10 Wireless Charging Desk Lamps

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Whether you’re short on outlets, or you just want a more efficient way of charging your cell phone, wireless charging desk lamps are a useful modern addition to your home office. These nine lamps will illuminate your space while providing a safe charging port for cell phones of all types.


1. LumiCharge LED Smart Lamp

Are you worried that your particular model of cell phone won’t work with a wireless charging desk lamp? LumiCharge Smart Lamp has got your back. It has a universal charging dock that works with all cell phones regardless of make or model.

Simply plug your phone in and go about your day while your phone charges. LumiCharge also features 10 brightness settings, an LED clock display, and a motion sensor nightlight.


2. Adesso Collette LED Desk Lamp

This is exactly the type of lamp you’d see in an executive office. Sleek, contemporary, and an excellent conversation piece, Adesso’s Collette Lamp is everything you’ve dreamed of in a wireless charging lamp.

Collette comes with an elegant swinging arm and swiveling lamp head in a luxurious black and gold finish; also featured is a wireless charging pad and a USB port for charging an additional device.


3. NAPATEK LED Desk Lamp

Rather than using a charging port, NAPATEK LED Desk Lamp utilizes a wireless charging pad. All you have to do is lay your phone face up on the pad to charge it; charging takes three hours or less. NAPATEK is also a touch lamp!

Its auto-shutoff timer means you never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off and driving up your energy bills. The slim design, rotating head, multiple brightness settings, and eye strain-reducing LED lights make this a great bedside lamp or office lamp.


4. Otus Architect LED Desk Lamp

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Now you can get a desk lamp that includes a wireless charger thanks to this ingenious design by OTUS.

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp works with both iPhone and Samsung to wirelessly charge up your phone. The lamp also sports three color modes, a variety of dimmer settings, and an adjustable swing arm.


5. AFROG LED Desk Lamp

Never again struggle to get the perfect angle of lighting when you use the AFROG LED Desk Lamp. AFROG has 210º of vertical motion and a 90º swivel from left to right, allowing you to point light in any direction you choose

Its wireless charging pad comes with a USB port as well so that you can charge multiple devices at once. AFROG also has a 30/60 minute auto-shutoff timer, flicker-free lighting, and touch controls.


6. Donewin LED Desk Lamp

Donewin’s compact design makes it the ideal companion for your work desk. This foldable, fully adjustable lamp features both wireless and USB charging, button-free brightness adjustment, and multiple brightness settings for work and sleep.

Donewin LED Desk Lamp includes three lighting modes and five brightness levels to adapt to your needs and environment. The lamp’s modern structure is made from durable aviation aluminum to provide you with many years of use.



Your eyesight is precious, so why strain it with inferior desk lamps? The HARMONIC Wireless Charging Desk Lamp has your health in mind. Designed with soft, natural LED light to reduce eye strain, you’ll be able to use it for hours without headaches or visibility issues.

HARMONIC features three lighting modes, six brightness levels, a wireless charging pad, and a modern design that complements most office decor.


8. Unidapt LED Desk Lamp

Is this intriguing device a piece of alien technology or just a really awesome desk lamp? You’ll just have to try it to find out.

What we can tell you is that the Unidapt LED Desk Lamp is a multipurpose product that wirelessly charges your phone while providing three dimmable light settings. The touch control that turns the lamp on and off has a light indicator so that you can easily find it in the dark.


9. LAOPAO Wireless LED Desk Lamp

Home owners often find themselves limited when it comes to electronic devices. You only have so many outlets, and sometimes they’re not in the location you want them to be. LAOPAO’s Wireless LED Desk Lamp can be placed anywhere, no outlet required.

The lamp has touch controls, six brightness settings, three color choices, adjustable angles, an LCD display (with temperature readings, date/time, and an alarm), and needs only two hours to charge.


10. i-Star LED Lamp

i-Star’s LED Lamp has a charming modern update on a classic design. This lamp lets you charge your phone wirelessly or with a USB plug-in.

It also has touch controls for ease of use, dimmable light, three color settings, an auto-off timer, and an adjustable arm that shines light at whatever angle you need it to for your convenience and comfort.


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