21 Modern Slide Under The Sofa Side Tables

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Don’t have room for a coffee table but want something to keep your remote, your magazine, your drink and snacks at hand while relaxing on the couch? Slide under the sofa side tables offer the convenience of a having a surface while lounging without the bulkiness of a coffee table standing in your way.

Obviously these modern side tables are true gems when used as supplemental tables too. No more reaching for that cuppa coffee or the remote. Laziness is faciliated in optima forma with these sleek, stylish, stunningly beautiful side tables.


1. Rivet Industrial Side End Table

If you’re stuck with a small space where you just can’t squeeze an end table in, the Rivet Industrial End Table might be what you need. This end table scoots under the couch like sofa tables do, but it’s designed to perch your magazine or coffee on, which it does wonderfully.

Don’t be fooled by its skinny legs; this industrial style end table is quite sturdy thanks to the  steel legs and the hardwood table top.


2. NNEWVANTE Sofa Table

Rather than pulling a chair up to the table, why not pull the table up to the sofa? You can sit more comfortably on plush cushions while you work or watch a movie with the NNEWVANTE Sofa Table.

Its sturdy wood Z-frame lets you scoot the base under the table for support, and the bar on its base also acts as a foot rest.


3. Fab Glass and Mirror Side Table


This asymmetric table features a single white leg under a glass top. The design is perfect for holding drinks or a laptop when you’re on the sofa, as the curved base means you can pull the table right to the edge.

At under $120, the Fab Glass and Mirror Side Coffee Table looks like a much more expensive piece of contemporary furniture, with the self-assembly construction the only evidence of its bargain price.


4. Nessa Accent Table

Mango wood is quickly becoming a popular choice for eco-friendly woods, which is why Nessa chose it for their industrial accent table. Nessa minimizes your carbon footprint, as well as the amount of space you’ll need to use it!

The Nessa Accent Table tucks neatly under the sofa thanks to its T-frame that fits snugly against your sofa’s armrest. Nessa sports a powder-coated metal frame and comes fully assembled for immediate use.


5. SAfavieh Kaiya C-Table

Although it looks delicate, the Safavieh Kaiya C-Table is anything but. Lilian features a sturdy metal frame and comes fully assembled. Its black and gold color scheme works well in mid-century modern homes with warm tones.

Perch a hot cup of tea by your chair side, and Lilian will faithfully hold it for you, keeping your lap free for a good novel or plate of snacks.


6. SRIWATANA Side Table

Versatility and charm are two words that describe SRIWATANA’s side table.

With a built-in magazine rack and a table surface that fits snugly over your couch’s arm, it’s always close by to lend a helping hand; perhaps by perching a hot mug of coffee on its surface or functioning as a laptop stand for busy days working from the couch. The table’s metal frame slides under the couch to keep it firmly in place when in use.


7. Pipe Side Table


The Pipe Side Table is part of a range by Italian furniture brand Moroso, all formed from aluminium piping with a diameter of 8cm. The thin top and base prevent the table from looking clunky, and the slightly asymmetrical shape provides interest.

At 21 inches tall, it’s just the right height to use with a low sofa. It’s available in either black or red high-gloss finish.


8. Chrome Metal Side Table


If you’re looking for a good space-saving side table, the Monarch Chrome Accent Table will fit into your décor perfectly. Aside from its sleek look, the Monarch is affordably priced and easy on your budget.

With the Monarch Chrome Metal Side Table, you get plenty of space for food, drinks or a laptop work area. The incredibly light design makes it easy to transport from room to room so you can use your Monarch table anywhere in the house.


9. Fandango Hi-tech Accent Table

Not everyone’s phone is capable of wireless charging, but they’re all capable of being plugged in to charge. This lovely Fandango Hi-tech Accent Table Table from Coaster Home Furnishings has two USB ports and two grounded plug-ins on the back to charge four devices at once.

You can sit back and watch your favorite film or read a book by lamp light as you take advantage of this table’s handy features.


10. Bonaldo Duffy Side Table


For a truly unique design, this elemental side table will have everyone in the room begging to use it. The Duffy by Bonaldo takes the form of a wave of rippling water to create this stunning furniture piece.

The slender supports of the table slide easily under couches to hug against them and make it easy to reach anything you place on it.


