23 Coffee Tables With (Hidden) Storage Space

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Coffee tables with storage space are better than regular coffee tables, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, why not have the extra bit of storage for cozy blankets, good books or your TV’s remote controls?


1. Nathan James Felix Coffee Table

Minimalism can be oh-so-stylish. Nathan James’ Felix Coffee Table uses a naked design with just a few accessories to create a stunning and stylish piece to adorn every living room.

A pouch-style vegan leather magazine tray holds all your favorites close at hand, while the table’s surface transforms into a food and drink tray when needed.


2. Turning Table with swivel tabletop



Don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance – the Turning Coffee Table is hiding a world of storage beneath its polished surface. Raw in design and made with tough, natural oak, the Turning Table matches any décor perfectly with its muted coloring.

Simply push the lid sideways to reveal the storage underneath. The lid rotates on one of the tables legs, making it durable and dependable, and no cogs or latches are necessary.


3. Walker Edison Country Square Coffee Table

Another great coffee table with storage is the Walker Edison Country Square Coffee Table. Modern and rustic, with a hint of traditional style, this table meets your storage needs with finesse.

Two generous drawers combine with a shelf underneath to store living room accessories within reach, yet out of sight. This rustic table has a laminate surface and you can choose from three different finishes.


4. Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table

Storing remote controls on top of a coffee table can get messy. Storage pockets may not be an option on your living room furniture, so it helps to have a coffee table with storage space.

Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table is both appealing to the eye and functional. The storage shelf underneath helps keep remotes and other accessories out of the way, yet still accessible.


5. Copper GRove Oval Coffee Table

For a coffee table with durable construction and quality materials, Copper Grove certainly rises to the occasion. The Churn Creek Oval Coffee Table is made from solid hardwood with a choice of versatile finishes to match your interior.

A shelf underneath lets you store décor items, remotes, and other accessories, while the Two box drawers give you additional storage that remains hidden, helping you to keep your living room or bedroom clutter-free.


6. MAITA  has two retractable halvesMaita-coffee-tableMaita-coffee-table-contemporary

Maita by Leolux is a stylish and functional coffee table with a concealed storage compartment that appears when you slide the leaves apart.

The steel storage compartment has broad oak edges which provide extra table surface. The top coat is available in the colors anthracite, white or grey and the oak edges of the leaf are oiled white, natural oil or stain.


7. Diana Coffee Table


The Diana Coffee Table combines clean white lacquer with the soft and subtle rustic tones of white oak, and to great effect, I might add. It’s modern with a touch of contemporary, but the amount of storage you get with it is its greatest feature.


8. SIMPLYHOME Hunter Lift Top Coffee Table

SIMPLYHOME Hunter Lift Top Coffee Table can be turned into a cocktail table when space is limited. The table has two open compartments for storage and hidden storage spaces under the tabletop that can be lifted in two places.

The handcrafted table is made of solid mango wood and available in different colors, as ebony, grey, natural and umber brown.


9. IWELL Mid-Century Coffee Table

Aren’t the wood patterns and coloring on this coffee table gorgeous?    IWELL’s Mid-Century Coffee Table makes a fine addition to any living room. Its warm wood tones and mid-century modern style are charming to be sure, but even better is the amount of storage space you get with it.

A large open cubby lets you store books, remotes, or even a small DVD collection, while the storage drawer helps curb living room clutter.


10. Sauder Dakota Lift Top Coffee Table


Sauder Dakota Lift Top Coffee Table lets you easily and quickly adjust its height. So you can use this table both as a traditional coffee table or as a laptop workstation. Moreover, this table has inside storage space.

Apart from creating your little home office from the comfort of your couch the Redstone table also makes a great table to have dinner from. A cleverly design. Available in char pine finish and craftsman oak finish.


11. Furrino Coffee Table

If storage ottomans aren’t your style, the Furrino Coffee Table might be the storage solution for you. This clever coffee table has woven baskets that slide underneath it so you can organize blankets, books, remote controls and more.

Furrino looks and feels just like a regular coffee table, but the extra storage gives it a boost that makes it a consumer favorite. You can even get a matching end table!


12. WYNDENHALL Mitchell Coffee Table

For a modern look, you should choose this modern industrial coffee table. This handcrafted  WYNDENHALL Mitchell Rectangle Coffee Table is made from solid Acacia wood and metal legs.

Two open cubbys lets you store books, remotes, or even a small DVD collection, while the storage drawer helps curb living room clutter.


