11 Best Drop Leaf Dining Tables

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Are you scrambling to find the right table for your small space? Is your head spinning from all the different options thrown your way? Don’t worry; we’ve got you! All the best drop leaf dining tables are right here, and they’ve got style to die for.



For those who don’t know, bamboo is one of the strongest woods known to man. Bamboo lasts for decades, if not longer, so it’s no wonder consumers are clammering to get a hold of this beauty.

Ikea’s Bamboo Drop Leaf Table is a shining example of quality and flexible design. Casual enough for a breakfast nook, it also makes for the perfect dining table for when company arrives.


2. Nathan James Drop Leaf Table


As they say, two drop-leaves are better than one. Nathan James’ Rustic Console Table is the everyman’s expandable table. Its neutral aesthetic allows it to blend in with a variety of décor schemes, including modern and traditional.

Your floors will stay protected thanks to the included self-adhesive furniture pads for the table’s feet.


3. CASSINA 322 D.S.1


There’s something different about this table. Something nostalgic. It might be because the 322 D.S.1 Table from Cassina was designed in 1918 and finally produced in 1975. I’m not sure what took them so long – the design is flawless!

There are no complicated hinges and locks to fumble around with. The table’s sturdy base folds inward to allow the table to drop down, and vice versa for expanding it.




You may have seen other drop leaf dining tables where 2/3 of the surface area is solid construction, but the Antella Dining Table gives you more by giving you less.

Half of the table folds down and out of the way, leaving only a half-circle table surface for when you’re dining alone (or with a friend). Its rich brick red design is both fashionable and functional; it’s the perfect table for small spaces!



Ikea is well-known for their innovation and affordable prices, but did you know they sold this amazing drop leaf dining table? I didn’t!

The Applaro Table‘s organic design gives you rich wood tones while providing you with a 3-in-1 dining experience. You can fold both sides completely down, leave one side up, or put both sides up. Not only is it a bargain, but it’s also borderline genius.


This classic Winsome Round Drop Leaf Table has sturdy solid-wood construction and a collapsible design. With both leaves out, the circular table seats four.

Put down one leaf, and the table can stand against a wall, making it great for a breakfast bar. With both leaves down, it’s only a few inches wide, and can slip into a cupboard for easy storage.




As versatile as it is trendy, the Haugesen Table is another design that uses hidden parts for fluid construction. Rather than leaving the table’s ‘leaves’ to drop off the side, this dining table hides them on its underside.

It’s a drop leaf dining table that doesn’t look a bit like one. Its gargantuan size makes it perfect for dinner parties and office meetings.




West Elm has some serious style. Their Box Frame Drop Leaf Dining Table is something to behold. Made of solid wood on a bronze-finished steel frame, this table will last you for years and years.

Both sides fold up to become a six-seater dining table when you have company. After your friends and family are done ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your gorgeous table, simply fold down the sides to transform it back to a two-seater.




A twist on the classic drop-leaf style, this table folds down laterally to make a narrow console table when not in use. When fully extended, the table can comfortably seat six; when folded down, it makes a foot-wide shelf to stand against a wall and use for everyday storage.

The weathered grey finish and white legs give the Driness Drop Leaf Table from Holly & Martina sleek modern look.


Drop leaf tables allow you to entertain without taking up permanent floor space in your home. Take the East West Drop Leaf Table, for example. It has not one, but two drop leaves.

This space-saving feature makes it easy to clean up after dinner and takes only seconds to use. East West’s table is made entirely of solid wood for a classic finish and sturdy design.




You only have to take a quick glance to determine that this table is sturdy as heck. What’s unique about the Cineline Dining Table, aside from its superior quality and glistening chrome frame, is that the table legs are hidden when the leaves are not in use.

They only appear when you expand the table, creating the illusion that the smaller table is one solid piece. I’m utterly in love with this design!





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