11. Micoe Couch Table

Before I got an office, I had to write my articles from the couch. Needless to say, it wasn’t very comfortable to use the coffee table as a work service. Never fear!

Writers and couch potatoes alike can enjoy the Micoe Height Adjustable Sofa Table. Its base scoots under the couch to keep it steady while you enjoy a nice meal or work on your laptop. There’s also a small magazine bin for holding your favorite Sunday reads. See also these convertible coffee tables desks.


12. CU Large Coffee Table


Savvy space-savers will love the CU Large Coffee Table. This versatile living room essential isn’t just part of your seating arrangements – it’s also a sturdy side table in disguise.

The CU becomes a table when you flip it on its side; it’s steady enough to sit both ways. You won’t have to worry about hiding your dinner tray away after you’re done using it. Simply flip it over to use as a bench again.


13. Walker Edison Brentwood Modern Table

Get the refined look of reclaimed wood without the price tag when you buy the Walker Edison Brentwood C Table. This lovely snack table’s surface looks just like reclaimed wood, making it the perfect accent to any room.

The slim metal frame slides underneath just about any couch so you can cozy up to snack bowls you set on top of it. In addition, the Walker Edison table comes in different styles and color options.


14. Riley Laptop Table


Tired of struggling to scoot your portable tray close enough to the couch? The Riley Table has two easy sliding feet so you can cozy up to your workstation or dinner tray. Rather than straining your neck or back, the Riley Table makes regular side tables look dull.

The sleek design is both modern and minimalist, and the oak wood used makes it highly durable. You’ll never have to buy another side table again!


15. Toi 632 From Zanotta



Slide under the sofa side tables are true gems when you don’t have room for a coffee table. The Toi / 632 Table has all the grace and curves of the perfect martini glass, but don’t expect a full-service bar to pop out of it. The Toi is all about style and function molded perfectly into a versatile piece.

The top swings out to reveal hidden storage space underneath, allowing you to place items out of the way while saving precious space on the table’s surface for your coffee, tablet or notebook.


16. Eileen Gray Side Table


The Eileen Gray Side Table adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any room. Its graceful frame and clear glass panel go with anything, and we mean anything. You could put this in a college frathouse, and it would look good. Moreover, it is adjustable in height!

Any décor placed on it instantly lights up with the glow reflected off of the glass. It’s hard to pass up such a lovely, feminine piece.


17. VASAGLE Industrial Side Table

Having a side table with caster wheels has its benefits. Highly mobile and minimally designed, the VASAGLE Industrial Side Table fits in with any décor.

Warm wood tones match beautifully with a solid metal frame to give you the durable and functional side table you’ve always wanted. Due to the caster wheels, it is recommended for raised couches, but there is the option of leaving the caster wheels off when assembling.


18. Bentwood Accent Table

The Bentwood Accent Table has a white wooden base and tempered glass top. With its transparent top and single leg, it has a light and airy look which won’t make your room seem cluttered.

The curved leg means you can pull it up close to your sofa. The broad circular base makes it extremely stable, even on hardwood floors, and the top is heat resistant and scratchproof.


19. Asti Side Table


The Asti Side Table is as slim as it gets. Although it looks like it’s barely there, the Asti passes the durability test and can hold the weight of a laptop or plate of food just like any other side table can. The lightweight build and top handle make it simple to transport from room to room.

You can use the Asti as a side table, workstation or makeshift kitchen table. Either way, it makes an eye-catching addition to any room in your house. Looking for a more affordable option? Check out the Rivet Modern End Table.


20. EKNITEY C Shape Side  Snack Laptop Table

Nobody wants to get stuck holding the popcorn bowl during movie night. That’s what makes the EKNITEY C Shape Side Table so great – you won’t have to!

This perfectly sized table is great for snacks, coffee cups, remotes, and magazines. The table’s magazine rack can fit several magazine issues, and the table’s base is flat enough to slide under the couch for added sturdiness.


21. ROSEN Marble Folding Side End Table

Get the luxury look of marble for under $100 with ROSEN’s Faux Marble Side End Table. Its C-frame allows it to glide underneath your sofa and remain firmly in place.

While you binge your favorite Netflix series, the table with its expandable top will faithfully hold your drinks, snacks, and remotes. ROSEN’s durable metal frame comes in a gold finish and can support up to 20 pounds.



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