Stylish Pedestal Dining Tables: Round / Rectangular

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The holiday struggle is real. You’re trying to pack all your family members around the table, but the legs keep getting in the way, and squeezing in additional seating is out of the question.

We’ve gathered  the finest pedestal dining tables subdivided into:


Round Pedestal Dining Tables

These pedestal dining tables are here to save your holiday season. There are no legs on the corners, and you’ll find additional seating is not a problem.


1. Modway Lippa Round Table

Modway Lippa Round Pedestal Dining Table


How about a pedestal dining table with gorgeous artificial marble? Family and friends will enjoy gathering round for a holiday meal on this modern beauty.

The Modway Lippa Table sits on a stainless steel base, and its chip-resistant top will sustain the stress of spills and slamming plates without breaking or wearing. Lippa’s simple and elegant design brings timeless charm to modern homes looking for a little special something in their kitchen and dining room.


2. Delano Dining Table

Delano Round Pedestal Dining Table


Looking for a pedestal dining table with a little extra leg room? The Delano Dining Table has a unique rounded frame with open spacing inside its base.

Delano’s base is constructed from walnut wood and stainless steel for a durable finish that will most likely outlive your kitchen. Its glass table top surface is easy to clean and adds a touch of sparkle to wherever you place it.


3. Winsome Spectrum Dining Table

Winsome Spectrum Round Pedestal Table


This sleek and modern pedestal dining table fits into small spaces like a glove. Compact and fashionable, the Winsome Spectrum Table two to four people and features a sturdy metal frame topped by high quality MDF fiberboard.

Spectrum works great as a space-saving dining table, and you can purchase matching swivel dining chairs separately for a ‘put-together’ look.


4. Modway Cyclone Dining Table

Modway Cyclone Round Pedestal Dining Table


Beautifully crafted with an eye-catching base, the Modway Cyclone Dining Table is a luxurious addition to any dining room. Spiraling rods attached to a solid iron ring base support the table’s walnut top in an impressive display.

At 47 inches wide, Modway can accommodate four people (or six if you really squeeze them in) and also comes in a white table top finish.


5. Sunon Round Dining Table

Sunon Round Pedestal Dining Table


Breakfast at this classy dining table will have you feeling like you’re brunching at a sophisticated Paris cafe. The Sunon Round Table is ideal for both your home and office, lending itself to a quiet dinner for two to four people or as a small buffet table for conferences and meetings.

Sunon’s powder-coated steel base adds durability, and its smoothed edges are perfect for households with children. The table is available in both dark oak and Virginia walnut finishes.


6. East West Furniture Antique Pedestal

East West Furniture Antique Pedestal Table


Seeing this Antique Pedestal Table in your dining room, you may think you’ve just walked into a millionaire’s Victorian mansion. East West Furniture has crafted this piece in a traditional style that evokes images of 19th century parlors and sweeping London views, but the table isn’t just for show.

The table’s entire composition is that of solid wood, allowing for extended use as both dining table and statement piece.


7. Telstars Round Dining Table

Telstars Round Pedestal Dining Table


Not only is this table made of solid wood, but it also has a Lazy Susan built right into the middle of it. The Telstars Pedestal Dining Table may not be space-saving (at just over 60 inches wide), but it’s made to last.

It’s perfect for a feature breakfast nook or as a dining room centerpiece where families gather. The swiveling center makes it a useful buffet table for holiday dinners or simply when guests are over for a meal.


8. Hexagonal Elm Dining Table

Hexagonal Elm Pedestal Dining Table


If there’s one thing this amazing dining table is, it’s a conversation piece, but it’s so much more. Rivet’s Hexagonal Elm Dining Table is the eco-conscious answer to your dining room’s demands.

Made from sustainable elm wood, Rivet’s distinctive style stands out and is sure to make an impression with dinner guests. Up to six people can fit around the table, which is roughly 47 inches in diameter.

Rectangular Pedestal Dining Tables

These beautiful and majestic rectangular pedestal dining tables fit all of your close family in tight for a cozy dinner party or Saturday get-together. Made with leg room in mind, each one is distinctive, giving you the best dining room space you could dream of.


9. Modway Lippa Dining Table


Sleek and refined, Modway’s Lippa Dining Table has a unique shape that adds character to your dining room. Its chip-resistant tabletop lasts long years while remaining pristine, while the aluminum base adds stability without getting in the way like other dining tables.

Lippa’s updated look blends well into modern homes; the table can be purchased in a variety of other sizes as well for different spaces.




With its solid wood legs tucked neatly under the table’s surface, this dining table still allows you to fit more chairs around its spacious table top. In fact, the East West Furniture’s Dining Table is extendable and includes a leaf that lets you squeeze in a couple more chairs for larger dinners.

The table is made from durable Asian hardwood in a classic style that fits both modern and traditional homes.


11. Marquette Live Edge Dining Table


If you want a dining table that makes a statement, the Live Edge dining table from Marquette is a top choice. The tabletop appears to be one solid slab of hickory wood (although it’s actually MDF board with hickory veneer) with a pedestal base.

Its uneven edges add to the natural, organic appearance to create an aesthetically impressive centerpiece for your dining room or kitchen. The Marquette Live Edge Dining Table can hold up to 300 pounds and comes with a base leveller for uneven floors.


12. Rivet Industrial Table


You can scoot in plenty of additional seating with the Rivet Industrial Table. A slim (but sturdy) metal base lets users stretch their legs and get in close.

The table’s surface is made from hardwood with a rich maple finish for elegant dining room style. Rivet’s table assembles in just under half an hour and wipes clean with a dry cloth for easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance.


13. Burnham Live Edge Dining Table


Burnham’s base is all about sturdiness while preserving the leg room diners so often crave with their meal. This industrial-style table uses a solid bar at mid-height to support the expansive table top without getting in the way of any extra chairs you might add.

Natural honey and charcoal colors blend well with both industrial and modern décor; the Burnham Live Edge Dining Table also features a ‘live edge’ that gives the appearance of a single wood piece for the table top.


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