Space Saving Coffee Tables: 3 Different Types

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People all over the world are living in smaller spaces and even if you are living in a micro-apartment or tiny home, you still want to be able to comfortably enjoy your favorite hot beverage. We’ve curated a selection of different types of space saving coffee tables for you to get an overview of what’s out there.

Contemporary, modern coffee tables basically come in 3 categories that help you maximize the use of your living space. Pick your most cherished type of space saving coffee table to enhance your living room.

Whether you prefer space saving coffee tables made out of wood and metal, acrylic or even faux-marble, your desires will be met. We’ve made sure that all of the pieces listed here not only look stunning but are also practical for use in your home.

3 Different types of space saving coffee tables:

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Coffee Tables with (Hidden) Storage Space

types of space saving coffee tables

This type of space saving coffee tables utilizes clever storage compartments to increase the utility of the pieces.

Coffee tables with storage are better than regular coffee tables, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, why not have the extra bit of storage for cozy blankets, good books or your TV’s remote controls?

1. Coffee storage Table with Bin

storage coffee table with open shelves and a non-woven bin

First example of a coffee table that helps you save space is one that offers extra storage space. The Furinno Jaya Oval Coffee Table might be the storage solution for you. This smart coffee table has a non-woven basket that fits inside the table, so you can organize books, remote controls, snacks and more.

Furrino looks and feels just like a regular coffee table, but the extra storage gives it a boost that makes it a consumer favorite. You can even get a matching end table!


2. Modern Coffee Table with sliding drawers

coffee table with storage space

Another example of this type of space saving coffee table yet with different execution. Instead of a basket it features huge sliding drawers.

Is this, perhaps, the perfect modern coffee table? What at first appears to be a solid piece opens up to reveal spacious double sliding drawers that add crucial storage space to your living room. Tabletop clutter is no more!

Simply tuck blankets, remotes, knick knacks, and much more in the deep drawers of this stylish oak coffee table. The sunken top acts as a tray for your morning coffee or afternoon snack, preventing any items from falling or spilling. Read more about the Sauder Manhattan Gate Coffee Table.


3. Magazine coffee TABLE with removable Tray

coffee table with magazine tray

Thirdly, a low-tech solution that packs a voguish punch. Minimalism can be oh-so-stylish. Nathan James’ Felix Coffee Table uses a naked design with just a few accessories to create a stunning and stylish piece to adorn every living room.

A pouch-style vegan leather magazine tray holds all your favorites close at hand, while the table’s surface transforms into a food and drink tray when needed.


4. Multifunctional Storage Ottoman with Tray

storage bench, ottoman, coffee table with tray

storage bench, coffee table with tray

Tea for two? Deliver your sweetheart breakfast in bed on this ottoman’s spacious tray. Store cozy blankets and pillows inside the ottoman, and then when it’s time for a snow day, flip the lid to reveal a wooden tray that’s got just enough space for a snack and some hot cocoa.

When not using the lid or storage feature, the Storage Ottoman with Tray makes an excellent bench for your entryway or a coffee table for your living room. When considering types of space saving coffee tables this piece is both as simple and functional as it gets.


5. Coffee Table with drawers and open shelves

coffee table with drawers and open shelves

Convenient and versatile with two pocket drawers that can be pulled out and in. In the middle are open shelves for storing books and albums.

The Furniture of America Zeca Coffee Table is made out of wood, medium fiber board and strength enhancing veneers. See also this modern-style WEUIE coffee table with drawer and open shelves.


Lift-Top Coffee Tables

types of space saving coffee tables

Lift top coffee tables are a type of space saving coffee table that allow you to transform your coffee table into a (laptop) desk or even a small dinner table.

I’ve often wished I could move my desk into the living room where the comfy couch is. Unfortunately, my home office just doesn’t have any place there, but these modern space-saving lift-top coffee and laptop tables make working in my living room possible.

Now you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in the comfort of your main living space without installing a bulky desk!

1. Bidiso Lift-Top Coffee Storage Table

Is your coffee table so low that you creak and groan when you lean forward to grab your coffee? Get a coffee table that’s on the same level with you, or get one that can do both!

The Bidiso Lift-Top Coffee Storage Table is everything you want in living room furniture. Simply lift the top of the table to raise it. You can use it as a dinner tray or a makeshift workstation for your laptop. Bidisi is available in a variety of colors.


2. Furinno Jensen Wooden Coffee Table

If your living space is limited, the Furinno Jensen Wooden Lift Top Coffee Table with hidden compartment and open storage shelf on the side, may be a great addition to your place.

Not only do its contemporary looks fit in any interior, it is highly functional too. The lift top lets you use it as a little desk just as easily as a coffee table.


