6 Convertible Coffee Tables-Desks

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Don’t have room for a desk in your living room but do you want to work comfortably on your laptop from the couch? These convertible coffee tables offer this convenience because they can also be used as a small desk.


1. Micoe Couch Table w/ Wheels

Before I got an office, I had to write my articles from the couch. Needless to say, it wasn’t very comfortable to use the coffee table as a work service. Never fear!

Writers and couch potatoes alike can enjoy the Micoe Height Adjustable Sofa Table. Its base scoots under the couch to keep it steady while you enjoy a nice meal or work on your laptop. There’s also a small magazine bin for holding your favorite Sunday reads.


2. Tre’ Table

The Tre’  Table is a pieceof furniture in the categories “multifunctional and space-saving”. It serves as a low table with magazine rack, stool and can be flipped over to function as a computer desk.

Tre’ is constructed from a continuous sheet of contoured wood, creating a sleek and brilliant profile that fits in any home setting. This minimalist space saver is a feast for the eyes due to its flowing form.


3. Transforming X Table


The Transforming X Table is height adjustable, making it ideal for apartment dwellers who like to entertain but don’t have much space. At full height, it’s a dining table which seats four comfortably (six if they’re very good friends.)

Hold the lever and give the tabletop a firm push from above: the legs slide over each other to lower the height, and it’s now a coffee table. Another firm push folds the table entirely flat, so you can slide it away for easy storage.


4. HomCom Lift-Top Coffee Table

Able to fold and rise at different levels, the HomCom Lift-Top Coffee Table also doubles as a desk and dining table.

It’s multiple furniture pieces in one, saving you space and hassle. A must-have for small homes.


5. Mag Table

Another piece in the category “simplicity kills it every time”. Mag Table by Offi can be flipped over to function as a laptop stand. With its smooth, flowing forms this minimalist space saver is a pleasure to look at. It makes us think of as the minimal niece of the Tre’ Table we’ve written about before.

The file folder, as the name, Mag Table hints at, designed to house magazines, can be used as the perfect laptop or tablet storage too. After all, even while watching a movie with some snacks on the table, we want to keep our beloved devices close.


6. Vegetale Coffee Table

What do you call a coffee table, side table and work desk all folded into one? You call it the Vegetale Coffee Table!

The folding parts of the desk mean you can configure it to whatever piece you need at any time, and assembly is very easy. It can even use one side to fold down into a magazine rack. This table truly has it all!


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