18 Affordable Small Computer Desks with Sliding Keyboard Tray

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It’s always nice to save on space, but for college students and apartment dwellers, it’s a necessity. Although affordable small computer desks are plentiful in the marketplace, not many have sliding keyboard trays that allow the user to keep their arms at the right angle and position. We’ve tracked down the keyboard tray desks that do.


1. Flash Furniture Glass Desk

computer desk with sliding keyboard tray

I have a glass computer desk myself, and I love how elegant it looks. Yes, you’ll have to clean fingerprints off the work surface, but you won’t mind – after all, the desk is gorgeous!

Sleek and modern, Flash Furniture’s Glass Desk, one of the most elegant keyboard tray desks I’ve seen, has beautiful criss-crossed legs in a warm cherry finish. The only drawback for this desk is the lack of storage space, but the slide-out keyboard tray remains part of the design.


2. Arch Tower Desk

computer tower desk with sliding keyboard tray

Corner keyboard tray desks are a lifesaver, and this desk from Studio Designs is no exception. A wealth of storage options and shelving give you plenty of room for your computer, textbooks, and all the makings of a home office.

This desk has a much higher price point, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. The Arch Tower Desk features two speaker shelves, three levels, media storage, and comes in three different finishes.


3. Calico Designs Convertible Computer Desk

convertible computer desk with sliding keyboard tray

Giving your child the opportunity to configure their workspace the way they want can be liberating for your teen or tween, which is why the                 Calico Designs Convertible Computer Desk is such a great addition to your home.

Removable and rearrangeable components can be placed in a variety of configurations, including two table extensions and a CPU shelf. Calico Designs even has a matching office chair to go with the desk.


4. VECELO Corner Computer Desk

corner computer desk with sliding keyboard tray

You could have the perfect corner office right in your own home when you use the VECELO Corner Computer Desk. This compact, space-saving desk comes in four beautiful finishes (rustic natural brown, black, teak, and teakwood brown) and has plenty of storage space thanks to its two open shelves, as well as a keyboard tray.

VECELO’s broad, yet compact workspace gives you all the room you need for your computer setup.


5. Kings Brand Home Office Desk

computer desk with sliding keyboard tray and drawer

Don’t be fooled by those skinny legs – this desk is as sturdy as a rock. With a white lacquer finish on shiny chrome legs, this modern office desk is superbly stylish.

The Kings Brand Desk comes with a keyboard tray and a single desk drawer for storing notebooks and pens. The broad surface is more than enough to fit your laptop, yet compact enough to fit into small spaces.


6. OneSpace Glass Computer Desk

glass computer desk with sliding keyboard tray

OneSpace’s Glass Computer Desk with keyboard tray pairs well with compact home offices in modern spaces. Frosted glass makes it easier to hide smudges on its surface, and the elegant design will make you proud to show it off to friends.

Once in place, it’s not going anywhere; it’s sturdy steel frame can hold up to 165 pounds, with solid feet to prevent wobbling (even on carpeted surfaces!).


7. OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

modest-size computer desk with sliding keyboard tray and storage underneath

Sure, you may not be able to roll this desk to a different spot, but it still has a lot going for it. OneSpace’s Stanton Computer Desk is sleek and modern, as well as space-saving for those living in compact spaces like dorms or apartments.

The work surface is fairly spacious and can almost fit two standard laptops. Storage underneath the desk can be used for books or computer accessories.


8. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

The Cyrus workstation has a very spacious keyboard tray and lots of storage space.

The Cyrus Workstation has a safety feature that most other mobile computer keyboard tray desks don’t have: borders. These can be found on the back and sides to keep computer components from falling off or tipping over.

Tempered safety glass makes this computer desk more resistant to scratches and other damage. It also has a very spacious keyboard tray that you could also use for your mouse or to store other materials.


9. Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation

compact and complete computer workstation with sliding keyboard tray

This computer workstation has extra shelving so that you can set up a complete home office all in one place.

Techni Mobili’s Complete Computer Workstation has a generous work surface for your laptop, a monitor stand, pull-out keyboard tray, slide-out panel for work documents (or makeshift spot for your coffee mug), computer tower shelf, utility drawer, and a sturdy steel frame with floor glides.


