Best Balance Ball Chairs For Sitting Behind A Desk

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Balance ball chairs offer a more active way of sitting behind your desk over the totally passive way we generally sit during an already immobile desk job.

More and more desk workers are defying their sluggish professional existence by using a stability ball as an office chair, in student dorms, and at home work stations. We’ve gathered the best rated balance ball chairs for sitting and reviewed them.

Just to be clear, exercise or fitness ball chairs are also called:

therapy ball chairs, yoga ball chairs, stability balls, pilates balls for offices, gym balls, or ergo ball chairs.

Despite the complex nomenclature they all do the same thing; improve your posture and mitigate the slothful pose that is so typical for desk work.


Why sit on a yoga ball behind your desk?

Conventional desk chairs invite you to slouch and lounge for hours on end, with all kinds of detrimental effects on your body.

You don’t have to bounce, roll around, and roll your ball chair under your back to do back stretches in between emails to reap the benefits of these chairs. Although you could, if you felt like it.

Just by not being able to lean back into your regular office chair and on its arm rests you are improving an unhealthy pose.

As a result you’ll…

  • sit more upright, with engaged core muscles and abs, a healthier spine, and better overall posture
  • keep your core strong and prevent muscle pain, soreness and other discomfort
  • force your core muscles to keep   your balance  because of  the instability of the bal l which also   coerces you to stay focused
  • if you want you can easily do some exercises  during brief breaks
  • these micro workouts also boost focus and productivity
  • you may burn some additional calories while you’re at it as well.


Best stability ball chairs for desks


1. Classic Gaiam Balance Ball Chair



One of the reasons this desk chair / exercise ball hybrid is so popular is because it provides lumbar support. This can be a plus and a minus.

Hardcore balance ball desk workers claim that not having lumbar support is the actual purpose. Others may experience difficulties with sitting on a balance ball. Especially when starting when you need to get used to it, or after hour-long sessions.

At 52cm it’s smaller than typical balance balls. This allows it to fit in between desks with drawers where larger balls may not fit. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is best suited if you’re in between 5′ and 5′ 11″ tall.


  • comfortable
  • helps relieve back pain


  • no height adjustment
  • swiveling and wheel locking could be better


2. Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair



For those who find balancing on ball chairs difficult, Gaiam has come out with a new model called the Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair.

The chair includes adjustable legs, locking castor wheels, a cushioned backrest for lumbar support but the best feature is its height adjustability.

The chair is also latex-free and ideal for those with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, the chair only works for those in the range of 5’0”-5’11”.


  • height adjustable
  • adjustable legs
  • works wonders for back pain and better posture


  • may get sweaty in hot weather
  • the lumbar support is too far back for many, forcing users to lose their good posture in order to use it.


3. Backless Balance Ball Chair


You may be wondering why you should consider buying the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair when there’s a model that includes a backrest. After all, backrests are better for you, right? Not this time.

Having a backless ball chair encourages better posture because you have to balance yourself without any aids. You’ll get more of a core workout, and your posture will remain straight.

While lumbar support is all well and good (and necessary for some), this chair improves posture by teaching you how to sit properly on any chair.


  • casters can lock
  • comfortable


  • assembly instructions lack clarity
  • hard to assemble


4. Trideer Exercise Ball


Long work days won’t seem so long when you’re cradled in the comfort of a supportive exercise ball chair. Focusing on the task at hand is a breeze due to Trideer’s slip-resistant materials, which are also eco-friendly for the conscious consumer.

The Trideer Exercise Ball can be used for office, home and classroom, with or whithout the stability ring and can support up to 2200 pounds. The ball can not only be used as an office chair but also as a yoga ball or a birthing ball.


  • comfortable and sturdy
  • improves posture and relieves back pain
  • multifunctional use
  • anti-slip surface


  • not mobile when in use with the stability ring


5. Kids Balance Ball Chair



Even pint-sized human beings need proper posture. Give your kids an early start with the Gaiam Child Size Balance Ball Chair. Gaiam’s kid-sized model comes with a removable backrest so your child can use it when they need to rest their legs.

Parents with children that have learning disorders such as ADHD and Sensory Integration Processing Disorder have found this chair incredibly useful in helping their child focus. It’s just too bad that the chair is too small for many children, despite the age/size range listed.


  • helps kids who can’t sit still and have difficulty concentrating focus and sit still
  • size is appropriate for pre-schoolers and first and second graders


  • not height adjustable
  • wheels don’t lock


6. Vivora Luno


The Vivora Luno Exercise Ball looks wonderful! It has such a clean design that makes it a great addition to any home or office, and you’re going to be the belle of the ball (so to speak) at the yoga studio.

Its self-standing design really sets it apart from its fellows; I appreciate the ingenuity in this because I imagine some ball chairs just roll away when you get up, but Vivora Luno stays close by.


