6 Best Yoga And Meditation Cushions

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Trying to balance your inner zen can be complicated. Even worse is when your yoga mat is uncomfortable! We’ve gathered together the finest yoga and meditation cushions that will help you to seek out inner peace in the most comfortable way possible. Your physical and mental wellbeing may just depend on it.


1. Reehut Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion

For the minimalist yogi that is short on space, the Reehut Meditation Cushion is a great option. Reehut is filled with buckwheat for a soft but pliable cushion, while the cover is made from sustainable hemp.

This affordable cushion can be placed directly on your yoga mat to support your lower back and promote proper posture. A carry handle means that mobility is no problem, and you can take it with you on the go.


2. Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

Do you need a meditation cushion for on-the-go? The Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow from Brentwood has an easy carry handle for quick and comfortable transport.

You can take this plush meditation cushion to your favorite calming spot, whether that’s a local park or a sandy beach – or your own backyard! It weighs only four pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to carry anywhere.


3. Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion

This bean-shaped cushion is the perfect partner for a sore behind. Sitting on a yoga mat can really take its toll on your spine if it’s not properly cushioned.

The Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion conforms to your butt so that the stress on your tailbone is reduced. This helps you maintain proper posture for longer periods of time, and the removable cushion cover makes washing easy too.


4. Zafu Yoga Mat & Cushion Set

One of the biggest problems experienced during meditation is lower back pain. While a cross-legged lotus seat may stretch your legs, your lower back can suffer if not cushioned properly.

This Zafu Yoga Mat & Cushion Set is filled with pliable cotton and buckwheat that conforms to your unique shape, giving you the perfect posture and focus for meditation. The cushion covers come off for easy hand or machine washing.


5.Alexia Meditation Seat

For full body support, the Alexia Meditation Seat is the best you can get. This meditation seat molds to every curve of your body. At 15 pounds, this ergonomically correct cushion helps improve your posture for the perfect seated lotus pose, enhancing your relaxation for meditation time.

It’s made from a foam or from leather that is firm enough to support while being soft enough for a truly luxurious feel.


6. Leewadee Meditation 2 in 1 Set

You’ll enjoy relaxing on the Leewadee 2 in 1 Meditation Set after a long day. Designed to support your lower back and joints, this meditation cushion has a raised back for extra cushioning beneath your seat.

My Zen is made from 100% organic materials and works as both a comfortable meditation seat and a floor seat for low tables. Its colorful design adds the perfect amount of feng shui to your décor.


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