Best Space-Saving Computer Desks For Students

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Good grades can often depend on the space you study in. High school and college students need privacy and focus, which an at-home student desk can provide. There’s no waiting in line for the computer lab, and much better, no distractions! Study hard and become successful with these space-saving computer desks for students.


1. Techni Mobili Student Laptop Desk

laptop desk with keyboard tray

An essential component of a student desk is mobility. Techni Mobili offers this slim laptop desk for students that includes caster wheels, allowing you to move the desk to a different position or out of the way.

Its moisture resistant top prevents food and drink stains to keep your work surface looking nice. Two other shelving levels are included, one of which can be used as a keyboard tray.



small student desk

If you’re looking for a simple, uncomplicated computer desk, Furrino’s Desk with a slide-out keyboard tray may be for you.

Although the ratings are only fair to good, and the price is a bit high for such a simple desk, it’s still great for small space residents and college students on a budget.


3. Best Choice Computer Desk

computer tower desk for studentsWhy wait in line at the computer lab when you can get your assignments done in the comfort of your own residence?                                                       Best Choice’s Computer Desk Cart comes equipped with a computer tower tray, monitor shelf, space underneath for a printer, and a slide-out keyboard tray.

Also included is a CD/DVD tower that attaches to the side of the desk so you can jam out to your favorite tunes or watch a movie while you’re studying.


4. Tribesigns Folding Computer Desk

Folding computer desk

It’s a desk so clever that you won’t even know it’s there. Tribesigns’ Folding Computer Desk is the ultimate space-saver. When not in use, it looks just like a shelving unit with a shallow depth. Fold it out, and you’ve got the perfect workspace for late-night study sessions.

Tribesigns’ desk comes with four spacious shelves with a high capacity weight limit for durability and longevitiy that will easily get more than one student through their high school and college years.


5. SHW Electric Height Adjustable Desk

electric height adjustable computer desk

Your final project is due, and you’re having trouble staying organized. Your dorm buddies are making it difficult to concentrate. Not to worry, you have the SHW Computer Desk!

This desk makes it easy to stay on task thanks to its organizational drawer, caster wheels for mobility (you can just wheel it into another room!), and height adjustment to preserve your spinal health and encourage proper posture. SHW also comes with hanging hooks, a cable management system, and an easy-to-use digital display.


6. Mainstays Basic Student Desk

student desk

This budget option has a modern look that any student will love.      Mainstays’ Basic Student Desk has a spacious, sturdy work surface with two modest shelves and comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

The center shelf is removable for students who have a tower computer or bulky computer accessories. For just under $70, this solid metal desk is a steal.


7. Safco Height-Adjustable  Desk

height adjustable desk

The SafcoAlphabetter Desk, more intended for students in grades 3-12, is a height-adjustable stand-up desk that improves focus and concentration. The desk’s swinging footrest allows students to rid themselves of pent-up energy.

Complete with storage underneath the desk’s surface and more above the footrest, this desk will bring peace and focus to their studies.


8. Virod-Home Stand up Desk

stand-up desk

stand-up desk

Virod’s Home Office Desk is perfect for high school students who need their own space to study. In a world where a fair bit of testing and schooling is done online, Virod’s student desk fits right in.

Students will enjoy enough work surface for both their laptop and notebooks. Modern and functional, Virod offers the mobility and functionality that students need to get the most out of their study sessions.


9. Coavas Computer Writing Desk

computer writing desk

High school students will appreciate having this Coavas Computer Desk.

Late nights spent hunched over a notebook or computer are the norm for those suffering from finals, but the hard work becomes a little more tolerable when you have a great work space like the one this desk provides. The metal computer basket keeps textbooks and other study materials handy.


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