  • works wonders for back pain and better posture
  • keeps in place when you stand up
  • fitted with carrying handle
  • suitable for home, office, classroom, outside


  • not height adjustable
  • the cover is rough/itchy on bare legs


7. Zenergy Ball Chair




Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair looks a little odd, but it’s a great alternative to more mainstream medicine ball chairs that feel a bit slippery. The Zenergy chair is covered in mesh to provide more grip while sitting.

The stationary glides are a mixed basket; on the one hand, you don’t have to worry about castor wheel locks failing you. On the other hand, it can be difficult to move the chair around. There’s no height adjustment feature either aside from how much you inflate the ball.


  • stylish; looks better than most regular bouncing balls
  • keeps in place when you stand up
  • sturdy construction
  • height adjustable during assembly


  • not your most affordable option


8. Multi-Use Sport Shiny Balance Ball Chair Pro


The rubbery material of a balance ball can cause some discomfort when you sit on it for long hours, but what if there was one that felt like sitting on a light, fluffy cloud? There is!

Sport Shiny’s Balance Ball Chair kit comes with a durable balance ball, a cotton slipcover, and a stability ring to keep you comfortable while still working your core through active sitting. Sport Shiny’s washable slipcovers come in six different colors.


  • suitable for home, office, gym, yoga
  • improves core strength and releases back pain
  • activates good posture
  • a soft and comfortable and washable cover


  • some users prefer an electric pump


9. Sport Shiny Original Starfish Balance Ball Chair


Inspired by the very ocean creature known for its unwavering balance in harsh tides, the Sport Shiny Starfish Balance Ball Chair stays secure during active sitting. Anti-skid stationary glides secure the chair to the floor, much l10.ike a starfish’s suckers attach to the rough rock of a reef.

The chair can support up to a whopping 2000 pounds due to its heavy duty build. The ball’s soft cover, which comes in five color choices, is also machine washable.                                                                                                                      For kids there is the 19 inch seat height Starfish Balance Ball Chair 2.0 Junior.


  • elegant and unique design
  • great for sitting long periodes
  • improves core strenght and releases back pain
  • engages the abs and leg muscles


  • some users mention difficulty putting the cover in place


10. RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair


There are so many good things about this yoga ball chair that it’s hard to know where to start! First off, RGGD&RGGL Ball Chair is made from non-toxic materials that are hypoallergenic. Secondly, it’s leak-proof and “100% explosion-proof”, which I’m sure is a great comfort to us all.

The ball is available in six colors, supports up to 2200 pounds, and is composed of multiple layers of PVC to prevent punctures.


  • multi-use balance ball: suitable for home, office, gym and pregnancy
  • improves posture and core strenght, releases back pain
  • strenghtens abdominal and leg muscles


  • none: very good reviews overall


11. Technogym Wellness Ball


There’s something different about the Technogym Wellness Ball. Just like other active sitting chairs, it offers a day-long, low energy workout that tightens and strengthens your core while promoting excellent posture.

The difference is that Technogym comes with its own workout videos that you can do at home! Simply use the QR code on the ball’s cover to access training videos that extend Technogym’s benefits outside the office.


  • forces you into a better posture
  • comes with workout videos
  • comfortable
  • removable cover / easy to clean


  • not height adjustable


12. Rockin’ Roller Desk Chair



It’s hard to shop for teens, but you really can’t go wrong with the Rockin’ Roller Desk Chair. These quirky ball chairs come with a variety of designs that pair well with the typically colorful teenage décor.

Each cover is removable for cleaning, but the downside is that you have to dry-clean it, which can get expensive if your teen is messy with their snacks. Oddly enough, PB Teen’s website states that you aren’t supposed to use the chair without the cover, but at least you can use the ball without the stand.



You’re all for forcing your office-slouched body into a better posture? But feel that therapy ball chairs are just one step too far? The following desk chairs may offer you the benefits without the Spartan feel.


1. Steelcase BUOY


If balance ball chairs aren’t your thing, there are some creative alternatives on the market. The Steelcase Buoy provides a more active sitting experience and has a flat top for better balance.

The base swivels in order to allow you to rock back and forth, twist and turn, and generally stretch normally achy legs. Some complaints about the Buoy include the seat area, which barely has any cushioning to it and can make your butt sore. Overall, it may not be worth it for the price it’s currently at.


  • encourages active sitting
  • pneumatic height adjustable
  • a built-in handle for easy moving


  • too little cushion on the seat to sit on a full day


2. KORE Office CHAIR


The Kore Office Chair seems to be the perfect middle man. Rather than rolling or rocking, the chair “wobbles” just enough to thoroughly exercise your core muscles while staying put in one spot. Assembly is required, but the Wobble Chair goes together in a few simple steps.

It looks quite sophisticated for an ergonomic chair, making it ideal for office jobs and professional environments, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. Several models have had breakage issues centering around the base and lack of durability doesn’t make it an ideal choice.


  • adjustable
  • stable and flexible
  • comfortable


  • lacks durability




Are you ready to get rid of lower back pain and improve your posture? If so, then the DRAGONN Ergonomic Chair may be just what you need. Instead of a regular seated position, users kneel on the comfortable chair pads while their spine is supported and maneuvered into a healthy alignment.

