safe to use as a cuddle toy in bed. A remote control keeps all the light’s features close at hand, including several lighting settings, adjustable brightness, and a timer.


2. Sound Machines with Night          Light


Bubzi Owl Noise Machine/Night light

owl night light with sound machine

Is your little one a difficult sleeper? Try using this lovable noise machine to soothe them into slumber. The Bubzi Noise Machine is designed to play lullabies accompanied by soft glowing star lights to create a calming atmosphere for fussy children.

Your child will drift off into a sweet sleep, and you’ll get the rest you need as well. Bubzi also has a heartbeat sound feature, is hand-washable, and has a secure strap to attach to the side of cribs.


Hatch Baby Rest Noise Machine

night light and sound machine

You can now sing your baby to sleep without even having to be in the room with them. Hatch’s Noise Machine works remotely through your smartphone by use of an app.

You can control the brightness, noise level, and color of the lamp; you can even set a “time to rise” feature that wakes baby up according to your schedule. Both your and your child will experience better sleep thanks to Hatch.


Myla The Monkey Baby

night light and sound machine

The design of this night light and sound machine is just too cute. Myla is a calming night light that features five lovely lullabies and five ambient sounds to soothe your baby during the night.

Touching the monkey’s tummy lets you dim or brighten the night light, which emits a glow from Myla’s cheeks. A hook on the top of Myla the Monkey lets you attach the night light to cribs, doorknobs, and more.


SOAIY Noise Machine

night light and noise machine

Children who are afraid of the dark won’t have to fear it thanks to this versatile night light. Along with emitting a glow that’s soft enough to calm, yet bright enough for trips to the bathroom, it uses nature sounds like rain and thunder to encourage healthy sleep.

SOAIY Noise Machine includes a timer for 30 minutes and 60 minutes; the device charges via a USB outlet that works with phone chargers and laptops.


SOAIY Baby Sound Machine

baby sound machine

hanging baby sound machine

This noise machine can be used virtually anywhere, whether that’s in your child’s bedroom or on a car ride. It can even attach to strollers for walks through the park.

The SOAIY Noise Machine has 8 soothing sounds and a quaint owl design that’s suitable for infants, toddlers, and young children. Soft amber light promotes healthy sleep, allowing your child to feel rested in the morning.


3. Sound MachineS with Night Light and Ceiling Projection


SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother

sound machine with ceiling projectionSleepyMe gives you the opportunity to bring a bit of the beauty of nature indoors. The ceiling projection casts the night sky in your child’s bedroom so that they can fall asleep under the stars.

Included with the SleepyMe Smart Sleep Soother is the star projector, 10 calming lullabies, an auto shutoff timer, various light and dimmer settings, and an adorable design in the shape of a hatching chick.


Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine

baby sound machine with ceiling projection

An elephant never forgets… to get a good night’s sleep, that is!                      The Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine is designed in the image of one of nature’s most beloved animals and has a star projector built in.

The night sky paints the ceiling of your child’s bedroom while classic melodies play from its ears (which are actually speakers). Its belly functions as a night light with adjustable brightness settings.


Moredig Baby Projector

baby night light with ceiling projection

baby sound machine with ceiling projection

This ceiling projector gives you a couple different options: one is the night sky with rocket ships whizzing by, and the other is a series of animals with colorful leaves and flowers among them.

Let your child choose which adventure they’d like to go on at bedtime. Moredig’s Baby Projector has a timer that can be set anywhere from 5 to 500 minutes, with a variety of brightness settings and colors.


Aurora Night light

kids sound machine and ceiling projection

kids sound machine with ceiling projection

Fewer things in nature are more beautiful than the Northern Lights, but why travel all the way to the arctic when you can see them in the comfort of your own home?

The Aurora Night Light casts this breathtaking phenomenon on the ceiling while your child sleeps, calming them and lulling them into a deep slumber. You can choose from seven light modes and six nature sounds that can all be controlled from your smartphone with the device’s Bluetooth connection.


Cody the Crab by ZaZu Kids

kids light music projector

kids light music projector

Cody the Crab Light Music Projector by Zazu Kids is a soothing sound machine that turns your child’s room into a magical underwater world. Its soothing sounds vary from moving waves and swimming fish with relaxing ocean sounds, create a comforting and relaxing environment for your little to calmly fall asleep.

Cody the Crab features a cry sensor and is suitable for babies and toddlers. Over the duration of 30 minutes the projections and music slowly turn off for a serene and quiet sleep and the projector will shut off automatically after 30 minutes.

Would you like to see more night lights and sound machines? Hit this link.


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