6 Modern Luxury Hanging Swing Chairs

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Now that spring weather is here, you’ll need the perfect lounge chair to soak up those first rays of warming sunlight. Modern luxury hanging swing chairs can be a relaxing way to catch some rays, but many of these luxury models can be used inside your home even during cold weather.


1. Modway Abate Swing Chair Set

hanging swing chair

hanging swing chair set

This elegant hanging swing chair is available with and without the stand and features an intricate woven texture using rattan. The sturdy construction of the Modway Abate Swing Chair is held firm thanks to a powder-coated metal frame with grips placed all around the base.

Modway’s all-weather cushion allows for use outdoors; the chair can be hung from a secure hook when used without the stand (hardware for the hook must be purchased separately).  A good example of multifunctional luxury hanging swing chairs.


2. ART TO REAL Hanging Chair

hanging chair set

Imagine spending your sweet summer days lounging in this beautiful modern hanging chair. ART TO REAL came up with a cutting edge design that blends seamlessly into the modern home, but it also makes a great focal piece in any home.

The ART TO REAL Hanging Chair comes with a rust-resistant frame, but it’s equipped with hooks that are also suitable for hanging. Keeping the chair clean is easy since its cushions have removable, machine-washable covers.


3. Flower House Hanging Pumpkin Loveseat Chair

hanging loveseat chair

Cinderella herself couldn’t have designed a better hanging chair. This comfortable ‘pumpkin’ loveseat chair is a cozy seat for two, featuring opaque fabric to block out harsh sun rays as you enjoy a romantic day outdoors.

Then again, why not make it a roomy hanging chair for one and really stretch your legs? Flower House’s Loveseat Chair can support up to 400 pounds and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


4. Modway Hide Patio Chair Swing Set

patio swing chair set

The Modway Hide Patio Hanging Swing Chair will make you feel like you are tucked away in your very own secret forest hideaway. The woven rattan resembles twigs and thin branches, giving your home or patio a burst of organic design that will have guests begging to try the chair out.

You can shut the world out thanks to its egg design with high sides and plush, comfortable cushion. One of the most modern luxury hanging swing chairs, I’ve seen.


5. Island Gale 2-Person Hanging Chair

2-person hanging chair

Having a friend over for a girls’ night on the patio? This luxury hanging chair from Island Gale is extra large so that you can comfortably fit your best buddy in it with you as you enjoy a couple drinks poolside.

Island Gale’s Swing Chair is made from UV-protected rattan that is handwoven for extra durability and all-weather use. It also features a sturdy two-hook stand and can support up to 528 pounds.


6. Luckyberry Hanging Egg Chair

hanging egg chair

The Luckyberry Hanging Egg Chair is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. Enclosed hanging chairs are great for privacy, but hot summer days can make relaxing in your favorite lounge chair a bit sweaty. Wouldn’t a nice breeze be nice?

With the Luckyberry Chair, you’ll be able to breathe easy and take advantage of the cool breeze thanks to the open spaces in the chair’s design. The chair comes with a sturdy iron stand and a soft UV-resistant, waterproof cushion for hours of lounging.


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