10. OneSpace Computer Desk

computer desk with sliding keyboard tray

It’s easy to imagine this desk tucked away in a cozy corner of an office. OneSpace’s Computer Desk is a welcome companion for the work-at-home guru who needs something simple, student, and functional.

The computer desk has a pull-out keyboard tray, two open shelves, one drawer, and a longer shelf for decorations (or a nice pen holder) up above the work surface. Click here for the most popular keyboard tray desks on Amazon right now.


11. Salinas Computer Desk

Salinas Computer Desk has all the accessories and storage for a good home office.

Both affordable and elegant, the Salinas Computer Desk from Bush Furniture has all the accessories and storage for a good home office. Its tall build is full of shelving and storage drawers that allow you to keep useful materials close at hand.

Salinas helps you organize papers and files by using divided storage areas on its top shelf, and the wire management system holds wires in place and out of the way to keep your office area looking neat.


12. Tangkula Computer Desk with Hutch

Tangkula Computer Desk offers a lot of storage space despite its compact size.

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves! Tangkula makes storage a priority with its modern computer desk, including a space for a computer tower.                    The Tangkula Computer Desk manages to squeeze in several cubbies and shelves despite its compact size (which fits neatly into small apartments and tinier homes).

Even after you manage to tuck all your office supplies onto its shelves, there’s still room at the top for some cozy decorations.


13. Topeakmart 2-Tier Desk

Topekmart 2-Tier space-saving desk has room for all the computer accessories you need. Ideal for college students.

If you’re lacking floorspace, you can always maximize your space vertically. Topeakmart’s 2-tier desk has room for all the computer accessories you need, and then some. Seriously, there’s a lot going on! You can fit a printer, computer tower, monitor or laptop, and several books on it.

Topeakmart 2-Tier Desk is ideal for college students who spend their nights studying hard, but just about anybody will love this spacious desk. Simular item: Panta Adjustable Rolling Computer Desk.


14. FuriNno sIMPLISTIC Computer Desk

Furinno simple, uncomplicated computer desk with keyboard tray.

If you’re looking for a simple, uncomplicated computer desk, Furinno’s Desk with a slide-out keyboard tray may be for you. An easy assembly and plain design aren’t meant to impress – they’re meant to make your home office setup easier.

Although the ratings are only fair to good, and the price is a bit high for such a simple desk, it’s still great for small space residents and college students on a budget.


15. acme Vincent Office Desk-pewter

Acme AC Home Office Desk-pewter compact mobile workstation has the shelves and storage space you need for your home office or student desk.

There are so many shelves on this computer desk, you’ll hardly know what to do with them! The Acme Vincent Office Desk-pewter compact workstation has all the space you need for your home office or student desk.

It comes complete with a monitor stand, a spacious work surface, keyboard tray, and a bottom tray which can act as a computer tower stand or footrest. Also featured are locking caster wheels for mobility.


16. Techni Mobili Complete Desk

The complete desk from Techni Mobili is compact, budget-friendly and sturdy. Gamers especially like this desk.

This desk has one of the best ratings on Amazon, and for good reason.    Techni Mobili’s Complete Desk is compact, budget-friendly and sturdy. When I see this desk, the first consumers that come to mind are gamers.

It might just be the media shelving on the side, but it seems like the perfect setup for a gamer that needs a lot of gadgets but doesn’t have a lot of space.


17. soges Computer Cart

The rolling soges computer cart with pull-out keyboard tray is small and it fits where you need it.

Just because soges Computer Cart with pull-out keyboard tray is small, it fits where you need it. This mobile desk offers enough table space to write, read or work on your computer. The desk has a storage shelf underneath that even doubles as a footrest.

This computer cart with the smooth-rolling wheels is easy to move and can even roll into the closet when not in use. A great little computer desk!


18. Coaster Home Furnishings Computer Desk

The mobile Coaster Home Furnishings computer hutch desk is a complete desk with slide-out keyboard tray, multilple shelves and holes forwire magement.

It’s time to go mobile. The Coaster Home Furnishings Computer Desk on wheels moves freely from room to room.

Its mesh sides also provide proper ventilation for electronics to prevent them from overheating, but it also includes two holes for wire management, a slide-out keyboard tray, a CPU tray, and a high shelf for keeping clutter and supplies out of the way. The honey and black finish fits in with most décor schemes.


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