16 Best Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamps

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Reading or working by candlelight is a habit that is thankfully outdated, but it can still be difficult to get a beam of light right where you want it. Architect swing arm lamps let you place a light source in the exact spot you need it. Don’t strain your eyesight or struggle to get the right angle any longer!


1. Phive Architect Lamp

Phive Architect Lamp is a swing arm lamp with memory function

swing arm desk lamp with memory function

The Phive Architect Lamp is not only functional, but incredibly modern. It won’t stick out like a sore thumb in your modern décor like most swing arm adjustable clamp lamps will.

Phive’s super bright LED light illuminates your work surface or reading nook better than big brand knock-offs. What pushes Phive even farther ahead of the competition is its memory function that lets you save your preferred light setting. Simular item: Argind LED desk lamp.


2. Youkoyi A509 Architect Lamp

wireless charging desk clamp lamp

Swing arm adjustable clamp lamps can look intimidating to install, but this Youkoyi LED Desk Lamp makes it easy. It comes with a clip-on clamp for fast installation. Youkoyi’s anti-glare feature is especially helpful for graphic designers, architects, and others who use a drafting table.

There’s nothing worse than being blinded by your own canvas! Youkoyi has three different light settings and a USB charging cable so you can power it with your computer. Don’t miss these wireless charging desk lamps.


3. Globe Electric Swing Arm Lamphome

electric swing arm desk clamp lamp

A classic design gets an update with modern features – meet the                Globe Electric Swing Arm Lamp. It can clamp onto any surface 2” wide or less, such as desks and shelving, not to mention that it has an extra-long arm to give you an even wider range of illumination.

An LED bulb replaces the old halogen bulb to save energy while giving you brighter light.


4. Brightech Magnifying Lamp

desk LED clamp lamp with magnifying lens

Brightech Clamp Lamp is a reading lamp that magnifies as well as illuminates thanks to its bright LED light and magnifying lens.

Getting older is never easy. When your eyesight starts to fail, it can be hard to enjoy your favorite novel. That’s why this Brightech Clamp Lamp made a reading lamp that magnifies as well as illuminates.

Crocheters and knitters will love how easy it is to keep up with their hobby thanks to the bright LED light and magnifying lens. It clamps right onto the arm of your chair, table or desk and provides long-lasting light.


5. Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp

LED task clamp lamp with large shade

Say goodbye to working late nights by weak lamp light. Neatfi’s Task Lamp illuminates all of your projects with as much as 2,200 lumens, eliminating eye strain so you can work faster and better.

Its shade is around 20 inches wide, allowing it to light up a larger space, making for less readjustment when moving to a different point on your design. Neatfi features a dimmable bulb and a clamp to attach it to most desks.


6. Micomlan Architect Desk Lamp

architect desk clamp lamp

If you’ve ever gotten caught up in a book before bedtime and couldn’t put it down, this desk lamp just might help you know when to say “lights out”.

Micomlan’s Architect Desk Lamp comes with its own auto-off timer that helps save electricity and your beauty sleep. Providing a wide range of light, Micomlan can shine anywhere from 2700K-6500K, with options for warm white, nature, cool white, or daylight color temperatures. This LED desk lamp with clamp comes in black or white, with or without remote control.


7. Ferrawel Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

The artist is constantly working, whether that be sketching and drafting or spending countless hours perfecting a masterpiece. To reduce eye strain, the multifunctional Ferrawel LED Desk Lamp was created for home office or drafting tables where both artists and architects spend most of their time.

Soft warm light can be brightened or dimmed according to your needs. OxyLED also features an energy-saving design, an easy on/off switch, and a rotatable lamp head and a swiveling arm for multiple angles.


8. Hokone Gooseneck desk lamp

The Hokone Gooseneck Desk Lamp is very flexible and sturdy. It offers light without flicker and give your eyes the best protection. It doesn’t take up much space and the light settings are perfect.

The clamping feature provides the flexibility to move the light around the desk or table to places where it is needed. The gooseneck is awesome and its thin, modern profile doesn’t get in the way and looks great. Available in white and black.


