24 Extendable Dining Tables

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Extendable dining tables belong to the pinnacle of multifunctional home interiors. These often very stylish looking pieces of furniture allow you to have a feast for the whole neighbourhood or, when in their smallest state, just have a eye pleasing modest sized table. For your inspiration, here are 24 of the most beautiful and cleverly designed extendable tables we could find.


1. Homy Casa Extensible Dining Table

It’s hard to find a décor scheme that this extendable dining table doesn’t go with. Its sleek, glossy white surface is an eye-catcher from the start, but you’ll be even more amazed when you see how long it gets.

The Homy Casa Dining Table can extend to seat up to eight people. Extending the table is easy; the slide rails operate smoothly, so there are no hiccups right before your dinner party.


2. Plurimo Piccolo S

Imagine having three tables in one, each morphing into another depending on the occasion and space available. The item you’ve imagined is the Plurimo Piccolo.
Plurimo Piccolo S can expand or shrink using its foldable leaves, all of which sit comfortably and firmly on the table’s surface when not in use. The variety of wood used gives it a playful look that suits both professional and personal spaces.


3. Oops Extendable Round Table

I like the idea of being able to customize my furniture. I’m not talking about ordering certain features (color choices, etc.); no, I’m talking about doing the work myself.

The Oops Extendable Round Table can, according to its seller, have its legs painted to whatever color you choose. The table itself is available in white or black and extends to comfortably seat four, with the possibility of fitting six.


4. High-Gloss Pull-Out Dining Table

The High-Gloss Pull-Out Dining Table is perfect for occasional entertainers. At its maximum capacity, the length is up to 220 cm.

The table top is covered with laminated material that does not absorb liquids and protects the table from scratches. The mechanism slides easily and the high-gloss top will fit into any style of décor.


5. Rivet Ian Expandable Table

Not all extendable tables become gigantic when expanded. The Rivet Ian Modern Table keeps things neat and tidy with only two seats; there is, however, a leaf for the middle to provide more surface area. Geometric grooves give this table a handsome character.

Its legs are made from solid wood, providing a sturdy base for the acacia veneer tabletop. Rivet boasts an assembly time of only 30 minutes for this beautiful conversation piece.


6. Grande Arche garden Table

The Grande Arche minimalist, extending garden table is the perfect addition to any outdoor patio. Perfect for guests if you need more room, the table is easily extendable to accommodate all parts while being able to withstand the elements.

Made for simplicity and designed for function, this table outranks all other tables you will be looking for for your patio, or even your own coffee table!


7. Oblique


Oblique Table by Andrea Lucatello is an extending lacquered rectangular wooden dining table that gives atmosphere to the environment. This stylish table can be extended from 200cm up to 300cm without altering its shape or clean lines.


8. SpaceMaster Expandable Table

What looks like a modest cafe table is actually a full-size dining table, just waiting to appear. SpaceMaster is true to its name, providing a space-saving dining table that is both affordable and fully functional.

SpaceMaster’s Expandable Table seats up to six people and has a dark wood top that’s quite sophisticated. Small apartments are the perfect home for this multifunctional gem.


9. IRIS Extendible Dining Table

If you want to make a statement in the dining room, this is the table to do it with. IRIS uses a snow white, high-gloss finish to stand out. Its sleek, modern appearance is sure to become the centerpiece of any room you place it in.

IRIS Extendible Dining Table can be extended to fit up to 8 people and sports a shiny chrome base for added flair.


10. Livinia Extension Dining Table

Have you ever seen a bi-level expandable dining table? Well, now you have. Rather than have to mess around with a table leaf to create more room, Livinia’s second section simply slides out from underneath the table, and voila! You have space for two more diners.

When not extended, Livinia Sliding Extension Dining Table measures at about 35 inches wide, making it compact enough for small apartments. Available in natural and walnut.


11. Grand Ecart with sliding parts


The two parts of this Grand Ecart extendable table are structured in such a way that one part slides over the other. Available in white, black, grey and red.


