9 Best Console Dining Tables Great for Small Spaces

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Do you feel cramped, squished, and closed in by enormous dining tables? Maybe you live in a tiny studio apartment, or perhaps you simply wish to free up space for other furniture. Console dining tables give you the breathing room you desire without sacrificing on seating or table quality.

Best Console Tables that can easily be Converted into a Desk or a Dining Table


1. MIX Tokyo Dining Table

Expandable and affordable, the Mix Tokyo Dining Table models itself after multifunctional furniture found in Japan. Tokyo apartments are extremely small, so a convertible dining/console table is a must!

The table features a sturdy metal frame and can also be used as a work desk. Once folded out as a dining table, it seats up to four people comfortably.


2. Bowery Hill Drop Leaf Console Table

Bowery Hill’s Expandable Console Table fits in perfectly with modern rustic décor. Exquisite oak wood and veneer blend with a slightly distressed base for a look that will have your guests thinking you paid much more for this table than you did.

This space-saving console table has a drop-leaf on each side to convert it into a dining room table that seats four.



It’s hard to find a décor scheme that this extendable console table desk doesn’t go with. Its sleek, glossy white surface is an eye-catcher from the start, but you’ll be even more amazed when you see how long it gets.

The Viva Home Audrey Dining Table can extend to seat up to ten people! Extending the table is easy; the slide rails operate smoothly, so there are no hiccups right before your dinner party.


4. Driness Console Dining Table

A twist on the classic drop-leaf style, the Driness Drop Leaf Console Table folds down laterally to make a narrow console table when not in use.

When fully extended, the table can comfortably seat four to six; when folded down, it makes a foot-wide shelf to stand against a wall and use for everyday storage. The weathered oak and black finish gives this console-table a sleek modern look.


5. Minimax Extendable Console Table

It’s unbelivable what this console table can do. Looking at it, you’d never guess that this compact small space furniture piece could seat up to 12 people for dinner.

MiniMax Extendable Console Table comes with five table leaves that fit neatly into extendable rails hidden inside the table’s two ends.
An additional two legs fold down from the middle to provide extra support when this transformable table is extended to its fullest.


6. Winsome Wood Taylor Dining Table

This “Winsome” Taylor Console Table has all you need to sit six people for your next dinner party.

With a wide drawer for storage of utensils, placemats, or whatever bits and bobs you need, the Taylor dining table is an excellent choice for small apartments.


7. Elastic Expandable Console

Industrial chic? Yes, please! I love the look and feel of this console dining table. The Elastic Expandable Console may not actually be made of concrete, but its appearance will definitely cause a double take.

When you use all three included extensions, this table expands to seat eight people. In its console table form, it makes a great work desk.


8. Harper Blvd Mara Table

When your office and dining space are the same, it helps to have a chic, modern desk that’s also an extendable dining table.

Harper Blvd’s Convertible Console Table functions equally well as dining table and desk, seating up to four people when extended.


9. Nathan James Drop Leaf Table

As they say, two drop-leaves are better than one. Nathan James’ Rustic Console Table is the everyman’s expandable table. Its neutral aesthetic allows it to blend in with a variety of décor schemes, including modern and traditional.

Your floors will stay protected thanks to the included self-adhesive furniture pads for the table’s feet.


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