9. OTUS LED Desk Lamp w/Wireless Charger

LED desk lamp with adjustable swivel arm and wireless charger

Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Now you can get a desk lamp that includes a wireless charger thanks to this ingenious design by OTUS.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp works with both iPhone and Samsung to wirelessly charge up your phone. The lamp also sports three color modes, a variety of dimmer settings, and an adjustable swing arm.


10. BYB Metal Architect Swing Arm Lamp

high-quality architect lamp with eye protection and adjustable head and arm

high-quality adjustable architect lamp with eye protection

The high-quality BYB Metal Architect Lamp is equipped with a memory function that allows you to save your preferred light setting. It has an innovative eye protection system that prevents glare and light flicker. Ideal for architects and graphic designers.

Movable in all directions by its adjustable head and arm and made of durable metal with brushed finish. This clamp lamp is energy-saving due to its high-efficiency LEDs that use less energy than conventional lamps.


11. HAILOLY Gooseneck Clamp Lamp

gooseneck metal clamp lamp with USB charging plug

The HAILOLY Gooseneck Clamp Lamp can be bent to practically any angle and is 360 º rotatable thanks to its swing arm lamp. This lamp comes with a wide range of brightness without a flicker, and the LEDs last far longer than regular lightbulbs.

The sturdy metal clamp is easy to setup and will fit to any desk of to 2.6″/6.5cm(max) thickness. One clever bit of design is the USB charging plug  at the base of the lamp, so you can plug in a phone or tablet to charge without hunting for a power socket. Made from ABS and metal this lamp shows a sleek and modern look.


12. OTUS Architect Desk Lamp

architect desk lamp with 12 different light levels and a motion sensor

I greatly appreciate that the product description for this item includes the phrase “feel like a Jedi”. This is because there’s no need to touch the lamp to turn it on; simply wave your hand over the sensor to switch on this futuristic metal lamp.

OTUS Architect Desk Lamp has 12 different light levels, 50,000 hours of lighting life, and a swing arm to achieve the perfect angle of lighting for any activity. The Force is strong with this one.


13. BenQ LED Desk Lamp

BenQ uses anti-glare technology and a curved head to custom illuminate your entire desktop

BenQ claims to be the world’s first desk lamp for monitors, but what makes it any different than other lamps? We’ll tell you. BenQ uses anti-glare technology and a curved head to provide custom illumination for your entire desktop without blinding your laptop monitor from you.

The BenQ LED Desk Lamp can sense the level of illumination in the room and adjusts accordingly. It also features adjustable color temperature and flicker-free lighting.


14. Amico eye-protective Swing Arm Task Lamp

The adjustable base, arm and LED panel of the Amico Swing Arm Lamp illuminate spaces very well.

Upgrade your desk lamp to the Amico Swing Arm Lamp, and you’ll notice a world of difference. The adjustable base, arm and LED panel illuminate spaces better than others of its kind.

Amico’s lamp clamps right onto your desk or shelf for a solid foundation. Late night studying can strain your eyes, but Amico has your back with its eight color modes and variety of brightness settings.


15. Tolomeo Mega Clamp

The sturdy constructed Tolomeo mega clamp lamp is a modern swing arm desk lamp with a fully adjustable lamp head

If you like a more traditional look for your swing arm desk clamp lamp, Tolomeo has this eye-catching design. This adjustable lamp has an easy-to-reach dimmer switch so you can easily adjust the light level.

Although slim and modern, Tolomeo Mega Clamp has a sturdy construction and features a fully-adjustable lamp head. You can pick and choose between different colors and materials for the lampshade as well.


16. ToJane Studio Lamp

The ToJane swing arm clamp lamp has a solid construction and is perfect for students and small, tight spaces.

The ToJane Swing Arm Lamp is perfect for college students and small, cramped spaces. Long nights studying can be exhausting, even more so if your eyes are strained from poor lighting.

ToJane clamps onto your desk and features a solid construction that won’t break after a few months of use. It takes up no desk space so you can have your work space free for all that homework!


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