Ballo Active Sitting Stool

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The Ballo active office sitting stool requires active sitting and ensures good posture.

Humanscale, an ergonomic furniture design pioneer founded in 1983, markets its Ballo Seat as a “fun sitting solution” for the office.


This unconventional seat appears, at first glance, to resemble an apple core, with two brightly coloured domes forming the cushion and the base, with a white tube separating them.


The chair embodies Humanscale’s ethos of creating exciting and innovative ergonomic seating products.

The two ends of the ‘core’ are reminiscent of two halves of an exercise ball, with the round nature of the base demanding ‘active sitting’, ensuring a good posture and some light physical activity.




Humanscale created this piece with the intention of improving on the traditional exercise ball, long favored by active office workers looking for a different way to sit at a desk.

Unlike exercise balls, the Ballo Chair is compact and can be easily stored away when not in use.



The design is also marketed as “appropriate for workplace settings,” unlike large, unwieldy exercise balls that can look like a novelty.




The Ballo Active Office Stool is manufactured from thermoplastic and polypropylene, and can be ordered at Amazon.



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