20 Best Adjustable Multi-Position Floor Chairs

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Whether you need a comfy chair while gaming or a low-to-the-ground dining chair, floor chairs can be very useful. They add a casual touch to any room you put them in; on top of that, they store away easily and take up less space. We’ve got these awesome adjustable floor chairs to show you that will make you want to give them a try.


1. Giantex 5-Position Floor Chair

With this product, it’s like getting several furniture pieces in one.          Giantex’s 5-Position Floor Chair is perfectly sized for a children’s room. It can transform from floor chair to playmat to napping spot in the blink of an eye.

Anti-skid feet keep floors from marking, as well as protecting the chair’s suede base. The lightweight build allows for mobility and easy adjustment.


2. Birdrock Gaming Chair

Call of Duty can get pretty intense, and those sore muscles you get from tensing your body in the middle of a firefight aren’t going to unknot themselves. It’s time you learned to chill out in the BirdRock Gaming Chair.

You can relax into its memory foam cushions that feature 14 different adjustable positions while you happily toss grenades at your enemies. Get a chair for your buddy too so you can play for hours!


3. NNEWVANTE Floor Chair


It might be small, but don’t let that fool you – this tiny chair is super comfy! Along with being a great gaming chair, you can also use it for your nursing infant (it’s more comfortable for the both of you). It’s a great addition to anywhere where space is limited, such as dorms and small apartments.

NNEWVANTE Floor Chair is easily washable and extremely portable, making it great for stadium seating and trips to the park where comfortable seating is hard to come by.


4. BonVIVO Floor Chair

BonVIVO’s Floor Chair has everything you need for a comfy, portable seat. Featuring a backrest and five adjustable angles, BonVIVO stays where you put it, including whatever upright position you lock it into.

Take a relaxing day off and read a book while you’re cradled by foam cushions, or watch your favorite TV show and simply fold it up afterwards. It also makes a good chair for avid video gamers.


5. Shining Lazy Sofa Floor Chair


Remember those lazy summer days, lounging in one of those comfortable pool floaters with the long armrests? That’s what MOOSENG is like, but for cold winter days.

Shining Folding Lazy Sofa Floor Chair can be both a lounger and a twin mattress when folded down. The long armrests let you relax even further into the chair as you cozy up with an interesting novel or play a leisurely round of Halo on the Xbox.


6. NOVI Folding Floor Chair


NOVI’s Floor Chair has six different locking positions for a variety of seated uses. Whether you’re casually watching a movie with the seat tilted halfway back, or playing an intense session of Call of Duty with the seat straight up, NOVI adjusts to whatever activity you choose.

You could even use it as an aid during yoga or to help stretch out tense back muscles. NOVI is great for small apartments to help save space while providing comfortable floor seating.


7. Besthls Folding Gaming Chair


As a gamer, I really appreciate the value you get when you purchase the Besthls Gaming Chair. Not only is it highly comfortable, with high density foam and a strong steel frame, but you also get plush armrests and a fully adjustable backrest and headrest.

The chair folds completely down if you want to take a break from gaming and enjoy a short nap. Besthls comes in five fun colors and can easily be moved from room to room.


8. Sportneer Stadium Seats


Nobody likes the cold, unforgiving seats of the stadium. Rather than subject your back to the pain, why not use these Stadium Seats from Sportneer?

Both feature thick padded seats and an adjustable backrest with six different positions. Sportneer is easily transportable and comes with a shoulder strap for carrying it from game to game. Enjoy hours of comfort instead of hours of misery!


9. Multiangle Floor Chair


It may not look like much, but the Plow & Hearth Multiangle Folding Chair is a minimalist’s dream. This floor chair is both comfortable and space-saving, and you can simply fold it up and tuck it away at a moment’s notice.

I rather like the idea of being able to stow away a room’s seating to make more space for a yoga session or other items. How about you?


10. Ergonomic 5-Position Floor Chair


It’s movie night, and all of your friends are coming over to watch Netflix for a few hours. You need comfortable seating, but a couch can only fit so many people and takes up a ton of space.

