28 Best Furniture Pieces For Small Spaces

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Are you desperately trying to fit all the feng shui you need into a tiny apartment? Decorating small spaces can be a pain, and efficient furnishing them is even more of a headache. Those who know ‘the struggle’ will appreciate these fine pieces of small space furniture that are compact, stylish and (mostly) affordable.


1. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Sure, you’d rather have a sofa, but DHP futons are surprisingly comfortable. Tufted cushions give your décor an edge of luxury, and they’re perfect for studio apartments where a guest room is out of the question.

The DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed folds down to make a perfectly proportioned twin bed. It also features a split back that allows for multiple backrest positions. The cozy futon comes in several different colors and materials so you can do you. Don’t miss these modern convertible sofa beds.


2. Way Basics Eco Storage Cube

Quaint and cozy, this modular storage cube is just too cute. It’s also a great solution for those living in small spaces. When you can’t fit a full-on bookshelf or dresser in your tiny living space, modular storage brings an end to your troubles.

The Way Basics Eco Storage Cube is available in both closed and open cubes; it can be stacked vertically in order to create additional storage space.


3. Vonanda Convertible Chair

The Vonanda Convertible Chair can transform from a comfortable chair to a twin bed or a guest bed. The cushions and backrest are filled with high-density sponges to maintain the firmness and to support the body optimally.

Its sturdy black metal frame provides a stable support for many years of use. Vonanda comes in the colors dark gray, denim blue, light brown and mustard yellow and is a great asset to a young adult’s room. Read more sleeper chairs for small spaces.


4. Birdrock Home Adjustable

14-Postion Floor Chair


When a sofa or futon isn’t an option, it can be frustrating trying to find comfortable seating for game night. Playing your Xbox while sitting on a cold hard floor won’t do anything for your back, but this Adjustable 14-Position Floor Chair from Birdrock will!

Plush velvet cushions your spine while you hammer out another session of Call of Duty. As a bonus, the chair folds down as a makeshift bed for naps or guests. See also these: best adjustable multi-position floor chairs.

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5. NNEWVANTE Sofa Table Desk

Large desks are totally out of the question for small home living. Sometimes, if you find yourself in particularly tiny spaces, even compact desks won’t fit.

The NNEWVANTE Table Desk is the perfect partner for small space residents. Big enough for a laptop, with a Z-frame for sliding up against a chair or bed, this sofa side table takes up very little space while still allowing you to get your work done.


6. Modway Haste Stool

Modway delivers a compact, ultra-modern seating option with its Haste Stool. Shaped like an hourglass, its dual ends both provide sturdy seating in a clean contemporary look.

The top of the Modway Haste Stool also has a compartment under the seat where you can store any items you wish, whether that be an extra blanket throw or your assortment of house keys. Find out more stylish storage stools.


7. HOMY CASA Extendable Dining Table

Another brilliant small space hack comes from Homy Casa, who have designed a brilliantly modern dining table that fits easily into snug areas. Sleek white combines with pale beech (or a matching white gloss top) to complement today’s stylish homes, even the more compact ones.

Small home living can be just as trendy and chic with spectacular multipurpose items like this. Homy Casa’s Dining Table extends to fit anywhere from 4 to 10 people.


8. Haotian Wall Mounted Desk

Don’t be intimidated by this seemingly bulky desk. Haotian’s Wall Mounted Desk attaches firmly to your wall and frees up precious leg space to keep your studio apartment or tiny home neat and airy.

Storage issues are no problem with Haotian; six cubbies and one upper shelf keep your work surface clear of clutter, as well as helping you organize in order to stay focused. Speaking of organization, the wall desk also has a wire management system – no more tangling your feet in your computer cord!


9. Furinno Andrey Coffee Table

The FURINNO Andrey Coffee Table maximizes storage by stuffing the underside with cleverly compact cubbies. Not only do you have the table’s surface, as well as a shelf underneath, but below that are a great couple of storage compartments for blankets, books, remotes… you name it!

