Futon Hippo Convertible Chair And Mattress

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Beds aren’t the most comfortable armchairs. Stiff headboards give little support to your back, and you soon find yourself cozying up in your favorite recliner.




What if there was a way to mesh both of these furniture pieces together? The Futon Hippo is the brainchild of geniuses who realized what a dilemma this was, and they decided to join the concept of an armchair and mattress together.




Sit back and relax with your favorite movie late at night. When it’s time to go to bed, you don’t have to move anywhere!




You’ll stay as cozy as you were nestled in your armchair, ready to drift off to sleep on one of the most comfortable mattresses you’ll ever own. Futon Hippo  comes in a wide variety of colors. Check it out here.



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