You can use this as an office chair, reading chair and more. Sleekform also comes with caster wheels to move it easily from room to room (Bonus: it’s environmentally-friendly).


  • encourages active sitting
  • comfortable
  • spine is supported
  • environmentally-friendly


  • not height adjustable



This three-sided stool encourages active sitting with its ergonomic shape. It features a raised footrest and pneumatic height adjustment so you can find the perfect position for you.

The slight instability of the seat means that you’re engaging your core while sitting on a Pogo Task Stool, counteracting that sludgy feeling that comes from a day spent at a desk. Designed for busy offices, the Pogo works brilliantly for hot-desking spaces or as a seat for quick meetings.


  • pneumatic height adjustable
  • encourages active sitting
  • 360 º swivel chair
  • easy portable
  • vailable in various colors


  • slight instability


5. MOBIS Stand-Up Leaning SEAT


The tilting mechanism in the Mobis Stand-Up Leaning Seat encourages active sitting. It’s designed to give you a hip-to-torso tilt of 130 to 135 degrees, thought to be the best angle for a standing stool:                         leaning back at this angle reduces pressure on your hips and engages your muscles, while still being far more comfortable than standing up for long periods. It’s ideal to use with a standing desk.


  • support a better posture
  • a built-in handle for easy moving
  • height- adjustable
  • comfortable and solid


  • not angle enough to use as a real standing stool



If you want a truly durable ergonomic chair, the Swopper Classic is a great option. Granted, it’s not perfect, but you get some pretty outstanding quality for the price you pay (a wallet-crunching $699).

The stool is ideal for those who want an active sitting chair for back and hip issues. Although there’s a backrest available for purchase, going without is the better option to promote proper posture.


  • high-end active sitting desk chair
  • height adjustable
  • allows for genuine mobility while seated (pivoting, rocking, bouncing) robust
  • available in different designs and colors
  • looks stylish


  • more expensive than the previous chairs


The above are all active office chairs for adults. Here’s a review of the best active sitting chairs for children.

10 Active Sitting Chairs For Kids


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Buying Tips

A short buying guide to help you consider the various aspects of getting the right-sized stability ball for you. Here’s what to keep in mind.

  • Hybrids –Without the frame you may the ball too wobbly, with frame you don’t have all the benefits of a stability ball. Consider what you’re want in a chair or try various models before you buy.
  • Proper size – Depending on how tall you are and your desk size / office set up you may find that your ball chair isn’t the right height or size for your desk. For the correct ergonomical position a balance ball chair should allow you to sit with tension-free shoulders hanging but straigt
  • Proper inflation – Keep it as firm as possible, this ensures you’ll keep the correct height as is advertised.
  • Size – Common sizes are; 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm. Sometimes, optional size extension tools are available.


Wrapping it up

If you’re new to desk working on a ball chair you should know it’s recommended to build up your time gradually.

Especially af first it can be tiring and discomforting to sit with your new, healthy posture for hours on end. Initially, your butt and back will hurt.

Just get up and walk around for a bit. Depending on your fitness level, your muscles will typically need a few weeks to get used and will get stronger quickly.


By Amber Young.


  • The article looks wonderful! I’m seriously considering getting one of these chairs for my desk. I’m tired of having an achy back!

  • I’ve got problems with the spine and being a tall person it was really bothersome to sit on a regular office chair 8 hours straight. I went for yoga ball at first but found out the balance ball chairs works best (less intensity). My first buy was Gaiam’s balance ball chair and I still use it for my spine. Sitting in the office is stressful for your back but now it’s a bit less painful.

  • I just got a balance ball for my office and I got the ball size that correlated with my height, but my knees are above my hips and it does not feel right. Do I need a bigger ball?

    • It could be that you need a bigger ball. Provided that it’s inflated correctly. Often, on stability balls, people sit with their feet somewhat protruded / their legs stretched a bit to the front as opposed to feet right under their knees. But you probably have tried this already. Also keep in mind that a bigger ball needs to fit under your desk. I’d contact the manufacturer to ask what they recommend for that specific brand/model.

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  • Is it easy enough to purchase the chair with a back and take it out to make it backless? I’m just wondering the difference in core usage. My core is not that strong right now.

    • For more information about a product contact the vendors by visiting their sites through the links in the article.

  • What a nice thorough review. I provide therapy to preschool children and sit at a child sized table during treatment sessions. Do you know of anything small enough or with a low adjustment? All of these are too tall to allow my knees to fit under the table. I currently sit on a child sized chair and end up hunching over to be face to face with my clients.

    • Thanks for your comment. For more information about the products contact the vendors by visiting their sites through the links in the article.

  • I’m a 78 year old woman and a writer who sits at my desk for about 5 hours. I’m only 5′ tall. Which chair would you recommend for me? I understand that one would arms would be best for me. Is this true?

  • Thank you for one of the most comprehensive and well-organized articles about balance ball chairs I’ve ever read. I continued reading Google search results, but this is the one that helped me decide which chair to buy.

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