13. BonVIVO Donatella Coffee Table

Simple and elegant, this BonVivo Donatella Coffee Table is more than it appears to be. What seems to be a sheet of fragile glass is actually tempered glass, tough enough to withstand daily use.

Donatella’s sturdy legs are made from eco-friendly bamboo that will outlast the coffee table itself. A storage shelf underneath the table’s surface lets you keep knick knacks, magazines and more


14. ioHOMES Lansing Rectangular Coffee Table

Get yourself one of the most unique coffee tables on the market when you buy this treasure from ioHOMES. The Lansing Rectangular Coffee Table has a see-through glass section in the middle, but its hidden storage compartments are going to blow you away.

You can tuck just about anything away for safekeeping, including blankets, toys, books, remotes, or your favorite DVD movies.


15. Times 4 Coffee Table


The convenience of kitchen cupboards with spinning racks is something many have wished they could bring to their living room storage. Now you can with the Times 4 Coffee Table by Gonçalo Campos for Polit.

Its pie chart design splits the inside of the table into four compartments, and the ¾ circle design conceals or reveals your storage space only when you want it to. It’s incredibly clever. However, it leaves us wondering why no one’s thought of it before! .


16. Bon-Bon Coffee TableBon-Bon Storage Table

The Bon-Bon Coffee Table isn’t your grandad’s lackluster chest of drawers. It’s a new and innovative way to express yourself through decoration, and it’s highly functional to boot! Each Bon-Bon is available with right-opening or left-opening drawers cased in a sleek, shiny frame.

They’re also stackable (up to six units) and can stand alone as a room centerpiece that will catch everyone’s gaze. Choose white for a cleaner look, or you can pick red to spice things up a bit.


17. Acrylic Coffee Table – Magazine Holder

For a modern look, you should choose a table with metal legs. An acrylic top is a translucent contrast to the silver x-shaped base. The modern Acrylic Coffee Table indeed has the power to completely revamp your living space. It has a modernist feel and smart curved legs that offer a place to stash magazines and newspapers and at the same time display them.

The Acrylic Coffee Table is just the exact size to be used with a different surface or as an individual piece. The bent legs double as magazine storage. It has lightweight, a compact design and ultra modern appeal.


18. White Clear Coffee Table

Coaster Home Furnishing’s White/Clear Coffee Table is oozing modern design and boasts an elegant yet highly functional construction. The glossy white frame is sliced in half by a sparkling clear shelf for holding decorations or any living room essentials you need close at hand.

The lower part of its frame acts as yet another shelf for novels, magazines, remotes, and other various items. A damp cloth or mild alcohol solution is all that’s needed to keep it crystal clear and clean.


19. coffee Table with drawers


This elegant table with its round corners is constructed of fiber board and wood with walnut veneer and it has sturdy chromed legs.

There are and two pocket drawers and a lower shelf that provides sufficient storage space for books, albums and other items. Your room gets a chic makeover with this sleek and stylish Coffee Table with Drawers from Furniture of America.


20. Vanity with Storage Space On and Underneath the Platforms



The Vanity coffee table by Linteloo has eight platforms for various sized magazines and offers the possibility to create a weekly varying table top. Thus the coffee table reflects the style and interests of its owner. One platform includes a wooden panel which can be used to place a vase of flowers, a coffee cup or left unused.

However the Vanity coffee table is also available with complete wood inlay. Underneath is space for various books or magazines. The frame is made of black powder coated steel and the inlay of black frake or ebony wood. The Vanity table is designed by Roderick Vos for Linteloo.


21. Lift-Top Coffee Table


Is your coffee table so low that you creak and groan when you lean forward to grab your coffee? Get a coffee table that’s on the same level with you, or get one that can do both!

The Gracelove Lift-Top Coffee Table is everything you want in living room furniture. Simply lift the top of the table to raise it. You can use it as a dinner tray or a makeshift workstation for you laptop.


22. MATCHBOX with Sliding Top


The sliding top reveals practical and functional storage compartments. Moreover, it reveals a larger top available in stainless steel or colored glass.

Matchbox, a modern coffee table by Schulte Furniture.


23. Brigada with Extended Upper Surface


The upper surface of the Brigada table is extended with adequate grooves, which extend until the floor, for storing newspapers, magazines and books. The outer color of the table is standard black, while the inner color can be tuned in consultation with the client.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    According to the designers:

“A coffee table is usually a place for temporary storage mostly of newspapers, magazines, books and papers, ending up as a real storage space and a small time capsule of different publications. Having that in mind, Brigada started designing a coffee table that would accomplish the same function in a more efficient way”.

Designed Croatia-based Studio Brigada.



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