12. Minimax Console Dining Table

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about guest seating. Those in small apartments or condos shudder at the thought, but the MiniMax Extendable Dining Table has got your back.

It transforms from a small table for four into a large 12-seater that allows your whole family to enjoy the holidays with you. You’ll never have to worry about putting out a kiddie table – there’s room for all!
Available in Black Wood, Driftwood, Sienna and White Gloss.


13. Thin-K table with extremely thin top


Thin-K is a collection of extending tables with an extremely thin top: only 6 mm and the tables are made of 100% recyclable materials. Tops and legs are made of glass and aluminium and available in a wide range of colour combinations.

The Thin-K Table is available with aluminium tops or in genuine wood veneer with brush-effect, a technique that highlights the natural grain of wood. The length is up to almost 3 metres. The Thin-K table designed by Luciano Bertoncini for Kristalia.


14. MK1 Coffee Table becomes Dining Table


The crossed legs of the table to be put up so that the side blades of the coffee table are lifted and the dining table on both sides is extended.

More info at Duffy London.


15. Zuri Expandable Glass Dining Table

Luxury is splendidly achieved with the Zuri Dining Table. Its tempered glass table top pairs exquisitely with shiny chrome legs that sparkle under the light.

Included are two self-storing table leaves that allow you to seat up to 10 people at a time, making it a wonderful gathering place for holiday parties. Dressed to impress, this expandable dining table is sure to be the apple of your eye.


16. Gironde Extendible Table

The Gironde Extendible Table is as much art as furniture. The tabletop begins as a rhombus; fold out the triangular leaves and it becomes a square than can seat 8. The center of the table is heat-resistant porcelain tile, ideal to hold dishes when you’re entertaining.

And when not in use, the whole table can be folded flat for easy storage. The catch is that this table was commissioned for a private client, and is only available by special order from the manufacturer.


17. Fontana with natural stone table top



Fontana is a dining table with a fully- automatic extension function, allowing to extend the table or to close it without changing the position.
The trapezoidal shape of the table top is made of natural stone and the side walls of oak.

Available in all various stone types, see Fontana /1460 by Draenert.


18. Console Table Desk or Dining Table




Most adjustable tables increase from a four-seater to a six-seater, or maybe an eight-seater if you’re lucky. This extending table can take any one of five sizes, from a console table at 17” to a banqueting table that can seat 12.

Console, Desk or Dining Table comes with five extra leaves for the top, each one of which expands the table by another eighteen inches or so, and it has hidden extra legs to support the middle of the table when it’s extended.


19. Minuetto sidetable or dining table


The Minuetto table transitions from a side table to a ten-seater dining table. Visit Milano Smart Living.


20. Tribesigns Expandable Dining Table

Who could ask for a better kitchen and dining room companion than this? Tribesign’s Extendable Dining Table not only offers seats from two to six people, but it doubles as a kitchen island with generous storage.

Two shelves underneath the table can be used for dining essentials or kitchen supplies. The table also comes with caster wheels for easy transition to and from a full-size dining table.


21. Round table with unique extension system

Expandable Round Dining Table

Skovby Expandable Dining Table with three leaves in the base has an unique extension system. When it is closed, this table is quite compact.

But when it expands it become twice bigger and could give enough places from six to nine persons. Beautiful Danish design!


22. QTab01 outdoor table


QTab01 is a table from the outdoor collection of ALL+.

The heart of the table has a centerpiece which can be used for the cultivation of herbs, as a space for candles or as a reservoir for ice for bottles of wine.


23. ExtenDable by rolling wooden boards

Extensible table by Julian Vidame. Wooden boards can be rolled from upright to flat and vice versa.


24. Tracks with two parallel beams


Tracks, designed by Alain Gilles, is an exceptional extendable table with under the translucent glass top two parallel beams as the sleepers of a railway.

The steel frame of the beams are available in various colors. Here are more photos and information about this extendable design table.


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