At an amazingly low price, this coffee table with storage space is a sensible option for college students, apartment dwellers, and others who abide in tiny spaces.


10. Molblly Mattress-Sofa

Small space furniture is oftentimes highly mobile, but Milliard takes this concept a step further by providing a sofa bed that is good for both the home and the road.

The Molblly Folding Mattress Sofa is perfectly proportioned for a night in front of the Xbox or Playstation, but its true versatility comes in its portability. Take it on the road and use it as an extra bed where hotel space may be short. It can be used as a guest bed for the home as well.


11. SpaceMaster Transforming Coffee/Dining Table

Whether you don’t have a dining room, or you just need some extra dining space for your next party, the SpaceMaster Coffee Table is here to serve.

Disguised as a modern coffee table, it’s actually hiding a full-size dining table that seats up to six people. Sturdy design and effortless transformation make this table ideal for small spaces like studio apartments, dorm common rooms, and tiny homes.


12. Modway Casper Acrylic Stacking Chairs

Casper the friendly ghost must have also been an interior designer. After all, his namesake is on this splendid armchair with invisible lines. Rather than depend on a solid form for aesthetic appeal, these Modway Casper Chairs are completely see-through and melt into the environment, taking on the colors of the area surrounding it.

Modway has come up with a clever way to give you the number of seats you need without forcing you to consume precious floor space.


13. Tiffany Drop Leaf Table Set


This barely-there dining table is perfect for when unexpected guests drop by for a bite to eat. The Tiffany Drop Leaf Table Set is quiet and compact, with a single folding leaf that provides an extra seat at the dinner table.

Single apartment dwellers and those living in smaller spaces will appreciate how easily this multifunctional table fits in and how little floor space it takes up. See also these: best drop leaf dining tables.


14. Bestar Full Murphy Bed

Murphy beds never went out of style – they just got modernized.                   The Bestar Full Murphy Bed makes it easy to clear your space after a good night’s rest. Simply fold the bed back into its cupboard and voila! You now have space for other activities.

Space above the cupboard provies storage opportunities as well. As a safety precaution, the designers of this space-efficient bed installed a dual piston system for easy folding up and folding down.

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15. Sorbus Storage Ottoman Bench

With storage this discreet, you’ll hardly even know it’s there.                      Sorbus Storage Ottoman Bench is a versatile storage option for small home living. It can be used as a makeshift coffee table, comfy seating option, or a toy box for your child’s room.

When not in use, it can be folded up and tucked underneath your bed or behind the couch. Choose from several different colors to complement your distinct décor scheme.


16. Wallniture Entryway Shelf-Kitchen Spice Rack

The ultimate organizational tool comes in a surprisingly small package. Wallniture has come up with an entryway shelf that also doubles as a coat rack, key holder, mail holder or kitchen spice rack.

Its perfect for those who may not have room for a full-size coat hanger or storage bench. Acting as a catch-all for clothing and other home essentials, Wallniture Entryway Shelf is like a quiet, compact butler for your busy life.


17. Furinno Corner Desk

Tiny college dorm? Itty bitty studio apartment? You won’t have any issues squeezing this desk into snug spaces. Furinno’s Corner Desk gives you three shelves and work space for a laptop, all at a decent price for budget-conscious small space dwellers.

It might not be the most stylish desk you’ll ever lay eyes on, but its neutral design fits in with most décor, and there’s plenty of space on its shelves for some tasteful decorations!


18. DHP Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Beds with storage can save you a lot of room by eliminating the need for a dresser or closet. Underbed storage gives you all the space you need for clothing.

DHP’s Platform Bed has a healthy modern look in beautifully neutral heather gray, as well as a tufted headboard, baseboard, and siding for a touch of class. The bed comes in twin, full and queen sizes.


