9 Ergonomic Massage Recliner Chairs

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Every home needs a good recliner, and an orthopedic recliner can have a lot of benefits. More specialized recliners like ergonomic massage recliner chairs are great for people with back problems and limited mobility and for elderly people. Here are nine fantastic massage recliners that will soothe all your aches and pains in style.


1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

While you’re getting a well-deserved massage, it’s nice to have your TV accessories at hand. Esright’s Massage Recliner has a side pocket and two cupholders so you can watch your favorite TV shows while the chair massages all those knots out of your back.

Esright also has an easy-to-reach internal pull handle to recline the chair and release the footrest, as well as a heat function for additional comfort for sore muscles.


2. Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner

No massage chair can compare this one from Kahuna.                                      The Kahuna Massage Recliner Chair fully immerses your entire body in a relaxing massage routine, from heat therapy to deep tissue shiatsu massage. Its zero gravity position is ideal for relaxing the muscles, making the massage more effective.

There’s even a yoga stretch routine programmed into the chair to help fully stretch your body out and increase blood circulation, as well as a chiropractic care routine that focuses on the spine. Different massage settings let you fully customize your experience, which is sure to be rejuvenating


3. Flash Furniture Massaging Heat Recliner Chair with Ottoman

You’ve come home from a long, tiring day at work, and your sore muscles are aching for some relief. Wouldn’t you love to have this Heated Massage Chair from Flash Furniture?

Kick your feet up on the padded ottoman as the chair soothes your aching muscles with nine massage modes (equipped with five intensity levels) and comforting heat that will undo all those nasty knots in your back. The chair comes with a remote control that tucks neatly into a side pocket.


4. Merax Massage Recliner

Merax’s Massage Recliner comes with a remote control that lets anyone easily use its wealth of features. Merax not only massages the muscles, but its design is such that it stretches joints and muscles to relieve pressure and relax stiffness in the body.

The chair’s variety of modes have four different areas of concentration for you to choose from, and the heat feature does wonders for your lumbar region.

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5. Mcombo Power Recliner

The luxury Mcombo Power Recliner looks just like a regular leather recliner, but it’s hiding a wide variety of special features. MCombo’s massage feature includes nine different modes (which can be set with a timer) and heating around the waist area.

Furthermore, its double cupholders and side pockets let you store magazines, remotes, and other accessories close at hand. Cleaning the chair is simple; just wipe down with a damp cloth.


6. Giantex Power Lift Massage Chair

Supporting your entire body with its ergonomic design, the Giantex Power Lift Massage Chair makes a great addition to your living room or lounge.

Thick, soft sponge padding lets you rest comfortably for hours as you watch your favorite TV show, and the massage feature might have you in there for hours more! Giantex’s power lift slowly and safely raises you to a standing position so that you don’t have to strain to get up.


7. Blue Whale Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Blue Whale combines the comfort of a recliner with the efficiency of a gaming chair, cleverly stowing the footrest beneath the chair’s seat. When reclining, the footrest slides out smoothly to support your feet as you take a well-deserved rest from your latest round of multiplayer.

With an over-sized headrest, lumbar cushion (with massage function), and neck cushion, Blue Whale Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair provides the most comfortable gaming experience and features a full 155 degree tilt reclining mechanism.


8. Giantex Ergonomic Massage Chair

Who doesn’t want a full body massage every day? Giantex’s Ergonomic Massage Chair includes all the features massage recliners normally have, but there’s just something special about it: the full-body massage feature.

Giantex’s massage nodes go all the way down to the calf muscles for the best chair massage you’ll ever receive. Those with mobility issues will benefit from increased circulation and relief from stiff muscles when using this chair.


9. JC Home Drammen Massage Recliner w/Ottoman

You may never need to visit the massage parlor again after you get this massage recliner. JC Home’s Drammen Massage Recliner comes with a comfy ottoman to rest your feet on while you lean back for a soothing massage.

Drammen has nine massage modes that focus on different areas of your lower body to get rid of sore muscles. The chair’s also features plush cushions and armrests, heating, and a remote control. Available in black, dark brown and grey.


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