10 Wireless Charging Table- Desk- Bedside Lamps

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For the average consumer, it simply won’t do to have a product that does just one thing. Multifunctional products like these wireless charging table, desk or bedside lamps are a necessity in today’s modern culture. Now you can charge all your devices without using up multiple outlets, saving you space and hassle.

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1. Masdio by Ampulla

Ampulla's Masdio comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker and a wireless charging stand.

The Masdio by Ampulla comes with a bluetooth speaker built right into it, as well as a wireless charging stand. Its unique design makes it look like a tree, with the base forming the tree trunk in glimmering silver and the lamp light acting as the tree’s leaves.

Controls on the top of the lamp allow you to effortlessly change the light settings, one of which is Sleep Mode, which acts as a nightlight and calming aid for tranquil sleep.


2. Seenda LED Desk Bedside Lamp

Seenda LED lamp has a handy dual port USB charging station and a phone stand.

They say that you shouldn’t look at electronic screens in the dark, but what if lamps hurt your eyes too? Some lamps have enough lumens that you could call it ‘overkill’, but not the Seenda LED Desk Bedside  Lamp.

Seenda’s mild light is bright enough to read by, but gentle enough that it won’t feel like your eyeballs are burning. Seenda includes a handy USB charging station with two ports and a phone stand to charge it while you sleep.


3. Macally Lamp

Macally's wireless multipurpose lamp has a fast charging speed.

The problem with wireless charging devices is often their speed, or lack thereof. Macally’s Wireless Charging Lamp, however, doesn’t have this problem. Its fast charging speed and fashionable design make it a welcome presence in any home.

Along with LED lighting that lasts up to 25,000 hours before having to change a bulb, as well as a USB port to charge a second device, Macally’s wireless multipurpose lamp is a versatile and elegant tool.


4. Amouhom Table Lamp

Amouhom table lamp is a wireless phone charging station with a dimmable LED screen and an alarm clock.

Amouhom’s Table Lamp design is truly unique. This circular lamp has everything you need in a bedside lamp in just a few square inches of space. It’s an alarm clock, desk lamp, and wireless phone charging station all in one attractive product.

Unlike other lamps, Amouhom sports a sleep-friendly LED screen that’s also dimmable. The sunrise wake-up light gently rouses you from sleep; heavy sleepers will benefit from the separate alarm function.


5. LMS Modern Bedside Lamp


LMS modern wireless charging bedside lamp has also a built-in power outlet and USB port.

Does the perfect blending of modern home decor and traditional charm exist? It certainly does when you see this Modern Table Lamp from LMS.

A white linen lamp shade makes this lamp quite homely, but it’s the modern features (such as wireless charging and a built-in power outlet) that you’ll fall in love with, also including a USB port for charging a second device simultaneously.


6. Brightech Zoey Lamp

The multi-use Brightech Zoey Lamp charges devices wirelessly. Other features are the adjustable gooseneck head and a touch switch.

You won’t find another lamp like this one. With a unique design that features cool black and glimmering brass accents, this wireless charging lamp is just what you need to add functionality and fashion to any room.

The multi-use Brightech Zoey Lamp charges devices wirelessly while you enjoy its other features, such as the adjustable gooseneck head that boasts up to 6,000K of light and a touch switch.


7. Unidapt LED Desk Lamp

The Unidapt LED Desk Lamp is a multifunctional product that charges your phone wirelessly. The lamp provides three dimmable light settings and a touch control with light indicator that turns the lamp on and off.

Is this intriguing device a piece of alien technology or just a really awesome desk lamp? You’ll just have to try it to find out.

What we can tell you is that the Unidapt LED Desk Lamp is a multipurpose product that wirelessly charges your phone while providing three dimmable light settings. The touch control that turns the lamp on and off has a light indicator so that you can easily find it in the dark.


8. LEGELITE Touch Lamp

Simplicity can be beautiful. Such is the case with the LEGELITE Touch Lamp. Equipped with wireless charging, you can effortlessly charge your devices without getting tangled up in a mess of cords.

LEGELITE also features a copper-plated iron base, LED lighting, touch control, a USB port, and three light settings. The lamp makes a great multi-use table lamp or couch companion.


9. WILIT Bedside Lamp

wireless charging bedside lamp

There are some designs that are quintessentially modern, and this is definitely one of them. WILIT‘s modern design is appealing to users of all ages, with helpful features like a dimmable touch lamp with LED lights, a wireless charging base for mobile devices, and a tasteful bamboo and glossy white finish.

The lamp itself has three light settings that are eye-friendly, yet powerful enough to read a book by.



i-Star's charming modern LED Lamp has touch controls, dimmable light, three color settings, an auto-off timer and an adjustable arm that shines light at whatever angle you need.

i-Star’s LED Lamp has a charming modern update on a classic design. This lamp lets you charge your phone wirelessly or with a USB plug-in.

It also has touch controls for ease of use, dimmable light, three color settings, an auto-off timer, and an adjustable arm that shines light at whatever angle you need it to for your convenience and comfort.


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