15 Best Budget Desk Chairs, High Back, Lumbar Support & Arm Rests

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Shopping for an ergonomic office chair is enough to give me a headache. It seems like all of my options are either too expensive or of poor quality, but finding these options has me jumping for joy! Vurni has tracked down some of the best adjustable office chairs that will give you day-long comfort, support and durability.


1. Lorell Executive High Back Chair

Lorell’s Executive High Back Chair focuses on adjustment features. This affordable office chair has three different levers to adjust arm height and width, seat height, and chair tilt.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of levers – you’ll soon thank your lucky stars that you bought this office chair that can be adjusted to your specific body type. Customization isn’t the only bonus feature; the mesh high back gives your spine great support for long hours at the office.


2. Riley Office Chair

In your fast-paced work environment, mobility is key. When wheeling from one part of your work station to the next, you don’t want any impedimentHBADA ERgonomic Office Recliner Chair slowing you down. Riley’s Office Chair comes with dual wheels and oversized casters that let you sweep across your workspace effortlessly.

Riley comes with several customization options, including flip armrests and a one-touch pneumatic height adjustment. Available in white or black.


3. La-Z-Boy Delano Executive Office Chair

Rich mahogany tones and black bonded leather make this luxurious Office Chair from La-Z-Boy the best, most comfortable addition to your home office. Bonded leather, which is made from real leather scraps, gives this chair the look and feel of genuine leather without the enormous price tag.

The seat and back have memory foam cushioning for even more comfort, along with adjustable height and tilt.


4. High Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

Hot summer days spent in a barely air-conditioned office are no fun, especially when you’re sticking to your office chair. High Back Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair aims to provide more breathability and less sweat by using mesh fabric on its headrest and backrest.

You’ll be more comfortable, especially with the padded armrests and lumbar support cushion. Backrest, headrest and height are all adjustable to help you create your most comfortable work environment.


5. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair

Not only is back support important for those who sit for long hours, but so is relieving pressure on your legs. Duramont’s Reclining Leather Office Chair features a waterfall seat that prevents painful pressure on the back of your legs, allowing you to sit for longer and more comfortably.

Duramont’s chair also has a retractable footrest and plush padded headrest for its reclining position, which tilts up to 150 degrees.


6. Duramont Office Chair

Smooth curves and polished metals please the eye, while the ergonomic back support provides ample cushioning and comfort.

This extremely affordable office chair even has adjustable armrests that can be moved up and down, as well as forward or backward. The Duramont Chair is the everyman’s office chair and has a weight limit all the way up to 330 pounds.


7. Serta Ergonomic Office Chair

Serta is famous for its mattresses, but did you know they make office chairs too? Serta’s Big & Tall Ergonomic Office Chair supports up to 350 pounds and sports some of the plushest cushions you’ll find on any office chair.

Designed for ultimate comfort for larger individuals, it features hand-sculpted armrests, an extra wide seat, and an elevated headrest. The chair is available in brown and black faux leather.


8. BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

At times like these, I’m reminded why leather armchairs feel so luxurious. The BestOffice PU Leather Office Chair has an executive style that commands respect and oozes luxury. You can feel like a CEO in your own home courtesy of its soft leather cushions and modern design.

Adjustable tilt and height coupled with a 360º turn let you be the boss of your comfort, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your throne.


9. XUER Ergonomics Office Chair

The XUER Ergonomics Office Chair, an ergonomic designer dream, is built with adjustable backrest, headrest, seat height and armrests.
With the thick W-shaped designed seat cushion, you always sit in the middle of the chair.

Unlike faux leather office chairs, XUER features a sturdy, yet breathable mesh back that keeps you from sweating in overheated office spaces.
Comes in white, blue or black fabric .


10. Furmax Gaming Chair

The most affordable office chair on this list isn’t just an office chair – it’s also a comfy gaming chair. Whether it’s hours spent typing up reports or playing Skyrim for 5 hours straight, your back, neck and butt need good support.

You can also rock the chair back and forth, stretching your legs and leaning back for a quick breather. Furmax Office Chair is ergonomic, budget-friendly, and supportive of both work and leisure endeavours.


11. HZC Office Chair

What can extra cushioning and non-slip armrests do for you? A lot!          HZC’s Executive Office Chair is luxurious and comfortable for those long days at the office. Whether you’re looking for a new chair for work, or you just want to add something extra special to your home office, HZC is a great choice.

HZC can recline 135º and features an ergonomic design that supports all parts of your body while you work.


12. BERLMAN Swivel Desk Chair

BERLMAN’s modern design isn’t just for looks. While you’re working hard, this chair is working hard for you to give you spinal support and ultimate comfort. Breathable mesh lets fresh air filter through, preventing sticky seats and uncomfortable sweating.

BERLMAN High Back Swivel Desk Chair also has an adjustable height and fold-up armrests for when you need to change things up, making it adaptable to any workplace environment.


13. Homall Gaming Office Chair

Hardcore gamers spend long hours in front of a computer screen, so it makes perfect sense that they would want a comfortable and functional gaming chair. Homall’s Gaming Office Chair is loaded with plenty of goodies, and it looks AMAZING to boot.

You’ll feel like Emperor Palpatine as you swivel around, hammering out commands on your keyboard while you instruct your online posse on the best strategy to achieve victory. Homall’s chair comes equipped with cushions for both your headrest and lumbar region, padded armrests, and a tilt locking mechanism for ultimate control.


14. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Chair

The SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair with its advanced mechanism could arguably be the best budget office chair of the bunch. You can adjust the headrest and the armrest to your own preference.

In addition, this popular ergonomic chair has an adjustable seat slide that makes the chair extra comfortable, whether you’re working in an office or from home. Comes in white, blue or black fabric .


15. OWLN Ergonomic Chair

Supporting your neck during long hours behind a desk is crucial to spinal health. The OWYN Ergonomic Office Chair sports a high neck rest that provides comfort for tired neck muscles.

Those with back, neck and shoulder problems can find relief from these health issues by using this chair. Each padded armrest can be folded up, and the height can be adjusted to fit a wide range of body types.


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