19. Calico Designs Folding Desk

Many pieces of small space furniture use a folding mechanism to save space, but I never thought I’d see one on a desk. Calico Designs’ Folding Desk is a compact work desk made from solid driftwood and a powder-coated metal frame that folds out of the way when needed.

Complete with a footrest, work space, and upper shelf, it has everything a college student or work-from-home writer needs to feel fully equipped and ready to take on their work day. See also the 7 Space-Saving Folding Desks.


20. Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

Living room work sessions are a must when you don’t have space for an office. Yaheetech’s Lift Top Coffee Table can function as a work desk and/or TV tray.

Underneath the table’s surface lies a secret storage compartment for books and blankets, or a stash of your favorite DVDs for movie night. Extra storage can be found on the lower shelf; the table’s sturdy construction can hold up to 44 pounds of items.


21. DHP Loft Bed w/ Desk

When you can’t expand horizontally, it’s time to expand vertically.            DHP’s Abode Loft Bed uses the upper level to create a cozy sleeping space, while its lower level becomes a home office.

College students and kids still living at home will appreciate having their own private space for homework and computer gaming. The bed comes equipped with safety guard rails for younger users to ensure no one falls from those ‘lofty’ heights.


22. Divano Roma Sectional Sofa Small Space

Who doesn’t want a sophisticated couch for their living space? Smaller spaces won’t fit an entire sectional sofa, but this L-shaped masterpiece from Divano Roma is a great alternative.

Round silver legs and plush gray microfiber couch cushions make it look and feel just like luxury furniture. You’ll enjoy cozying up on the couch without having to fill your small space to the brim. More info and bying about the Sectional Sofa Small Space.


23. Coavas Folding Writing Desk

Put industrial chic and a compact writing desk together, and you get this gem of a furniture piece from Coavas. Not only will this save space in your smaller home or apartment, but the installation/assembly is the easiest I’ve ever seen.

Being crammed into a studio apartment or dorm is stressful enough – take the edge off with super quick assembly that gives you this beautiful (and functional) Coavas Writing Desk!


24. CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair Bed


Sinking into a plush oversized bean bag is one of the best feelings on this earth. Now, imagine if that bean bag chair also transformed into a guest bed, and you’ll have this beautiful invention.

CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag uses foam filling to cradle you in the finest comfort you’ve ever felt. To use it as a guest bed, you have only to remove the cover and unfold the twin size bed.

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25. Zinus Modern Dining Table with Two Benches

This table is simply picture perfect. Zinus combines modern design with space-saving furniture and gives consumers this lovely dining table.

The benches (which come with the table) slide underneath the table when not in use to give you a few more square feet of walking room. When in use, the table comfortably seats four people (up to six people if you squeeze two more on the ends). More info here.


26. Goldfan Nesting Coffee Tables

Like peas in a pod, GOLDFAN’s Nesting Coffee Table Set are your best friend for small space living. Bulky coffee tables can’t be folded up like this trio can.

Well, rather than folding, they slide underneath one another to take up no more space than the average Amazon box would. Glossy white adds a touch of ultra-modern design to your space. Use these nesting tables in a group or scatter them about for a smattering of complementary coffee tables.


27. DHP Daybed with Storage Drawers

Combine a comfy couch, daybed, and guest bed, and you get Theo. This cleverly designed daybed from DHP is a bestseller and provides a trendy, space-saving solution for snug areas in your home.

Underbed storage allows you to eliminate bulky furniture such as dressers in favor of a simpler solution. Sturdy wood slats provide durability so that you can get years of life from this chic home accessory, this DHP Daybed.


28. Flash Furniture Hercules Folding Chair

Dining chairs can get a bit bulky, and when you’re short on space, regular chairs may not be a viable option. Flash Furniture’s Hercules Folding Chairs aren’t your standard metal chairs (you know, the ones that are incredibly uncomfortable?).

No, these folding chairs have plush cushioning so you can still dine in comfort while also being able to store chairs away when not in use.


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