The ergonomic Crestlive Products 5-Position Floor Chair with back support has you covered. Incredibly linen padded cushions fastened on a sturdy steel frame make it one of the most comfortable floor chairs available. Just don’t pick a boring movie – all your friends will fall asleep in the chair’s cozy embrace!


11. bonVIVO Easy Lounge Floor Chair


As far as floor chairs go, this is easily one of the most attractive. The design of bonVIVO’s Lounge Floor Chair is engineered for easy of use. The chair folds flat and stores snugly under raised couches or beds, so you won’t have to cram it into the corner of your living room when you’re not using it.

You can adjust the backrest to a seated or reclining position, and all materials used in the making of the chair are non-toxic.


12.malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair


This is a floor chair that you can enjoy guilt-free. Malu Padded Floor Chair features luxurious microsuede embellished with cruelty-free vegan leather. You’ll love the look and feel, but even more, you’ll love how good it makes you feel to use this fashionable leather furniture alternative.

Malu has six different headrest positions and a carrying handle so you can enjoy a comfortable seat wherever you go. Cleaning is easy — just throw the chair’s cover in the washing machine, and it’s ready to use again!


13. Loungie Adjustable Flip Chair


With five different positions for every level of comfort, Loungie’s Flip Chair is one of our favorite adjustable floor chairs.

A steel tube frame locks firmly in place after you adjust the tilt of the backrest; it can also be folded down to convert the chair into a guest bed or floor mat. Microsuede adds both style and comfort so you can have a modern relaxation spot.


14. Loungie Relaxie Linen Flipchair


It may have a silly name, but there’s nothing silly about how comfortable this adjustable floor chair is.

Loungie Relaxie Flipchair uses solid colors and a modern design to fit into any décor, but it’s especially at home as a spare guest bed. Five different positions allow you to adjust the chair to your comfort level. There’s also a pillow included for extra support when lounging or sleeping.


15. LEEWADEE Thai Cushion


The aesthetic of your meditation room is one of the keys to your relaxation. Leewadee’s gorgeously patterned Thai Cushion allows you to chill out and wind down in comfort.

Made from cotton and natural Kapok, this all-natural chill spot can also function as a lounger for watching TV, doing yoga, and more. Leewadee simply folds and unfolds to transform from floor chair to day-napping mat.


16. Merax Foldable Gaming Sofa


Maybe you have a small basement, or perhaps a studio apartment. Game night with your buddies can be a bummer if you have to sit on a hard floor. Merax’s Foldable Gaming Sofa lets you sit in comfort while saving you room.

It also folds completely out to make a guest bed if one of your friends stays the night or for when family visits. Two pillows come with the sofa, and the sofa itself folds back up when not in use.


17. Sundale Floor Chair


Cute and quaint, the Sundale Floor Chair is a simple and comfortable way to add extra seating to an outdoor area. Five positions let you lean back, lay down or sit upright; the locking mechanism is strong enough that it won’t suddenly fall out of position, giving you peace of mind while lounging.

The outer cover can be easily removed for washing. Choose from eight cozy colors!




The space-saving Tattomi Chaise Lounge Chair is as comfortable as bundled clouds. You can unfold and fold it a number of different ways, each just as cozy and cushioned as the next. As far as floor chairs go, this one is a hit!

It almost reminds me of a Japanese Tatami mat, which is probably where the name Tattomi came from. A taste of Asian design meets a little French inspiration in this beautifully designed chaise lounge.


19. Merax Fabric Folding Floor Chair


Merax’s Adjustable Floor Chair is like sitting on a cloud; the cushions are amazingly plush and soft! Although the comfort level could be described as “squishy”, there’s plenty of support from the steel frame and sponge layer in the chair’s center.

You can adjust the chair anywhere from sitting straight up to laying flat, allowing you to also use it as a guest bed.


20. Giantex Folding Lazy Sofa Chair



Say hello to the most amazing full body floor chair there is. Giantex’s Folding Lazy Sofa Chair is a plush bit of luxury that any apartment dweller would be hardpressed to pass up.

It comes with its own pillow for extra cushioning, but you probably won’t need it; the cushions are made out of faux suede. It’s like laying on a soft cloud while you watch a movie or work on your laptop.


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