3. Height-Adjustable Storage Coffee – Laptop Table

height-adjustable storage coffee-laptop table

Living Room Furniture Lift-Top Storage Coffee-Laptop Table lets you easily and quickly adjust its height. So you can use this multifunctional table both as a traditional coffee table or as a laptop workstation. Moreover, this table has inside storage space.

Apart from creating your little home office from the comfort of your couch this lift-top storage table also makes a great table to have dinner from. A clever design making it a poster child of different types space saving coffee tables. Don’t miss the Amada coffee table for living room and home office.


4. ROCKPOINT Coffee Table

lift-top coffee table with marbled surface

Get the look of real marble without spending a fortune when you get the ROCKPOINT Coffee Table. Its sleek surface is perfectly marbled just like the real thing, when in actuality it’s wood.

ROCKPOINT’s lift top raises and lowers the table to whatever height you need it to be, reducing the strain on your neck and back that normal coffee tables cause. Underneath the lift top, you’ll find plenty of storage for spare books and blankets.


5. Farmhouse lift-Top Coffee Table with deep storage compartment

space saving coffee table

If you’re like me, you need every blanket you can get your hand on to stay cozy, but where are you supposed to keep them? It would help to have a coffee table like the Valebeck Farmhouse Coffee Table from Signature Design by Ashley.

The lift top opens up to reveal an extra deep storage compartment; the detailing on this table makes it look truly extraordinary, from the industrial-style hinges to the contrasting rich wood and black elements.


Nesting/ Stacking Tables

types of space saving coffee tables

Finally, the third category regarding types of space saving coffee tables. Nesting and stacking type space saving coffee tables offer a playful and stylish solution to the question on how to maximize one’s living space.

Beside the functional aspect; saving space and optimal adaptability, there’s another blissful benefit of nesting coffee tables. What’s that? You may ask. Well, they are genuine lookers. Their chic-modern designs let you create variable, almost sculpture-like setups in your home.

1. Nesting side coffee Table set

nesting side-coffee table set

These two Nathan James Bodhi Nesting Tables are proof that opposites attract. One table is finished in glistening faux white marble, the other a rich walnut color.

Both tables tuck neatly together to create a larger tiered table that can function as an end table, coffee table, or just somewhere to gather around. Each table features the classic hairpin legs common to mid-century modern pieces.


2. Space-saving Bamboo Nesting Table Set

bamboo nesting side-coffee table set

What charming overlapping tables! The BAMEOUS Bamboo Nesting Tables have a refreshing modern look that brightens up your living room instantly. Smooth surfaces attached to slim bamboo legs are the simple genetic makeup of this clever set, and I’m already in love.

Two pieces of furniture for the size of one–you can never go wrong with functional, space-saving furniture that is as sleek and modern as these.


3. Luxurious Nesting round Side Coffee Table Set

luxurious nesting coffee table set

Lightweight and sturdy! The Moncot Modern Side Coffee Table Set has a sturdy metal frame in brass gold finish and the table top is finished with a shiny faux marble structure.

These luxurious looking tables are functional, leightweight, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be used individually or stacked, not only in the living room or bedroom, but also on the terrace, balcony or garden.


4. Oval Coffee Table with rotating tiers

oval mod swivel coffee table

As if the Christopher Knight Home Kendall Mod Swivel Coffee Table wasn’t amazing already, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s actually three tables in one.

A spine holds three rotating tiers that you can swing around for a variety of table positions, letting you customize your environment to suit your needs at any given moment. Cozy up with a novel or a hot mug of coffee, the possibilities are unlimited!


5. Nesting Table Set

three stylish nesting tables with chestnut finished top and blackened metal frame

This is one of my favorite types of space saving coffee tables. I would love to have these character-rich coffee tables in my living room. Framodo comes with three nesting end tables made from wood table tops and a powder coated metal frame.

You can use these as a coffee table, TV trays, or wherever you need a place to perch your drink or a cozy display. The table’s base allows it to slip over the arm of a sofa to save space and keep items like snacks close at hand. Read more info about this Carolina Nesting Table Set.



Which types of space saving coffee tables are there?
Items that utilize one of these three aspects; stacking and nesting, lift top surfaces, and added storage space compartments.

Is a round coffee table better for small spaces?
It depends on your particular living room. A round surface may be more feng shui compatible as it lacks pointy edges but you could lose some table top surface as well as storage.

What can I put instead of coffee table?
Coffee table alternatives include; poufs, benches, stools, hockers, ottomans, small plant tables, Or get creative and introduce a wooden (industrial packaging) crate or DIY something yourself.


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