7 Modern Lift-Top Coffee & Laptop Tables

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I’ve often wished I could move my desk into the living room where the comfy couch is. Unfortunately, my home office just doesn’t have any place there, but these modern lift-top coffee and laptop tables make working in my living room possible. Now you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in the comfort of your main living space without installing a bulky desk!


1. SIMPLIHOME Hunter Coffee Table

Is your coffee table so low that you creak and groan when you lean forward to grab your coffee? Get a coffee table that’s on the same level with you, or get one that can do both! The Hunter Lift-Top Coffee Table from SIMPLIHOME is everything you want in living room furniture.

Simply lift the top of the table to raise it. The table has two open compartments for storage and hidden storage space under the tabletop. You can use it as a dinner tray or a makeshift workstation for you laptop. The handcrafted table is made of solid mango wood and available in different colors, as ebony, grey, natural and umber brown.


2. HomCom Lift-Top Coffee Table

Able to fold and rise at different levels, the HomCom Lift-Top Coffee Table also doubles as a desk and dining table.

It’s multiple furniture pieces in one, saving you space and hassle. A must-have for small homes. For more unique tables view these extendable dining tables.

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3. Vegetale Coffee Table Desk


How much functionality can you cram in one small sized piece of furniture while still making it look elegant? A lot with this Vegetale Coffee Table. Making use of all of Vegetale’s possible functions may require some rearranging of stored items but who cares?

Making optimal use of the limited space you’ve got is a gratifying challenge and the table lets you master this challenge. Vegetale has a hint of Scandinavian design but is actually from Belgium.


4. Redstone Table Workstation

Redstone Coffee Table lets you easily and quickly adjust its height. So you can use this table both as a traditional coffee table or as a laptop workstation. Moreover, this table has inside storage space.

Apart from creating your little home office from the comfort of your couch the Redstone table also makes a great table to have dinner from. A cleverly design.

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5. Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Apartment

Perfect coffee tables don’t exi–… well, after seeing the TANGKULA coffee table, maybe they do! Its contemporary charm doesn’t end at the shiny wooden top or the bright neutral white of its body.

This Lift-Top Coffee Table also has storage inside, as well as three generously sized cubbies for display items or more storage. The lift top lets you adjust the table’s height so you can snack comfortably while watching a movie or work for a bit on your laptop.                                                                        Simular item: Zimtown Lift-Top Storage Coffee Table.


6. ROCKPOINT Coffee Table

Get the look of real marble without spending a fortune when you get the ROCKPOINT Coffee Table. Its sleek surface is perfectly marbled just like the real thing, when in actuality it’s wood.

ROCKPOINT’s lift top raises and lowers the table to whatever height you need it to be, reducing the strain on your neck and back that normal coffee tables cause. Underneath the lift top, you’ll find plenty of storage for spare books and blankets.

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7. Sauder Lift-Top Coffee Table

The finish on this lift-top coffee table is mesmerizing. Using a craftsman oak finish, Sauder’s Coffee Table becomes the perfect centerpiece to your living room.

Its large table top is matched with an equally impressive hidden storage drawer underneath. Another shelf on the bottom of the table has just enough space for all your favorite magazines and your ever growing collection of TV remotes.


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